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Chapter 70

Li’s lips flinched clearly and his face paled. But he didn’t retreat and sent another kick out.

But Ethan was faster than him. He also sent a kick out and landed his foot on Li’s shoulder. The kick sent Li flying!

Then there was the sound of bones breaking!


That blood curdling cry of pain made Rodney Davis and the rest feel their hair stand on end.

Li roared loudly and didn’t care that his shoulder had just been fractured. He swung his fists again and there was murder in his eyes.

This man was really vicious.

Unfortunately for him, he was faced with an even more vicious Ethan.

Three consecutive fists slammed into Li’s good shoulder and his two legs, and there was a clear bone breaking sound with each one.

Within the blink of an eye, Li collapsed onto the floor. He couldn’t move anymore except struggle by twisting his torso, and roared in a low voice.

His four limbs had been broken.

The teacup in Rodney Davis’s hand smashed to the floor.

Bill Hale wanted to stand up, but he felt that both his legs had gone weak and couldn’t get up at all.

All the other bosses were either holding their breath to focus, or taking in deep breaths, or gripping onto the handles of their chairs tightly. They felt like they were close to death!

Their subordinates next to them all looked like they were faced with a mighty enemy.

When Ethan’s gaze swept across the crowd, there was a fear that rose from their very bones, and there was only one thought in their minds.

If they went up against Ethan, they would surely die.

Even Tom Foster and Brother Geoff felt the same way even though they already knew how powerful Ethan was.

Tom Foster had to maintain an image of being a boss, but if he didn’t dig his nails hard enough into his flesh, he might have fallen off his chair too.

As for Brother Geoff, he was now definitely a devout worshipper of Ethan.

He felt that he could even see an aura around Ethan!

That man was a freaking god!

“You call this one a skilled fighter?”

Ethan dusted his palms off and looked around. His eyes fell on Bill Hale and Rodney Davis, causing them to feel like they were sitting on needles. “Have you two hidden your fighters away?”

Bill Hale and Rodney Davis cursed in their hearts.

What skilled fighters could they be hiding?

If they had more highly skilled fighters, they would have freaking called them out to kill Ethan by now!

But of course they didn’t dare to say any of this.

Ethan was now like the grim reaper.

Where the heck did Tom Foster find him?

They noticed a similar stiff look on Tom Foster’s face and realized that even Tom Foster was terrified.

“Who else?”

Ethan called out, “If you wanna fight, come out now!”

He didn’t have that much time left to spend here. He still had to bring supper home for Diane. It was rare for this girl to actually want supper even though she was always afraid of getting fat.

The entire teahouse was silent.

Even those who thought that they were not bad at fighting could only keep quiet now, and nobody dared to even say they knew how to fight at all.

They could fight, but they could fight humans, not gods!

Since nobody was coming out to fight, Ethan turned to leave.

Tom Foster stood up immediately.

“Bill Hale, Rodney Davis, aren’t you two wasting my time by doing this?”

Tom Foster stuck his chin out slightly. He rarely had a chance to be arrogant like this. So he calmly continued, “I thought you two had brought along some really impressive fighters. I’m a little disappointed.”

Then he waved and said, “Alright everyone, I won’t stay here any longer, I’ve got to go for supper now.”

Brother Geoff noticed that Tom Foster’s legs were trembling slightly.

After Ethan and the rest left, the teahouse was still completely silent.

After a long time, some color returned to Bill Hale’s face and he exchanged a glance with Rodney Davis.

“This Greencliff is going to change completely.”

Rodney Davis didn’t say anything. His face was grim as he brought his men out of the teahouse.

They had come to teach Tom Foster a lesson, but he had taught them one instead.

Who was that man? How was he so terrifying?

Greencliff hadn’t seen such a vicious one in recent years. Could he have come from Fairbanks? That was the most probable explanation now.

If the people from Fairbanks had their eyes on Greencliff, then the illegal circle of Greencliff were going to really change completely.

The cleanup operation by the authorities had just ended, causing them to suffer great losses, and now there were people from Fairbanks. The foreboding they felt in their hearts reached its maximum in just a few moments.

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