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Chapter 7

Even CEO Borden putting in a good word for him didn’t work?

Weren’t CEO Borden and CEO Foster really close friends from school?

Archie was still arrogant earlier, but now he couldn’t even crack a smile.

If he really insisted on signing with nobody else but Diane, then they really had to go and beg her humbly.

Steven’s face turned nasty.

He had never thought that this matter would become so difficult.

What did this Diane do to make CEO Foster so protective of her?

“This little slut!”

Steven laughed coldly. “Looks like she’s pretty good in bed huh. She usually acts all pure and innocent, it’s all an act!”

If she hadn’t serviced CEO Foster well, why would he protect her like this?


If you wanted him to beg Diane now, honestly this was really impossible.

He would rather beg a dog than to beg any useless member of William’s family.

Archie’s phone started ringing.

His face fell even more when he saw who was calling.

“It’s Grandpa.”

Archie was about to cry.

He was most afraid of getting a call from Gerald now.

But now he was in charge of this project, so if anything went wrong, he would be first to be blamed.

“Pick it up!” Steven ordered.

Archie had no choice but to take the call.

The consequences of not picking up Grandpa’s call was worse.

“Grandpa,” Archie greeted his grandfather.

“Archie, how’s the project with CEO Foster?” Gerald did not beat around the bush.

He was most concerned about this project. This project was terribly important and the Palmers had invested a lot into it.

“Good, everything is going smoothly.”

Archie glanced over at Steven and saw his father hinting at him. He quickly lied, “Once CEO Foster has time, we can get the contract signed.”

“That’s good.”

Gerald then said, “You’d better watch this one closely, we cannot lose this project. If anything goes wrong, you’re going to get it from me!”

He hung up.

Archie’s palm was all sweaty.

He knew all too clearly what sort of temperament his grandfather had.

If something happened, it wouldn’t be settled as easily as just resigning or getting a beating.

“Dad, what do we do?”

Archie was really going to cry.

Diane was so despicable, giving him this difficult task and getting him into such hot water!

Steven looked even worse.

Did the two of them really have to go back to William and beg for mercy?

Earlier they were still arrogant and didn’t couldn’t care less about Diane and family. If they went to beg her now, wouldn’t it be as good as being slapped twice in the face?

Steven couldn’t stand the idea of humbling himself for this family!

“Archie, you go.”

After thinking about it, Steven said, “You go plead with Diane, even if you have to beg her it’s ok, even if you have to kneel down you’d better kneel, as long as Diane gets this contract signed!”


“What, you expect me to do that?”

Steven roared at his son, his eyes bloodshot.

Archie wanted to save his pride, but Steven was even more desperate than his son!

If word got out that an elder like him had to beg a younger family member, he would be utterly disgraced.

Archie dared not speak up after his father had spoken so fiercely.

He was the one who started this mess. If he ended up hurting his father’s pride as a result of this, then he was really dead meat.

Archie could only clench his teeth and dejectedly made his way towards Diane’s house.

At this time, Diane and family had started eating.

The table wasn’t very large, each person took one side of the table and ate in silence.

This was the first time Diane’s family had one more person at the table for a meal.

And this was their new son-in-law who had married into the family.

William never talked while eating, while April didn’t know what to say.

She didn’t like Ethan, and worse still, he didn’t fancy her daughter, but she ended up marrying this completely useless man.

But earlier Ethan had come out and spoke up for her. She wasn’t blind and couldn’t pretend she didn’t see any of that.

Diane didn’t know what to say either.

On the contrary, Ethan behaved like he was in his own house, and didn’t bother with any sort of formality at all.

“Mum, you’re a really good cook, this is delicious!”

“I don’t know when I last ate such good food!”

“Can I have another bowl of rice?”

There were more vegetables than meat in the dishes on the table, but Ethan was taking large bites of everything as if these were delicacies.

Watching him eat like this made Diane think that he might have gone hungry many times as a homeless man.

So before April could react, Diane took Ethan’s empty rice bowl and got him another bowl.

“Thanks dear.”

Diane was holding the rice scoop in her hand when she heard the way he called her, and her hand immediately trembled.

Just when it was getting awkward, there was a noise at the door again.

William looked up and was about to go back into his room when April glared fiercely at him and he didn’t dare to move.

“Who is it!” April shouted out.

“Auntie April, it’s me, Archie!”

There was some indignation but also some helplessness in this voice.

April and Diane exchanged glances. What was he doing here again?

Was he really back to beg Diane just like what Ethan said?

Mother and daughter turned to look at Ethan, but he was still busy eating.

April walked over and opened the door. Archie immediately put a huge smile on his face.

“Auntie April are you having dinner? Is Diane in?”

Archie put on his most charming face. He’d never smiled like this to even his own father.

He poked his head in and saw Diane seated at the table and quickly said, “Diane, what happened earlier was my fault, so I’ll apologize to you now. I hope you won’t take it to heart and let me off this time.”

Diane and her parents were stunned by this.

Archie was really willing to beg for mercy?

“Palmer Group can’t do without you. You’ve not come to work for just one day and the office is a complete mess!”

Archie bowed slightly and kept an awkward smile on, “Come back to the office, there are so many projects waiting for you to complete.”

That’s what he said, but he was scolding her in his heart.

Once this project was settled, they’d better watch out!

“Where’s your dad?”

Diane really didn’t know how to respond, and once again, Ethan spoke on her behalf.

He was shoving food in his mouth as he glanced sideways at Archie. “Why isn’t he here?”

Archie was getting angry but kept a smile on his face.

“My dad is too busy so he asked me to come over and apologize to Diane. I hope my new brother-in-law can also forgive me and not hold it against me.”

Archie had really humbled himself this time.

He’d even apologized to this man who married into the family.

“This won’t do.”

Who would have thought that Ethan merely started shaking his head? “The one who fired Diane is your dad, so he should be the one apologizing, otherwise we’re not accepting it.”

Archie nearly exploded.

This man was asking for too much!

“You…” Archie nearly wanted to shout at him.

This lunatic was going crazy again or something!

Diane and her parents looked back at Ethan, afraid that he would blow this matter up.

Archie had already come to apologize, so they shouldn’t push this matter too far.

It did them no good to offend this father and son.

“Dad, Mum, Diane is your precious daughter, so you took care of things when she was bullied.”

Ethan swallowed the last mouthful of rice. “Now she’s my wife, so if she’s being bullied, I’m going to take care of it.”

He stood up and an intense murderous look flashed in his eyes.

“Whoever dares to bully my wife will pay dearly for it!”

This terrifying murderous aura suddenly froze the air around them and pressed hard against Archie, so much so he couldn’t help but shudder.

“Ethan, you’d better not go too far!”

Archie couldn’t stand it anymore.

He was even prepared to kneel.

But Ethan didn’t even think much of him coming here to apologize, so it was pointless to kneel.

“Tell your dad to come here and apologize. Otherwise you’ll have to bear all the consequences.”

Ethan was not polite about it at all. “Still standing there? We’re done eating and we didn’t leave any for the dog!”

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