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Chapter 6


Archie was furious, but he dared not hit back.

His hand was broken by Ethan, this mad man!

He didn’t want to provoke some crazy guy!

Steven frowned. He didn’t think that the husband he had found for Diane was really cracked in the head, and dared to hit Archie right in front of him.

“I haven’t settled the previous matter with you!”

Steven narrowed his eyes, like he was looking down from above.

But in that moment when he looked into Ethan’s eyes, he felt like he had fallen thousands of feet into a deep ravine!

His legs couldn’t help but tremble a little.

It was as if he was looking at a terrifying wild animal waiting to eat him with one bite!

What a scary look!

“Settling with me?”

Ethan continued calmly, “Looks like you guys aren’t here to ask Diane back to the company. You’re here to make a scene.”

Steven immediately calmed himself down after hearing this and suppressed the anger rising in his heart.

He wasn’t going to disrupt what he had to do because of a lunatic.

After they got this contract signed, he’d take care of these people!

“Humph! Diane, Palmer Group needs you, come back.”

He looked at Diane, and there wasn’t a single bit of sincerity in his voice.

Diane didn’t know what to do.

Even April was stunned.

She had never thought that the day would come when Steven would come personally to invite Diane to work.

But their attitude earlier was simply too infuriating!

“You don’t seem to get it huh.”

Diane didn’t know how to respond, so Ethan spoke up for her.

“I will remind you one last time. When you ask for a favor, you have to be humble. If your attitude isn’t good enough today and you have to come back tomorrow, my conditions won’t remain the same.”

Steven’s expression finally changed.

His eyelid twitched as he looked coldly at Ethan.

“You think we can’t get this project signed without Diane?”

“If you don’t believe me, go ahead and try.”

Ethan was as calm as before. So calm that April and Diane were stunned as they watched him.

Was this…was this really the homeless son-in-law that just married into the family?

“Diane, my dad is giving you a chance, you’d better cherish it!” Archie angrily said.

Diane puffed her chest out and said with determination, “I don’t care for it!”

“Very good! Very good!”

Steven said this as he looked at the three people in front of him with a fake smile on his face. He looked towards the inside of the house and shouted, “William, you’ve done a good job as the head of this family!”

With that, he snorted and left with Archie.

The door of the room only opened at this point. William rolled his wheelchair out, his face all pale.

He didn’t dare to come out as long as Steven was in the house.

“Is my brother angry?”

William asked timidly, “What are we going to do?”

April looked at him and was filled with rage.

Where was he when his daughter was being bullied?

And now even better still, he was asking them what to do!

“It’s just a job, I don’t care for it.”

Diane looked at her parents, “Dad, Mum, don’t worry, I can earn enough to take care of you!”

April looked at her daughter, her heart aching.

The responsibility of taking care of the household had fallen on her shoulders.

She had to take care of William, and even if she wanted to help Diane out, there was nothing much she could do.

“There’s still me.”

Ethan spoke up, “I’ll take care of both of you too.”

William and April turned to look at Ethan.

Ethan had slapped Archie earlier because he had insulted April, and April had taken note of that. Even though she didn’t really like Ethan, she couldn’t really say anything now.

“I’ll go cook.”

April turned and went into the kitchen.

William didn’t know what to say either, so he just went back into his room and closed the door.

Diane dragged Ethan back into her room, still stunned by what happened.

“What…what did you just say?”

“I said, I’ll take care of Mum and Dad with you.”


Diane stared in shock at Ethan

She was still unable to accept Ethan as her husband.

She was even thinking when she could make it clear to Ethan that it was impossible for them to be together.

It wasn’t just Ethan’s background. He was older than her by ten whole years.


Diane hesitated.

“You get ready and prepare yourself to sign that contract anytime now.”

When she heard Ethan’s words, Diane suddenly forgot what she meant to say.

“Uncle Steven will really look for me again?”

She was the only one who had followed the project with CEO Foster through, but all the details had already been agreed on and they were only left with the formality of signing the contract.

Anybody could go and get it signed, so it didn’t have to be her, right?

Besides, Steven and his son had so many connections in Greencliff. It was easy for them to find someone to connect them to CEO Foster.

“Yup, it has to be you.”

Ethan said this very simply.


Steven and his son reached home.

BAM! Archie immediately smashed all the cups on the table.

“What the hell is this!”

He roared angrily, “Dad, why did you stop me? I’m going to kill that lunatic!”

He had been slapped twice in a row by Ethan. If word of this got out, how was he going to hold his head high in Greencliff?

Others would laugh at him for actually being hit by a lunatic.

“Don’t provoke these mentally ill people. It’s not considered a crime even if they commit murder.”

Steven snorted.

He never thought that in choosing the most useless man to be Diane’s husband, he had chosen a nutjob.

He didn’t want to provoke such people unless he really had to.

But then why was Ethan’s gaze so terrifying? Even though he had been in business for so many years, even he felt terror when he saw it.

But Ethan was nuts, so it was probably normal for him to feel fearful of Ethan.

“Dad, so how now? That slut, Diane, still wants us to beg her humbly? She can dream on!”

He didn’t believe they couldn’t get this project signed without Diane.

Steven narrowed his eyes, then made a few phone calls.

“I’ll have to trouble you then, treat you to dinner some day!”

He found someone who knew CEO Foster to help bridge this connection.

All the details of the project were more or less settled, and signing the contract was merely a formality. He didn’t believe that CEO Foster was willing to sacrifice so much benefit for a lowly woman!

“Relax, CEO Borden works with CEO Foster often, so it shouldn’t be a problem with his help.”

There was a price to pay for using this connection, but it was better than having to beg Diane.

Archie was relieved after hearing this.

“Dad, once this project is good to go, I want to throw Diane and family out of Greencliff!”

A wicked idea flashed in Archie’s eyes. “If she weren’t considered like a sister to me, I even wanted to…”

“Archie, don’t go too far. If your grandfather finds out, you’re dead meat.”

Archie instantly calmed down.

He had only thought about it. Diane was pretty, but there wasn’t any woman he couldn’t have.

The both of them were talking when Steven’s phone started ringing.

He picked up the phone and saw it was CEO Borden. Looks like this matter was settled already.

“CEO Borden, how was it? This matter is a piece of cake to you…”

“Steven, how are you still so relaxed! You’ve offended CEO Foster and you sent me to take the brunt of his anger? Now my project with him has fallen through! Damn you!”

“Bloody hell, you set a trap for me on purpose, I’ll remember this for life!”

After CEO Borden finished his tirade, he hung up immediately.

Steven froze over.

What did that mean?

Even CEO Borden putting in good words for him didn’t work?

He even ruined CEO Borden’s project?

What did CEO Foster mean by all of this!

“Dad, do we…do we really have to beg Diane?” Archie swallowed hard.

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