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Chapter 57

He should have seen this coming. Why would William and family take this lying down? After suffering for so many years, they wouldn’t just quietly continue to tolerate.

In fact, they might have eyed the Palmers for a long time now, and done all sorts of things to hurt the Palmers’ profits. They had been helping a bunch of animals!

“Diane said that her family is her family, and has nothing to do with our family.”

Steven angrily continued, “These ungrateful leeches, I must have been blind to have given them a chance!”

Gerald didn’t say anything and only continued breathing hard so that he wouldn’t faint from anger.

After a long while, his breathing became more normal. He looked at Steven with bloodshot eyes, disappointment and anger written all over his face. He really wanted to slap Steven hard for not being able to protect what belonged to them.

But when he saw how Steven’s eyes were bloodshot and his face was so fatigued, he couldn’t bear to.

“Back then…when they had that ungrateful child, I should have drowned her!”

Gerald clenched his fists and roared.

He took another deep breath to help himself remain as calm as possible.

There was no point in saying this now.

“Hmph, even if they’ve snatched it away, we’ve got to get it back!”

Gerald continued, “Steven, listen up. I don’t care what price we pay, but you’ve got to make sure they regret doing this. Got me?”

“Got it!”

Steven nodded seriously.

He hesitated again. “There’s something else Dad. I’m not sure if I should say it.”

“Spit it out!”

Was there something even worse than this?

Gerald was almost going mad with fury.

“Tomorrow, William and family will start a new Palmer Group, and they’ve invited me to the opening ceremony.”

Steven’s face was all red from the humiliation and anger he felt.

“New Palmer Group?”

Gerald’s blood pressure had just gone back to normal, and now it soared again.

Suddenly everything went black. Gerald gave a cry, then his face turned red, and opened his mouth to spit a mouthful of blood out. He was so angry, he fainted and collapsed on the floor!

“Dad! Dad!”

Steven’s face was drained of color and he held onto Gerald. “Somebody! Call the ambulance! Now!”

All the servants rushed over to help, and nobody noticed a glint of evil flash across Steven’s lips.

The ambulance arrived shortly and took Gerald away.

Steven followed the ambulance and clutched his father’s hand with worry written all over his face.

“Dad, don’t worry! It’ll be fine, nothing will happen to you!”

Gerald’s mouth was a little crooked to one side, his speech unclear, and his hands and feet were shaking violently. He wanted to say something but wasn’t able to.

Gerald had suffered a stroke.

The news reached William quickly. He only shook his head and didn’t say anything.

Diane and April didn’t say anything either. The Palmers had nothing to do with them anymore.

To Gerald, their family was no longer part of his family from a long time ago.

The next day, William got up early in the morning, shaved and set his hair nicely.

He had on a new suit, new tie and leather shoes.

April personally helped William to put on his tie. Her eyes became a little teary as she looked at this charming and handsome husband of hers.

She hadn’t seen William this energetic in years.

“Dear, I promise, I will work hard so that you and Diane will be able to live well,” William said solemnly.

April nodded. “I know, I’ve always believed that.”

Ethan drove the family to the office.

The night before, Tom Foster had already arranged for someone to change the signboard from Foster Group to Palmer Group. He had also arranged for people to renovate the office.

All the workers in the office were waiting in the hall for the new chairman and general manager to arrive.

Nobody had expected the company to change its owner overnight. And what was even more shocking was that Tom Foster was the one who saw to it personally.

Ethan stopped at the entrance. Tom Foster immediately went over to take out the wheelchair from the trunk and put it in front of the car door.

“Come Dad, I’ll help you.”

Ethan helped William onto the wheelchair while Tom Foster held the wheelchair steady. Once William was comfortably seated, he gently pushed the wheelchair along.

“CEO Palmer, everyone’s waiting for you,” said Tom Foster to William with a smile.

“Thank you!” William replied with great sincerity.

He had no idea how any of this happened, but he knew that if Ethan said there were no problems, then there really weren’t any problems.

This could be the only chance he had to prove himself in this life, so he was going to cherish it.

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