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Chapter 55

Diane froze. Ethan wasn’t kidding?

She knew Ethan was very rich, so starting a company was no big deal to him. But this was really unexpected.

Besides, how was she going to return this much money?!

Diane still had some doubts. Ethan was definitely joking with her. Even with this one project she had, it wasn’t quite enough to start a company for it, right?

Ethan didn’t elaborate further and brought Diane home.

April was making lunch, and Ethan could smell sweet vinegar ribs the moment he stepped into the house.

He had just casually said that he wanted to eat sweet vinegar ribs in the morning, and April had actually made them in the afternoon. Mum was so nice to him!

“Time to eat!”

April brought the cooked dishes out of the kitchen and glanced at her room. “Diane, call your dad out to eat. He’s been studying all this material lately, as if he doesn’t need to sleep or eat.”

Diane walked into the room and found William seated in his wheelchair with some business related documents in front of him. These were all from the time when he was still working, and he was trying to get his touch back by reading all of it.

“Dad,” Diane called out.

William turned and smiled, “What is it? You look troubled.”

“From today onwards, our family will have nothing to do with the Palmers.”

Diane didn’t want to talk about what actually happened earlier in the office. Otherwise William would definitely angrily look for Steven to try reasoning with him, but it was meaningless to do so.

After hearing what Diane said, William didn’t have any strange expression on his face, as if he had already predicted this would happen. He just nodded, “Yes. Our family is just our family, and we have nothing to do with that Palmer family.”

“Let’s eat.”

Diane pushed William out.

At the dining table, Ethan had already happily helped himself to the rice and started eating, disregarding all formality.

Diane rolled her eyes in annoyance at him. “My parents haven’t sat down at the table yet!”

“It’s alright, Ethan has worked tirelessly all morning, let him eat first,” William smiled.

“See how my dad and mum dote on me,” Ethan purposely smiled gleefully at Diane. “Don’t be jealous of me.”

Diane scoffed. She was really a little jealous alright.

Ethan had barely set foot into their house. At first he had come in as a useless man who had been forcibly married into their family, so April couldn’t stand him and William hated him. But in barely a month, he had practically become their biological son.

Even this daughter here didn’t get such special treatment.

“Dad, just to let you know,”

Ethan turned to look at William, “Tomorrow, our new Palmer Group will be open for business. You’ll be the chairman, and Diane will be the general manager.”

“What? New Palmer Group?”

William had just picked up his chopsticks, and now he nearly dropped them on the floor again.

New Palmer Group?

He hurriedly turned to look at Diane, and Diane could only nod her head. Ethan never discussed with her before doing anything. All he did was to announce the results of what he had done.

“So both father and daughter will have to work hard.”

Ethan continued seriously, “Whether this new Palmer Group will succeed or not, will depend on both of you. So you have to prove yourselves.”

William took a deep breath in and his eyes immediately teared up. Prove himself? He had been waiting all his life for a chance to prove himself.

And now Ethan had put this chance right in front of him!

He was so touched he couldn’t respond immediately.

“But of course,”

Ethan spotted April walking over and quickly put in some words for her, “Our family needs Mum to lead us and work hard together!”

“Eat your pork ribs!”

Diane glared at Ethan and dumped a pork rib in his bowl.

This guy was such a sweet talker, so good at knowing exactly what to say to who.

Ethan couldn’t care less, as long as their mother was happy to hear it.

They all sat down to eat happily.

William was still extremely excited and didn’t know what to say. So after eating, he returned to the room to continue his revision.

Diane went to help April wash the dishes while Ethan watched TV on the sofa.

“Diane, Ethan is not bad at all.”

April said this while washing the dishes.

Diane turned to look at her, “Mum, don’t be fooled by him. We barely know him!”

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