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Chapter 65

When he thought about things this way, there was a gleeful look on Gentry’s face.

He never liked wastrels like Joe who only cared about having fun and playing with women. If the Stewarts weren’t incredibly wealthy, Joe would have used up the family fortune long ago. But he was confident that he could make the Prices surpass the Stewarts in ten years!

Joe immediately made a phone call when he got back to the hotel room.

“That’s right! Get all of them here! I need to kill somebody!” Joe roared, “NOW! Get here as quickly as you can!!”

He slammed the phone down hard. The imprint of five fingers on his face hadn’t faded yet.

“Young Master Stewart, will this matter get blown out of hand?” Archie cautiously explained, “This Ethan is crazy so it doesn’t matter what happens to him, but he has some ties to that Tom Foster.”

“Tom Foster? Who the hell cares about him?!”

Joe was filled with disdain. “You Greencliff people are like ants to us Fairbanks folk!”

“They just went to start their own Palmer Group right? I’ll make them bankrupt right now!”

To the Stewart family, this was nothing.

Archie was secretly gleeful in his heart when he heard this, so he added fuel to the fire, “Young Master Stewart, once they’ve been forced into a corner, then Diane will obediently climb into your bed.”

Diane’s face immediately appeared in Joe’s mind. He couldn’t wait to pull off all her clothes and have his way with her.

This bloody bitch actually dared to reject him. He was going to see if she still dared to do something like that after he made her kneel down in front of him and scream and cry.

At the same time.

Ethan and Diane were eating at Golden Jade Restaurant.

Diane was a little embarrassed when she saw that Ethan didn’t eat much and just kept staring at her.

“Why do you keep staring at me?”

Diane blushed, “Quickly finish eating, then I have to get back to work.”

“I was just wondering if it was a mistake to set up a new Palmer Group, since it’s made you so tired,” said Ethan. “I don’t want you to overwork yourself.”


Diane put down her chopsticks and had a serious expression on her face. “If I don’t work hard and earn enough money, how am I going to return you this favor?”

“You don’t have to return it.”

“I have to!”

Diane shook her head and insisted. “I must return you everything I owe you. My mum has told me that we shouldn’t hold you back. So don’t feel any pressure, you can just tell me whenever you want to call this marriage off.”

She didn’t give Ethan a chance to speak.

“I know you’re very rich and you’re not an ordinary person. I’m really grateful that you’ve helped my family, but I…I’m not worthy of you.”

Ethan didn’t say anything. He just continued staring at Diane, then he suddenly burst out laughing.

The solemn and serious atmosphere was instantly ruined.

“What are you laughing about!”

Diane’s face turned a darker shade of red. It had taken her so much to say all this out so seriously.

“Nothing, nothing. I’ll listen to everything you say. But before that happens, you’re still my wife.” Ethan took a deep breath. “So I’ll keep protecting you.”

He looked at her so gently that Diane’s heart was thrown into confusion.

She quickly got up and avoided Ethan’s gaze. “I’m done eating! Back to work!”

After sending Diane back to the office, Ethan sat in the security guard office downstairs.

Tom Foster came.

He had an invitation card in his hands.

“Big Boss, we’ve received a malicious invitation.” Tom Foster’s expression was dead serious and he wasn’t kidding around at all.

“I’ve followed your instructions and got rid of anything that dabbled in illegal activity. Those other bosses in the illegal circle thought they made a killing, but this cleanup by the authorities has made them suffer terrible losses!”

They hadn’t only lost money. Several people, including two of high standing, had been arrested and thrown into jail as well.

Now all of them thought that Tom Foster had purposely laid this trap for them.

All their wrath was now aimed at Tom Foster.

“They’ve decided to hold us responsible for doing all this.” Tom Foster passed the invitation card to Ethan. “Tonight, I’ll go pay East Lake Teahouse a visit.”

He wasn’t confident at all. He knew that those people wouldn’t be nice to him, and they were all ready to exact revenge on him.

“You’re scared?”

Ethan didn’t look at the invitation card, but continued looking at Tom Foster.

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