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Chapter 61

Within a short span of three days, the authorities swept through the illegal circles with great force to clean everything up. All the businesses that were operating in gray areas of the law had been hit harder than they ever had.

All those big bosses in the illegal circles found it hard to sleep. All the assets and businesses that they had just taken over and even their own assets had suffered tremendous losses.

There were even more people who had disappeared overnight!

The illegal circle of Greencliff was shaken up and everyone was terrified. Even though Tom Foster was already prepared for this to happen, he still broke out in cold sweat and was very fearful after hearing this news.

He sat on the sofa in his house and took several deep breaths before he managed to calm down.

“If I hadn’t listened to Big Boss, then I might have disappeared by now!”

Tom Foster knew how powerful this cleanup was. There were even a few bosses who couldn’t keep their positions and suffered terrible losses!

Those problematic assets that he had given up were all tiny time bombs ticking away. Even Tom Foster himself never thought that in such a short time, these bombs would explode just like that.

“Is there anyone who is still unhappy now?”

Tom Foster looked up at all his subordinates who seemed as shaken as he was. “If not for Big Boss, all of you would be dead meat right now!”

All of them had pale faces. They knew very well how blessed they were to have escaped this terrible disaster.

“If anyone dares to question Big Boss’ decision ever again, don’t blame me for being nasty!”

“Yes sir!” The entire group shouted in unison.

“Also, from today onwards, nobody among us shall touch any business that is illegal. We should all strive to be upright and law abiding people. If anyone tries anything funny, I’ll kill him myself! No need to trouble Big Boss!”

Tom Foster’s voice resounded resolutely.

He knew what everyone was worried about, so he went straight to the point. “I handed the company over to Diane and her family because I believe that they are able to help everyone earn enough money legally to feed your families.”

“Don’t you want others to look up to you?”

“There’s something more important than survival in this life, and that’s dignity!”

He loudly continued, “Big Boss has told me before that all of you should have dignity. But this is not something that Big Boss will give you, but something that you have to earn for yourselves. Understood?”


Tom Foster dismissed everyone and took a deep breath.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that Ethan’s power was way beyond his imagination.

How had he known about this cleanup operation? Apparently the order had come down from very high up, so did that mean…Tom Foster dared not think about it anymore. He only knew that he had made the right choice. In fact, he had to make sure he never wavered and followed Ethan all the way, to live a life filled with dignity!


Ethan was the most relaxed during this time.

William and Diane quickly got the hang of things and took over all of the new Palmer Group’s operations. They even started to make improvements, because they didn’t want to let Ethan down, and didn’t want to let down anybody who trusted in them.

The two of them were very busy and worked until the wee hours of the morning almost everyday before agreeing to rest.

Ethan stood at the entrance of the company. All fifty men had chosen to stay behind.

Even though all their faces were swollen and bruised, the indignation on their faces was very apparent.

“You said you can make us become strong? How strong?” The leader of the group asked Ethan seriously.

“To a level beyond your imagination,” Ethan calmly replied.

“Then I’m staying!” The leader immediately responded.

He was indignant and even though he didn’t admit defeat to Ethan out loud, his heart had already admitted defeat.

“I’m staying too!”

“I want to become strong and challenge you again!”

“I can’t take this lying down, so I have to stay!”

All fifty of them were riled up and chose to stay, none of them willing to be left behind.

Ethan scanned the group and calmly said, “But I won’t take you just because you want to stay.”

“If you’re not able to pass my training requirements, you still have to get lost. I said before that I don’t want any trash or good for nothings. At this moment, none of you catch my eye.”

Ethan’s words were like a needle stabbing into everyone’s heart and he wasn’t polite about it at all.

Everyone had indignation on their faces, but in their hearts, they knew that Ethan had the right to say things like this.

“Tom Foster spent a lot of effort to groom all of you, so I’ll give you a chance. But if you don’t take this chance and prove to be useless, then all of you won’t be the only ones who have to get lost. Tom Foster will have to get lost too!”

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