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Chapter 62

Ethan’s words were so domineering, it made all of them feel even more determined.

If they didn’t buck up and work hard, they might even drag Tom Foster down with them!

“Gather at the Palmer Group factory in the countryside tomorrow.”

Ethan then returned to Diane’s office after that.

Diane was so busy she could hardly breathe. When she noticed Ethan just sitting there and drinking tea leisurely, she couldn’t help asking, “Why do I feel as though I’m working for you now?”

Ethan laughed, “Nonsense, this is a business shared between husband and wife.”

Diane didn’t reply to him nicely. “Those security guards are already outstanding enough, but you still want to train them?”


Ethan scoffed. “Our security has to be the best in the world. The word ‘outstanding’ isn’t enough.”

These people were going to become the core strength of the Palmers. Ethan already had plans for how far the Palmers were going to rise in the future.

They had to at least surpass the Hunts in Makrin City!

Ethan was going to let that old man know that creating a wealthy and powerful clan was nothing to him.

He noticed that Diane was rolling her neck and looked terribly tired. Ethan got up and took Diane’s hand.

“Where are we going?”

Diane pouted. “I still have a lot of work to finish.”

“It’s time to eat, so let’s eat at Golden Jade Restaurant.”

Humans were strong but they still needed food to survive. He wasn’t going to let Diane starve.

At this moment.

Golden Jade Restaurant.

Archie had brought some important guests here to eat.

“Golden Jade Restaurant is a famous restaurant in Greencliff, so I think you guys would like it.”

Archie smiled and said, “I’ll get the best private room, this way please!”

There were a few young men around the same age as him standing in front of Archie. Judging from their dressing and demeanor, they were obviously extremely rich and of high standing.

Archie had been entertaining them for the past few days. He had brought them around Greencliff to have fun and eat good food, and today he had chosen to bring them to the famous Golden Jade Restaurant.

“I’m Archie, give me your best private room!”

Archie walked right in front and pulled a card out as he arrogantly said, “Money isn’t a problem!”

“Archie? Are you Archie from the old Palmer Group?” asked the waitress.

“What old Palmer Group?” Archie immediately frowned and his face fell when he heard this question. “Greencliff has only one Palmer family!”

Diane had set up a new Palmer Group, and this made Steven furious. Archie was equally furious, but he was more jealous than furious. He couldn’t see how Diane had managed to become independent.

“I’m really sorry, but this restaurant will not entertain anyone from the old Palmer Group.”

The waitress kept a smile on but rejected him quite directly.

“What did you say?” Archie was furious.

He had brought so many friends here but he couldn’t even step past the door of the restaurant?

Was there anything more embarrassing than this?!

“Archie, what’s going on? I thought you said that everyone in Greencliff panders to your family?”

“Yeah that’s what you said. But now we can’t even enter a restaurant, so were you just joking with us?”

The few rich young men with him started laughing and Archie’s face turned red.

He slammed a hand on the counter and roared angrily, “I said I want the best private room you have! Can’t you understand words?”

“The one who doesn’t understand words is you, right?”

A voice came from behind. “She’s already made herself clear. They won’t entertain anyone from the old Palmer Group. Get lost.”

The moment he heard this voice, Archie spun around violently and his anger instantly sprung up.


He hated this crazy man to the core! This lunatic who slapped him twice!

“Diane, I can’t believe you’ve actually become a couple with this crazy man.”

Archie was so angry. He was the one who had found this homeless Ethan, but he had actually really gotten together with Diane now.

When he saw how intimate they were, Archie couldn’t help but laugh coldly. “How’s it going? Is a homeless man more energetic than others? His service makes you feel really good huh?”

Diane frowned but didn’t say anything.

Ethan raised his hand and slapped Archie across the face without holding back at all.

“You…you dared to hit me again?!”

Archie’s eyes were spewing fire and he wanted to charge at Ethan.

Ethan used his leg to kick Archie in the stomach, causing him to instantly fly out.

“Be more polite when you’re talking to my wife.”

Ethan continued coldly, “The swelling on your face just went down and you want it to be swollen again?”

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