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Chapter 67

Master Han kept his eyes half shut as he calmly replied, “Muay Thai is just a pretty way of fighting, but it won’t do much damage.”

Bill Hale nodded and felt much more assured when he saw how confident Master Han was.

Teaching Tom Foster a lesson was only one of his motives today. His other motive was to frighten his opponents.

Otherwise he wouldn’t have spent so much money to hire a fighter like Master Han.

“Has Tom Foster arrived?” Bill Hale turned to ask his men.

“Not yet. He’s probably trying to find a fighter for himself.”

“Humph, what sort of fighter could he possibly find? That stupid dog of his Geoff? Master Han could probably cripple him with one finger!”

Bill Hale was filled with disdain. “Let’s drink our tea and quietly wait for Tom Foster to come here and meet his doom!”

At this very moment.

Tom Foster had already started making his way to the teahouse, and he sent Brother Geoff to pick up Ethan.

“Where are you going at this hour of the night?”

Diane had taken a shower and changed into house clothes. Her clothes were loose fitting but it still couldn’t hide her figure, and her soft fair skin that peeked out from under her clothes.

She sat on the sofa and asked as she saw Ethan on the way out.

“I have some matters to attend to.”

Ethan walked over to Diane and looked down at her. Diane went into a panic and shifted backwards a little as she clutched her chest and her face immediately reddened.

“Come…come back early!”

“If you want to eat anything for supper, call me.”

Ethan then walked out of the house.

“Where’s Ethan going at his hour?”

April had just come out of the kitchen with a plate full of cut fruit.

Diane’s face was still a little red as she replied in a hurry, “He…he said he was going to buy supper. Mum, what do you want to eat?”

Brother Geoff had waited for a while at the door. When he saw Ethan emerge from the house, he immediately opened the car door for him.

“Big Boss!”

Ethan nodded. “Let’s go.”

Brother Geoff was excited on the way there because he was going to be able to watch Ethan fight again. He couldn’t wait to watch, so he started stepping harder on the accelerator.

When they reached East Lake Teahouse, Tom Foster was waiting for them at the jetty.

“Big Boss, they’ve all arrived already.”

Tom Foster smiled and motioned for Ethan to go ahead of him.

“You walk in front,” Ethan calmly replied.

Tom Foster understood immediately. It was better to keep Ethan’s identity a secret as far as possible and not to let him be seen in public too much. The purpose of having Tom Foster around was to be Ethan’s spokesperson in Greencliff.

They took a boat and headed for the teahouse in the middle of the lake. The nervousness Tom Foster felt earlier had all disappeared.

“Did Tom Foster chicken out? Look at the time! Where the hell is he?!”

“I think he’s chickened out. This bloody bastard really got us into hot soup!”

All the bosses were still furious.

They hadn’t hired any highly skilled fighters to come. Bill Hale had Master Han while Rodney Davis had a Muay Thai expert. That was enough for Tom Foster to lose miserably and humble himself before them.

“The world of doing business is like that. Either you profit or you lose. You mean if any of your businesses profit, you’d give me a share of it?”

Tom Foster’s voice floated in from the door, and it was still calm and confident.

“When all of you bought over my assets at such a low price, I didn’t see that any of you were unhappy about it.”

He didn’t hold back at all. Ethan was here, so he didn’t have to fear!

Tom Foster walked in with large strides, fearlessly and confidently, and looked fairly imposing.

Ethan and Brother Geoff followed closely behind him. He could ignore Brother Geoff, but he could sense the confidence coming out from Ethan.

He sat down and the other two behind him also sat down.

“CEO Foster, you’re a real big shot huh. So many of us here have been waiting just for you,” Bill Hale said sarcastically.

“You didn’t have to wait.”

Tom Foster scoffed. “If you think I’m an eyesore, then I’ll just leave.”

But how could any of them let Tom Foster leave this place?

They had set up this match today to teach Tom Foster a lesson. If they didn’t teach him a good lesson today, then they had set all this up for nothing.

“Enough with the nonsense. CEO Foster, where’s your fighter?”

Rodney Davis had lost all patience. He had lost 60 million in this cleanup operation!

“Don’t tell me it’s that dog of yours. If he dies, then you won’t have a dog to order around anymore.”

Brother Geoff knew that Rodney Davis was insulting him, but he didn’t say or do anything. There was no anger on his face, and he actually looked quite happy that all these people were going to be in big trouble tonight.

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