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Chapter 66

Tom Foster smiled a little awkwardly. “The main problem is that they’ve invited me to a boxing match, but Big Boss, you know those guys with me…even if I get Geoff to fight, he might not get us anywhere either.”

His best fighters had all been taken away by Ethan, and Ethan didn’t think much of them either.

On the surface, this boxing match was supposed to be a friendly exchange, but the truth was that the other bosses wanted to crush Tom Foster. If Tom Foster didn’t attend, then his reputation would be in ruins. But if he attended, then he would suffer even greater losses.

The other bosses must have prepared for this long ago, and had called some highly skilled boxers to come.

“Tonight, right?” replied Ethan. “It would be a good chance for me to see how many big fish are swimming around in Greencliff’s swamp.”

Tom Foster’s heart immediately leapt for joy when he heard this.

“Alright! Big Boss, I’ll get Geoff to pick you up tonight!”

If Ethan was making an appearance, then Tom Foster didn’t have to fear anything!

Even if all the bosses of Greencliff’s illegal circle was against him, they were the ones who were going to be dead meat.

Ethan’s aim was to clean up all of Greencliff’s illegal circle. If he didn’t disturb the waters, then how was he going to get the big fish to come out?

Or perhaps there were no big fish here, but Ethan’s plan still started from here anyway. Then he would move on to Fairbanks, and gradually move along the coast to clean up all the cities along the way.

This was his last mission!

As the God of War of the East, he had gone through countless missions and relied on his iron fists to send shockwaves everywhere!

A dragon that entered shallow waters would surely cause huge waves in the water!

“My dear, dear Master. We could have settled everything easily but you insist that I use such a troublesome method.”

Ethan couldn’t help but shake his head, then started laughing. “But since I got to see Diane again, I guess it can be considered a good deed on the old man’s part.”

His experiences over the past ten years had built up an unimaginable level of emotional stability and intelligence.

He knew the duty he had to perform, and he also knew what the phrase ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ meant.

At East Lake Teahouse.

This was considered a famous spot in Greencliff.

This huge manmade lake had been left behind from ancient times and had been dug out completely by hand. There was a small teahouse in the middle of the lake, and it had been around for a few centuries now.

One had to take a boat to get to the teahouse.

There were several bosses seated in the various private rooms of the teahouse.

“Master Han, I’ll have to trouble you this time round.”

Bill Hale was seated at the front of the table and there was a viciousness in his expression. “I just want to teach Tom Foster a lesson, and of course fists and feet don’t speak. But things aren’t so clear when you talk about whether one can survive a boxing match.”

These were very direct words.

A bulky and bald man sat across the table from Bill Hale. He looked like he was close to forty, but he still looked ferocious.

His eyes were half shut and cut to the chase with an arrogant attitude.

“500 thousand. Once I get the money, anything is negotiable.”

Bill Hale nodded. He waved and his subordinate brought a box over and opened it in front of Master Han. “If you win, then it will be 500 thousand. If he dies, I’ll add another 300 thousand.”

Bill Hale was really going all out!

He really hated Tom Foster to the core.

He had thought that he got a good deal by taking over a whole bunch of assets from Tom Foster. Everything had cost him more than 30 million in total, but before a month was up, everything was lost!

On top of that, some of his best men were stuck in jail and he couldn’t get them out. Otherwise he wouldn’t have had to find someone outside of his men.

“I heard that Boss Rodney Davis has also hired an expert in Muay Thai.”

Bill Hale looked at Master Han and knew how impressive this martial arts practitioner of thirty years was. “If you can also win that Muay Thai expert, then I’ll give you a million.”

The first instruction was to get revenge, while the second one was to make sure he didn’t lose out to his rivals.

This boxing match was the way the illegal circles gained clout. In these modern and harmonious times, they couldn’t just fight and kill each other. But they could always hold some competitions among themselves.

You could say that Tom Foster had ensnared the entire illegal circle of Greencliff all by himself. He had offended every single person and all of them wanted to teach Tom Foster a lesson.

They wanted Tom Foster to lose, to humble himself and compensate them before they were satisfied.

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