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Chapter 52

Diane’s face paled. She didn’t expect Steven to be this shameless. He had actually falsely accused her of so much wrongdoing in front of so many people.

When had she done any of these?

How was she going to continue staying in Greencliff after being humiliated like this? This was obviously a move to cut off all her connections here and chase her out of Greencliff!

“CEO Palmer…”

She tried to explain herself.

“You don’t need to explain yourself!”

Steven laughed coldly. “Who doesn’t know about that BMW you just bought that costs nearly $500,000? You think I don’t know how much your salary is?”

“A few days ago you even went shopping and bought a few hundred thousand dollars worth of clothes – since when were you this rich? You can tell the police where you got the money from!”

“Diane, Diane, it’s alright to be a little greedy, but now you’re too greedy!”

Steven declared angrily, “I will now announce that Palmer Group is terminating you, and we will call the police so this matter can be handled by the authorities!”

Many directors immediately nodded upon hearing this declaration.

“I agree!”

“I agree too!”

“Call the police now! Send her to the authorities!”


They didn’t hesitate at all. The amount that Diane had embezzled was enough to send her to jail for more than ten years.

She had bought a BMW and a few hundred thousand dollars worth of clothes. How could Diane possibly afford that much with her little salary!


Diane was too greedy. Did she really think that just because she had some connections with Tom Foster, she could get away scot free?

The directors looked at Diane with glee in their hearts as they watched her downfall. It was so satisfying to watch her fall from grace!

They were even more gleeful when they saw how Diane’s face had gone all white and didn’t even know how to defend herself anymore.

Now she knew how much it hurt to fall from a high place and crash hard onto the floor.

Everyone in the meeting room fixed their eyes on Diane, waiting to see her break down, to look fearful, to kneel down and beg for mercy from all of them.

But Diane only continued to bite her lips and didn’t say anything.

Her eyes were bloodshot. She was so disappointed in Steven and the Palmer family.

Diane didn’t explain herself because there was no need to explain what she hadn’t done.

Ethan suddenly started applauding with great gusto. “Bravo! Bravo!”

He took out his phone. “CEO Palmer, I’ve recorded everything you’ve just said. You’ve really spun an exciting story.”

“Hmph, Ethan, don’t spout nonsense here. Everything I said is the truth, and I didn’t have to spin anything!”

Steven smiled coldly. Once Diane couldn’t stay in Greencliff and get out, Ethan would also be chased out and become a homeless man again.

“The company has clear records of Diane’s monthly salary. How would we not know how much money she has?”

“She’s the sole breadwinner of her family and they can barely make ends meet. It’s not bad if they even get meat to eat, and now she’s bought a car? Why didn’t she just buy a house?”

The directors started making snide remarks and weren’t polite about it at all.

Ethan didn’t bother about them. Instead he started digging something out of his pockets, and Steven immediately became wary.

Surely this nutjob hadn’t brought a knife in, right?

He quickly said nervously, “What are you trying to do? If you try anything funny, you’re doomed! Where are the security guards? Call them quickly!”

Ethan threw a glance at Steven as he threw receipts from his pocket onto the table.

“I’m sorry everyone, the car, the clothes and everything else are all bought by me.”

He looked at Steven. “It’s just petty cash amounting to just over a million dollars and you’re all worked up? Even if my wife spent 100 million dollars, that would also still be just petty cash. You have a problem with that?”


Steven felt like he had heard the greatest joke in the world.

Ethan was just a homeless guy. If Archie hadn’t chosen him, he would still be begging for food on the streets right now.

He had money?

And he gave it to Diane to buy a BMW and clothes worth a few hundred thousand dollars?

It was amazing that Ethan managed to say something so ridiculous. Was his mental illness acting up again?

Ethan slammed all the receipts on the table. “Open your lousy eyes and look carefully. If you need, I’ll call the CEO of Greencliff Bank to come over and let him tell you that all this money has nothing to do with Palmer Group.”

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