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Chapter 54

Steven was on the verge of vomiting blood!

Something that belonged to the Palmers had been taken away and now he was accused of being greedy?

The Palmers had invested so much into this project so that they could advance further into a bigger market and bring the Palmers to a new level.

But now this has become Diane’s!

All the contracts and related documents clearly stated it was so.

Did all the legal department staff of Palmer Group grow up eating shit?!

Steven’s hand was shaking, and the director of the legal department felt her whole body shuddering, her face as white as a sheet.

“CEO Palmer, it wasn’t me. I didn’t do this. I’m very sure the one I checked had no issues. No problems at all!”

Her voice started trembling, “These contracts must have been swapped out somehow.”

Steven didn’t say anything. Ethan must have prepared all this ahead of time, which explained why he spoke so confidently. Steven had lost this round.

He glared at Diane and took a deep breath. “Diane, how unexpected. I’ve really underestimated you.”

Diane didn’t say anything.

She didn’t know anything at all. She might not have accepted something like this in the past, but now she suddenly felt gleeful when she saw how Steven was so angry and frustrated.

“You’ve prepared all this for many years now, right?”

Steven continued sarcastically, “You think by taking this project away, the Palmers will be greatly hurt? That you can get back at us?”

Diane remained silent because she didn’t know what to say.

“I tell you now, NO WAY!”

Steven slammed the desk angrily. “You’re going to regret this! You’re definitely going to regret this!”

Ethan stood in front of Diane and calmly replied, “The one who will regret this will not be us. All of you bullied Diane in the past, so now we’re going to claw everything back bit by bit.”

He took Diane’s hand and turned to leave.

They had walked until the meeting room door when Ethan turned and said, “Oh by the way, besides tendering her resignation, we’re also here to invite CEO Palmer to come and visit us tomorrow when our Palmer Group officially opens for business tomorrow.”

With that, Ethan left with Diane.

The air in the meeting room was so heavy, it was terrifying.

Steven’s face had darkened and one could see all the veins on his neck.

Their Palmer Group was opening for business?

They even started a new Palmer Group!

This was openly challenging them! This was insulting them!

Ethan had even invited him to attend the opening ceremony of their Palmer Group? Steven clenched his teeth so hard that even his dentures were going to break. He had never suffered such humiliation before.

He had been thoroughly insulted by Ethan and Diane in front of so many directors and management staff. And even the most important project to the Palmers had been snatched away by Diane!

“CEO Palmer, what they’ve done is illegal, right? Shouldn’t we call the police?” asked the director of the legal department cautiously.

Steven violently raised his head. He looked ready to eat someone now!

He grabbed the glass on the table and smashed it on the floor.

“Useless idiots! All of you are bloody pieces of garbage! What’s the use in feeding all of you all these years?”

Steven started shouting and screaming at everyone to let his anger out, and the whole meeting room was filled with nothing but his cursing.

Ethan brought Diane downstairs.

“This is the first time I feel that the air outside is so refreshing.”

Diane took in a deep breath. Her eyes were still a little red as she said, “Ethan, thank you.”

If it wasn’t for Ethan, Steven would have used the most insulting method he knew to chase her out today.

She had faced the possibility of not just having to go to jail, but also the risk of her family not being able to stay in Greencliff. Steven was so heartless, and he hadn’t cared about how they had familial ties at all.

Then again, what familial ties did they have anyway?

From today, Diane’s family would have nothing to do with the Palmers.

Diane didn’t feel guilty about taking this project away at all, because she felt that her family did deserve to have it.

“Thank me for what?”

Ethan smiled, “I’ve said so before, nobody is allowed to bully my wife.”

“Just now you said that we’re going to start our own Palmer Group. That was just to make Steven angry, right?”

“Nope, I meant it.”

Ethan continued, “It’s tomorrow. I’ve already checked the date with the geomancer. This will be my first present to you.”

Book Translations by CannedSplam