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Chapter 64

Ethan didn’t hold back at all. His icy cold words made Joe shudder uncontrollably.

He was nuts! A real lunatic!

He finally believed Archie when he said that Ethan was pretty much Diane’s crazy pet.

“Throw all of them out!”

A few people appeared from behind Ethan and grabbed Archie and Joe to throw them out.

Ethan looked up to see that there was one more person who hadn’t said a single word the whole way.

“I’m travelling with them, but we’re not the same kind.”

That young man smiled and nodded as he clasped his hands together. “Sorry to disturb.”

He then left on his own accord.

Diane was a little worried. She wasn’t afraid of Archie, but that Joe was from the Stewart family in Fairbanks. She now recalled that the Stewarts in Fairbanks were a very powerful family.

“Ethan, do you think you’ve made things a little too big? I heard that the Stewart family of Fairbanks is very powerful.”

Ethan has blown up so many matters since she first met him, hadn’t he?

“I won’t let anyone bully you.”

Ethan looked at Diane. “Never mind this Stewart family. Even if those wealthy families in Makrin City say anything bad about you, I’ll make sure they disappear overnight!”

He had an extremely serious expression on his face and he wasn’t joking at all.

Diane blushed immediately.

This fellow…when he protected her, he really made her feel very touched.

Ethan didn’t say anymore. He took Diane’s hand and went to their usual private room to let her have a good meal.

But just downstairs.


Archie and Joe were literally thrown onto the pavement like dead animals, attracting the attention of several passersby.

“They tried to cheat a meal out of the restaurant and got thrown out huh. Don’t they know where they are?”

“They looked pretty well dressed but they’ve done something like that. It would have been better if they had asked for leftovers from the back kitchen instead.”

The comments of the passersby made Joe and Archie nearly puke blood.

Did they look like people who tried to cheat the restaurant of a meal and got thrown out?!

“Damn it! This bloody idiot! He’s dead meat!”

Joe was shaking all over. He had never been humiliated like this in his entire life. He hadn’t brought a strong fighter with him today, otherwise he would definitely cripple Ethan on the spot!

“Young Master Stewart, that Ethan is a loon, but he’s really vicious when it comes to hitting others. I’ve been hit three times already!

Archie really wanted to cry now.

“Young Master Stewart, are you alright?”

Gentry Price, the other young man, came out with a very concerned expression on his face.

Joe’s face burned with rage as he clenched his teeth, “I can’t believe I got thrashed in Greencliff. I’ll make him pay for doing this!”

He couldn’t take this lying down!

“Young Master Stewart, don’t be angry. Why get angry with a crazy man?” Gentry tried to console him, “We’ve come to Greencliff just to have fun, don’t make any trouble.”

“Don’t make any trouble? I’m Joe Stewart! Is there any trouble I fear?”

Joe glanced at Gentry. This young master of the Price family was really as cowardly as what everyone had said about him. He was afraid of offending a lunatic?

He had helped to stand up for Archie, but Gentry had just stood there without saying a single word! So useless!

“A strong dragon doesn’t try to go up against the poisonous snake either,” Gentry laughed bitterly.

“HAHAHA! I’m so scared! He’s just a mad man and you consider him a poisonous snake?”

Joe had a cold smile on his face. “Young Master Price, you’re really only as bold as a mouse. Just watch – I’ll torment that stupid mad man and make him watch me have my way with his wife!”

Joe then turned to leave, and Archie hurriedly caught up with him.

Gentry shook his head slightly as he watched how the other two seemed to have lost all reason.

His expression immediately changed.

His expression now looked reliable and careful, and was completely different from how cautious and timid he looked earlier.

“Hmmm. There’s actually someone so impressive in Greencliff.”

Gentry looked up at Golden Jade Restaurant’s signboard. “If he proves useful to me, then I wouldn’t have come to Greencliff for nothing after all.”

There was a meaningful glance in his eyes as he thought about how he would save Ethan just before Joe really kills him, and then Ethan would owe him a favor.

When that happened, Ethan would definitely be loyal to him and lay his life down for him!

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