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Chapter 60

Brother Geoff couldn’t bear to watch.

Tom Foster had wanted to dash out several times from heartache!

He had paid a high price to train these men, and he hoped Ethan wouldn’t cripple them just like this.

In less than a minute, all 50 men were lying on the ground, unable to move!

Ethan stood where he was and looked around at all the men who were still unwilling to admit defeat. He shook his head, “Why, still not happy?”


The skinhead leader of the 50 clenched his teeth. His face showed that he wasn’t willing to admit defeat, but he was shocked beyond belief in his heart.

Ethan was too strong!

All of them were like mere children in front of Ethan. Never mind hit Ethan – it was hard to even touch Ethan’s clothes.

The moment Ethan’s fists moved, even if they managed to see it, they weren’t able to dodge it. That one fist was so powerful, they nearly stopped breathing.

The scariest part was, Ethan wasn’t even sweating!

“There is always someone better, and there are always greater heights.”

Ethan calmly explained, “I am that greater height.”

He was one who had reached the sky, while the rest were only fit to be looked down upon by him.

“Those who want to become stronger can stay. The rest can get lost. I don’t need garbage, and I definitely don’t need good for nothings.”

Ethan then turned to leave. The 50 men sat on the ground and exchanged glances, mixed feelings written all over their faces.

All the pride, confidence and complacency they used to have in themselves were shattered completely in less than a minute by Ethan’s fists!

In the security department office.

Ethan was seated, while Tom Foster was standing and sweating profusely.

“Big Boss, these guys have some talent already. If they all choose to leave, then it’ll be hard to find replacements at such short notice.”

Tom Foster was worried that these men would spiral in self doubt after being beaten so soundly by Ethan and choose to leave.

“If they’re all useless, then you’d prefer that they stay?”

Ethan took a sip of water and calmly continued, “Even if a useless one wants to stay, I won’t want him.”

Ethan couldn’t be bothered anymore. He was anxious to get off work and go home for dinner, since April had prepared Szechuan spicy fish.

After seeing Ethan out, Tom Foster breathed a sigh of relief.

The assistants that had followed him for many years couldn’t understand what was going on.

“CEO Foster, we’ve been fighting so hard to get to where we are today. But now you’ve given everything away, and some of us really can’t understand.”

“Precisely. CEO Foster, we won’t say anything since we respect your decision, but there are some brothers who have lost their livelihood, and I’m afraid that they might make trouble.”

The few of them were very worried.

Tom Foster had given the main company to Diane and family, and that was fine with them.

But there were many who relied on the illegal businesses for a living.

Tom Foster had just sold everything off like that, and it was hard for some of them to accept it.

Especially since all this had started with just one word from Ethan, making those who didn’t know what was going on very unhappy.

“Make trouble?”

Tom Foster scoffed. “Whoever dares to can try!”


He turned to look at Brother Geoff. “If anybody tries to make trouble, don’t bother being polite!”

He couldn’t be bothered to explain further.

“Got it!”

Brother Geoff immediately nodded.

He had followed Tom Foster right from the start and knew very well what sort of person Tom Foster was. Since Tom Foster had chosen to listen to Ethan, then there was definitely no problem with that.

Besides, Brother Geoff was already sufficiently shocked and amazed at how powerful Ethan was, even though he had only seen the surface of it. He didn’t dare to question anymore.

There were some subordinates who had wanted to make trouble recently. Some of them were secretly unhappy and wanted to demand an explanation from Tom Foster.

“If you dare to make trouble, don’t blame me for being nasty huh!”

Those on Tom Foster’s side were all worried and upset, while the other bosses of the illegal circle were more than happy to buy up all of Tom Foster’s dealings at the lowest price possible. This was an extremely profitable deal.

They even laughed at Tom Foster, saying that the day had come when he had made a bad judgement.

These were businesses that were doing well, but he just sold them like this, some even sold at a loss. Instead it was all these other bosses who benefitted without having to do anything.

Tom Foster had become a laughingstock overnight, and even his subordinates were laughed at. So they became more and more unhappy with Tom Foster’s decision.

But nobody expected that a huge storm was coming their way!

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