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Chapter 63

Archie felt his face and ears were all red. Ethan had actually dared to hit him in front of his important guests.

Archie and his father had been so angry over Diane setting up the new Palmer Group that they hadn’t been able to eat for several days now.

His grandfather just had a stroke and the Palmer family was a mess now.

He had wanted to entertain these rich young men from Fairbanks in hope of getting connected to the families they were from. That way, the Palmers might have a chance to expand into Fairbanks.

But he didn’t expect to meet this damned Ethan and Diane here!

“Aren’t you being a little too arrogant?”

One of the young men stepped forward to help Archie up. He frowned slightly but his gaze never left Diane.

“We’re all civilized people here. It’s too uncultured to use violence.”

After Joe Stewart finished saying this, he put a smile on and said to Diane, “Hello there, my name is Joe Stewart, from the Stewart family in Fairbanks. So you’re Diane?”

He had heard Archie mention that he had a very pretty cousin called Diane.

He didn’t believe Archie at first, but now that he saw her for himself, he now wanted her for himself!

He didn’t care that Diane’s husband was right here.

“Young Master Stewart, be careful. This guy is a lunatic, and he hits people the moment his illness acts up.”

Archie clenched his teeth and he was hopping mad.

His face was burning with pain and he feared that there would be five fingers clearly imprinted on his face now.

Joe continued to look gentlemanly and didn’t care about Ethan at all.

Archie had told him that Ethan and Diane were just husband and wife on paper, and Diane couldn’t possibly have allowed Ethan to touch her. In that case, Diane was still a virgin.

Joe became even more interested now.

“Miss Palmer, if you need my help, I could help you to get rid of this crazy man pestering you.”

Joe arrogantly said, “As for the clash you have with the Palmers, I could help you settle that too. I believe the Palmers would be agreeable on account of the Stewart family.”

He then turned to look at Archie.

“Yes yes yes, if Young Master Stewart says the word, then the Palmers would definitely do this favor.”

Joe looked smugly back at Diane and waited for her to agree.

“Are you sick in the brain?”

Diane unexpectedly frowned and replied curtly, “If you’re sick, then go see a doctor.”

“What did you say?”

Joe’s face became grim.

He had never seen a woman who was so poor at understanding the situation she was in right now.

There was no woman he wanted that he didn’t get.

He had given Diane a chance but she didn’t cherish it at all!

“Are you deaf? Looks like he’s quite ill.” Ethan just shook his head. “We’re going to eat now, so you all better get lost now, don’t affect our appetite.”

He couldn’t be bothered with these lowly people and just walked away with Diane.

Joe stretched a hand out to block Ethan and Diane as a cold glint flashed across his face.

“Nobody has ever dared to refuse me before!” Joe stared at Diane. “I’ll give you one last chance. Spend a day with me, otherwise…”

Before he could finish speaking, Ethan slapped him too, and the force of his slap was tremendous.

This slap was much harder than the one he gave Archie!

Joe yelped in pain and he instantly went flying and ended up sprawling on the floor. He looked back at Ethan in disbelief.

Ethan had actually dared to hit him!

In fact, Ethan had actually hit him hard enough to make him fall to the ground!

Joe had learnt taekwondo before and held a pretty high rank, so he had no problem taking three people down by himself. But Ethan had hit him so quickly that he hadn’t even had time to react before his face started burning from pain.

“How dare you say such things to my wife! You’re asking to die!”

Ethan’s face grew grim and didn’t hide the murderous intent in his expression.

There was suddenly a terrifying force that seemed to rush out like waves. Joe had opened his mouth to retort but stopped himself from doing so.

This force was too frightening!

This was truly a force that could kill!

Ethan didn’t have to care about these lowly people who were mere ants to him. But when it came to those ants that insisted on climbing up his foot to disturb him, they couldn’t blame him for stepping on them and killing them with his foot!


Archie’s voice was trembling, “You dared to hit someone from the Stewarts!”

“If you continue to get in the way, then you’re not going to be let off with just one slap!”

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