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Chapter 69

Bill Hale slammed a palm on the table with an angry face.

This was going way overboard!

Tom Foster and Ethan had gone way too far!

What did they take this place as?

How could they be talking about what they wanted to eat later and packing mini lobsters home?

Their useless lives were going to be lost right here!

Ethan only kept his phone away after he saw that Brother Geoff had made another call to arrange for his order. He then got up and walked to the middle of the boxing ring, standing only about five steps away from Master Han.

“Young man, you’re too audacious. You have to pay for this.”

Master Han kept his hands behind his back. “I’ll give you a cha-…AHHH!”

Before he could finish his sentence, Ethan made his move!

Ethan was as unmovable as a pine tree!

The moment he moved, he moved like a typhoon!

Master Han’s pupils instantly narrowed. Ethan was too fast!

Before Master Han could react, Ethan had already come right in front of him and smashed his ferocious fists down. His attack was like a rush of sea water, vast and fierce at the same time!

Master Han felt like he was going to drown in this sea water.

This mighty punch smashed down hard on Master Han’s chest. There was a muffled sound as Master Han flew out like a kite whose string had broken, smashing into two tables. But he didn’t stop there. He kept flying until he finally hit a wall and there was a loud boom.

He opened his mouth only to spew a mouthful of blood out, then he fainted.

There was only a faint sound of people breathing in the air. There were some who had forgotten to take a breath even.

They didn’t even know what happened. They were all waiting for Master Han to make his move and show his power and beat Ethan to death, but…

But within a blink of an eye!

Master Han flew out and fainted, while Ethan was still standing where he was, as if he hadn’t moved.

“So much nonsense,” Ethan muttered calmly.

Bill Hale’s expression became grim. The men surrounding him also came closer to protect Bill Hale.

Rodney Davis and the other bosses were also filled with great fear.

What sort of skill was this?

Even the most vicious man back then, Eli Howard, couldn’t compare to this at all.

Where did Tom Foster find this fighter from? He was way too terrifying.

“Oh my, Bill Hale, this Master Han that you hired is only capable of this much?”

Tom Foster’s heart was also still beating very quickly, but he kept a calm face on. He told himself that this was just a small fight. As long as he followed Ethan, he was going to go through even bigger battles than this.

“Don’t tell me you picked him up from some park?”

These words weren’t polite at all, and were like a tight slap across Bill Hale’s face.

If he wasn’t just some old man practicing taichi in the park, then how could he be so weak?

How could a real fighter not be able to even take one punch?

“I heard you spent 500 thousand?”

Tom Foster’s words made Bill Hale’s expression turn nastier. He clenched his fists and the veins started to pop. He wished he could fall out with Tom Foster right now.


Bill Hale managed to hold his anger in. He turned to Rodney Davis, “Rodney Davis, Tom Foster is too audacious, so I’ll have to see what you can do.”

Master Han had been dragged out by some men, and the expression on the Muay Thai fighter’s face was also rather grim.

Rodney Davis noticed his expression and lost all his confidence.

He had spent a small fortune to hire this Muay Thai expert, who won more than ten fights in a row in Thailand’s illegal boxing matches. He had also beaten several famous boxers to death, so his strength and skill were really at a frightening level.

But that one punch from Ethan was way too shocking.

“Li, beat him to death!” Rodney Davis instructed.

The Muay Thai expert, Li, was wearing only shorts and no shoes. His hands and legs were bound with bandages, and looked like he was going to burst with energy and power.

Those eyes of his looked just like a hungry wolf.

He walked to the center of the boxing ring and stared at Ethan with eyes that were so cold, it made one shudder.

The air became very tense, as if there was gunpowder in the air and would explode with just a touch.


Li didn’t bother saying anything unnecessary. His expression was extremely grim as he knew that Ethan was much more power than that Master Han from that punch that he threw earlier.

He was a strong rival!

He gave a low shout as his muscles tensed up. He swiftly made his way towards Ethan and gave a punch. There was the sound of air bursting as he did so.

Ethan just stood where he was and his expression didn’t change as he also gave a punch.

Both fists smashed hard against each other!

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