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Chapter 68

Brother Geoff looked at the dark skinned young man seated behind Rodney Davis. His triangular eyes looked fairly sharp and the skin on his arms and legs were taut, so this young man was obviously a fierce fighter who practiced all sorts of martial arts.

A bald middle aged man sat behind Bill Hale with his eyes half closed, and continued to look on arrogantly.

“Bloody hell, these two damned things really spent a ton of money!”

Brother Geoff looked at Ethan. Ethan didn’t even look at that Muay Thai expert and Master Han, and started playing with his phone instead.

“You said enough of this nonsense, so why are you spouting so much rubbish? If you want to start, just start right now. Hurry up and finish this, I have other things to do,” Tom Foster replied as if he didn’t care.

He then turned to look at Ethan, and Ethan kept away his phone. He looked up and scanned the room. His gaze completely ignored Master Han and the Muay Thai expert and he looked disappointed.

“Where are your strong fighters?”

This one question from Ethan made Master Han and the Muay Thai expert’s faces become grim instantly.

They hadn’t even started fighting, but Ethan was now challenging them.

Martial arts practitioners had a different aura around them and they had noticed this about Ethan when he walked in. But this question had instantly infuriated the two of them.

Ethan clearly didn’t think much of them.

That disappointed look in particular, made them even angrier.

Even though that Muay Thai fighter might not have understood what Ethan said, he could understand that look of disdain on Ethan’s face.

“How audacious!”

The first one to speak was Master Han.

His eyelids twitched as he slowly opened his eyes. There was a glint in his eyes as they opened. “You young punk, how dare you be so bold!”

When he saw Ethan’s figure, he knew that this fellow probably only knew a few moves and was no match for him.

Master Han didn’t even think much of that Muay Thai fighter.

At most, the Muay Thai fighter might be just a little more troublesome to handle.

But if he was going to make a move, he was going to attack the one who started all this first.

Master Han stood up and walked to the center of the boxing ring. He looked up and kept his hands behind his back as he emanated much power and confidence. “You, come over here!”

This 500 thousand seemed too easy to earn.

He didn’t even have to be a strong fighter.

Bill Hale and the rest were also offended. Tom Foster’s subordinate was way out of line.

He had actually asked directly where their strong fighters were.

Were Master Han and the Muay Thai expert ghosts or something? Couldn’t he see them sitting there?

“Tom Foster, you’re really out of line, and your subordinate is worse. But this is not a place for you to do whatever you like!”

Bill Hale continued calmly, “If you admit defeat now, kneel down and kowtow to me in apology, I can let him off.”

What he wanted was for Tom Foster to humble himself.

But Tom Foster didn’t seem to have heard anything.

“Geoff, get the restaurant to prepare a feast. After we’re done with the fight here, we’re going back for a drink.”

“Got it.”

Brother Geoff immediately made a call to arrange things.

Upon hearing this, everyone present, not just Bill Hale, had a nasty expression on their faces.

They were all gathered to watch Tom Foster bow down to them, but Tom Foster actually dared to behave so audaciously!

So it seemed like he would rather his subordinate be beaten to death than to humble himself to others.

Everyone’s gaze fell on Ethan.

There were many who looked on in disdain and sympathy. To them, Ethan had followed the wrong boss and was going to meet with a terrible end. He was willing to lay his life down for Tom Foster but Tom Foster didn’t seem to care whether he died or not.

Ethan’s phone suddenly rang.

He pulled it out to find that Diane was calling him.

“Where did you go to buy supper? Why haven’t you come back yet?”

Diane sounded worried over the phone.

“Ask Dad and Mum what they want to eat.”

Ethan simply answered for them, “Mini lobsters? Got it.”

He hung up and turned to Brother Geoff, “Put in an order of mini lobsters for me, I’ll pack it home.”

The whole place fell silent.

A deathly sort of silence.

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