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Chapter 58

When William and the rest entered the main hall of the office, everyone started applauding.

“We welcome the chairman!” Tom Foster shouted loudly.

“We welcome the chairman!” the crowd shouted in unison.

Tom Foster went up and addressed the crowd happily, “Everyone, I would like to officially announce that this company has changed its name to Palmer Group. William will be the chairman, Diane will be the general manager. As for me, I have finally completed my mission, so I can retire in glory now!”

Everyone suddenly understood what was going on. So Tom Foster had been working for William all this while?

What a shocker!

“All company matters will be handled by Chairman William, so I hope all of you can cooperate with him and make this company even better than before!”

Tom Foster had officially handed the company over.

With that, he pushed William to the front, and there was a round of applause.

“Thank you everyone.”

William was touched and excited at the same time, so he didn’t really know what to say. He looked at Ethan and saw Ethan nod at him, so he continued, “I won’t let all of you down, I will work hard to make this company better. To let everyone here lead better lives!”

There was another round of applause.

The whole handover ceremony wasn’t complicated since all the procedures had been completed beforehand.

To the workers, there was no difference besides a change in the owner, so they weren’t too bothered.

Tom Foster didn’t interfere too much into the operations before this either. So as long as William kept everything status quo and allowed everyone to continue working the same way as before, that was enough for them.

When William saw his newly renovated office, he immediately turned to thank Tom Foster.

“Tom, my brother, I really don’t know how to thank you!”

This company used to be Tom Foster’s, but now he had willingly given it to William – this was doing him a tremendous favor.

But when Tom Foster heard William call him a brother, he quickly replied, “Oh no no, you’re being too polite with me. This company was set up for you and your daughter to take over in the first place.”

“All I did was to help you to manage it for the past few years. Now the time has come for me to hand it over to you, and I believe you can give these employees a better life ahead!”

Tom Foster called Ethan ‘Big Boss’, while Ethan was William’s son-in-law. How could William say Tom Foster was his brother – they were definitely not of the same rank at all.

“Go ahead and familiarize yourselves with everything here. If you need anything, just call me.”

Tom Foster then left.

“Dad, Ethan named you the chairman and named me the general manager. What about himself?”

Diane had some doubts. It was obvious that this company actually belonged to Ethan, and Tom Foster was just running it for him.

William and April both shook their heads. Ethan didn’t say anything about that.


Ethan was downstairs!

There were 50 men in front of him, and they were all elites handpicked by Tom Foster.

“So you guys are the elites that Tom mentioned?”

Ethan took a few glances at them and was amused.

If these people could be considered elites, then that was cheapening the meaning of the word itself.

There was a look of disdain on his face and he didn’t hide it at all. He shook his head, “I’m a little disappointed.”

The faces of all 50 men fell immediately.

Ethan had gone too far by looking down on them like this.

These were all men groomed by Tom Foster. Even though they hadn’t had to fight all these years, they were confident that they were equal or better than others, and they only needed an opportunity to prove what they could do!

But now, a man had suddenly appeared in front of them and talked to them like that. Who would take this lying down?

“What right do you have to say such things about us?”

One of them stood up straight and spoke coldly, “We only listen to CEO Foster, who are you even!”

Tom Foster was observing from afar, and cursed in his heart. This chap was too bold for his own good, how could he talk like that to Big Boss?!

If Ethan hadn’t told him to stay out of sight, he would have kicked that fellow hard by now for being so rude.

Tom Foster couldn’t understand at all. Ethan had taken the company from him and let William be the chairman and Diane be the general manager. But he had put himself as the head of security.

This title wasn’t worthy of Ethan at all!

But this was Ethan’s decision, so naturally he didn’t question it.

“CEO Foster, what do you think Big Boss is trying to do?”

Brother Geoff was standing behind Tom Foster and couldn’t understand what was happening at all. “All these guys here are our best fighters, and Big Boss doesn’t think much of them?”

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