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Chapter 56

What was the world coming to? April was saying nice things about Ethan already?

It had only been about a month.

This Ethan was really good at stealing hearts huh.

“That’s not what I meant.”

April shook her head. “What I meant was, Ethan is too outstanding.”


Diane froze.

“We shouldn’t be a burden to him.”

April looked back at Diane. “Once the timing is right, we should annul this marriage and give him back his freedom.”

Ethan and Diane had collected their certificate of marriage, but they had not consummated their marriage.

Previously, April had felt that Ethan was not worthy of her daughter. But now she felt that Ethan was too outstanding, so outstanding that she couldn’t imagine that her own daughter could be worthy of him.

After living for a few decades now, she could tell that Ethan was no ordinary man.

She didn’t know why he had come to their family, but Ethan had no ill intentions towards them. He had continuously protected and helped them, and April was very grateful for this.

She had even thought that even if Ethan wasn’t her son-in-law, it wasn’t a bad idea for him to be her godson.

But even so, they couldn’t continue to tie Ethan to them because that would be tying his happiness to them as well.

Diane was quiet for a while after hearing April’s words, then she said resignedly, “Mum, I never intended to go for something that I can’t reach.”

She wasn’t that sort of person.

There were still some soap bubbles on April’s hand, but she reached out and gently pinched Diane’s face. “Mum knows! None of us in this family is that sort, so let’s all work hard and return his favor, got it?”

“Got it!”

Diane nodded her head in all seriousness.


Meanwhile, in Gerald’s bungalow.

He had changed the type of wood in his incense burner, and now the smell was even stronger.

Gerald sat on his rosewood chair, chanting and moving his Buddhist beads in his hands.

He heard the door open and there was the sound of familiar footsteps walking in, so he knew exactly who had come.

“Where did you find the time to visit me?”

Gerald opened his eyes and smiled. He stopped his chanting and turned to see Steven. “Where’s Archie? This boy hasn’t come to see me in quite a while.”

Steven’s face didn’t look too good.

“He’s entertaining a few friends from Fairbanks these few days,” Steven replied.

He walked over to Gerald and opened his mouth but closed it again.

“What, you have something to say?”

Steven had never been the type to beat around the bush, why was he so hesitant today?

“Something’s happened.”

Steven suddenly fell on his knees with a thud. “Dad, I’ve let you down!”

Gerald got a shock when he saw Steven fall to his knees, and he rushed over to pull him up. “What happened? What’s happened?”

Steven had fallen to his knees like that, so something terrible must have happened.

“The medical equipment factory project has been snatched away by Diane.”

Steven felt his face burning as he talked about this. He felt like Diane and her family had slapped his face several times when he thought about what happened earlier.

It hurt so much he felt pain, humiliation and anger!

“What? What did you say?!”

Gerald’s beard shook. He thought he heard wrongly since he was getting old.

“Diane pulled a lot of dirty tricks, so all the contracts we have state that this project has nothing to do with Palmer Group, and is an asset under Diane’s own name.”

Steven was furious. “We’ve invested millions of dollars, putting in huge amounts of human and financial capital, but in the end…everything was really being done for Diane!”

Gerald’s entire body was shaking.

This project was the most important project to advance his company, so he had put in a lot of investment. And now it has been taken away by Diane?

“Bastards! All bastards! How did I raise such an ungrateful bastard!”

Gerald started shouting angrily. “Where’s William? Does he know about this?!”

“I’m sure he knows. Part of this might have even been his doing too, we’ve really underestimated him.”

Gerald took a few deep breaths and felt giddy, as if he was about to faint.

Steven ran over to help him up.

“Dad! Dad! Calm down, calm down!”

Gerald’s face was all red as his blood pressure soared, and he was so angry he couldn’t catch his breath…

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