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Chapter 59

Tom Foster rolled his eyes. “Our best fighters? Better than Big Boss?”

Brother Geoff didn’t have any response to that. Even another 500 of them couldn’t fight off Ethan.

He suddenly laughed gleefully. “This is a prideful bunch of people, and they don’t know how amazing Big Boss is, eh? They’ve always refused to listen to other people, thinking that they’re better than everyone else. We’ve got a good show ahead.”

A few others also spoke up, obviously unhappy with Ethan.

“I am the head of security, Ethan. And all of you are now under me.”

Ethan went straight to the point. “If you’re not happy about this, you can come out here.”

Within seconds, a number of them stepped forward, followed by another group of them. All of them stared straight at Ethan and none of them were polite about it.

Ethan looked at all of them and shook his head with even more contempt.

“I thought all of you were unhappy, but it seems that there are some useless ones who are ok with this.”

In an instant, all 50 of them had stepped forward. The fire of their fury was about to spew from their eyes.


Ethan looked at all of them again. “I love it when people are unhappy with me.”

“That way, I’ll beat you until you admit defeat, and it makes me so satisfied.”

“Don’t be too arrogant!”

“If it wasn’t for CEO Foster, I’d have beat the shit out of you by now!”

“Exactly! What right do you have to be in charge of us?”

All of them started speaking rudely, just short of actually hitting Ethan.

Tom Foster was sweating buckets while watching from afar. These idiots really didn’t know what was good for them. They were just saying anything they liked now.

Beat the shit out of Ethan?

Did they think they were better than even Eli Howard and John Howard?

They had both been incapacitated!

Tom Foster started to get worried. He was worried that Ethan might get angry and then paralyze all 50 men here. He had put in a lot of resources to train these guys.

“CEO Foster, what are you doing?”

Brother Geoff pulled him back. “These idiots need to be taught a lesson, otherwise their noses would remain high in the air!”

“Big Boss asked you not to interfere, so don’t.”

Brother Geoff knew that these 50 men had a good foundation in fighting. Tom Foster had picked them based on the criteria set by Winston, and many of them were either retired soldiers or had learnt some martial arts.

But still, they were too proud and always felt that they were better than others.

Now that they’d even dared to be so rude in front of Ethan, even Brother Geoff would be pissed off if they weren’t taught a good lesson.

Ethan didn’t say anything. He took a look around, then waggled a finger at them.

“I’ll do it!”

One of them immediately took a step forward. His muscles bulged from his bulky figure.

“Not enough.”

Ethan continued to waggle his finger. “All of you can come at me at once, don’t waste time.”

He calmly continued, “If anyone can hit me, then you can take my position.”


All 50 of them were furious. This Ethan was way too complacent.

He wanted to go up against all 50 of them by himself?

Did he have a death wish?

Some of them dashed forward while the rest stayed behind. If they really all went up at the same time, that would be an insult to them.

In a blink of an eye, all those who had dashed forward had flown back even more quickly and rolled a few times on the floor before stopping.

Everyone’s face immediately changed.

Ethan was a true master!

“Lousy! So lousy! Elites? I think you’re all garbage.”

Ethan didn’t mince his words. “Looks like Tom Foster has really poor judgment, spending resources to train garbage like you guys.”

“You’re asking for it!”

All of them couldn’t stand it anymore. Ethan kept provoking them with such words. Did he think they really wouldn’t attack him?

All 50 of them roared and dashed towards Ethan, every one as violent as a dragon. Even if they got chased out by CEO Foster for doing this, they were going to teach Ethan a lesson.

This man who had no regard for anybody!


“You haven’t eaten yet or what? Your fists are so weak, are you a girl?”

“What is this kick? Are you crippled?”

“You learnt martial arts before? With moves like this, you’d starve even as a busker!”

Every word from Ethan agitated them to the point of madness. They went all out in their attack, but only got soundly beaten in return.

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