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Chapter 51

“Hmph, she must think the entire company’s sales depends on her, so it’s only normal for her to believe she’s a big shot.”

“You don’t say. Besides, she’s got something going on with that Tom Foster. You’d better be careful of what you say, in case she gets you fired or something, and you won’t even be able to find a place to hide your face!”

The resentment towards Diane was very great now.

Especially since the last incident where a director had been chased out of the office for just making one sarcastic remark towards Diane.


Steven frowned and stretched his arms to relieve his stress. “This Diane – never mind all of you, even I can’t afford to offend her.”

“It’s all because she’s in charge of the most important project to the company now.”

Steven scoffed and took one look around the room. “So I’ve already reported this to my father. He is greatly angered by this and has made a decision. Today, I’m here to announce this decision!”

All the directors immediately perked up at this.

They had heard long ago that Gerald had always been unhappy with Diane and family. He had mercifully allowed Diane to stay in the family, to give her family a chance.

But Diane had disappointed the old man time and again, so it was obvious that she had to get lost now!

“CEO Palmer, Diane is here.”

The secretary had pushed the door open. “Do you want to let her come in?”

“Let her come in!” Steven shouted loudly.

Diane walked in and Ethan followed behind her.

All their eyes fell on Diane.

“Unrelated persons should not enter the meeting room.” Steven frowned.

He really couldn’t stand this crazy Ethan.

He had slapped Archie twice, and even made him and his son humbly go to William’s house to plead for mercy. He hadn’t settled this feud with Ethan yet!

“Oh really? Alright, Diane, let’s go.”

Ethan laughed and pulled Diane to leave.

Since unrelated persons were not to enter, then Diane wasn’t related to this company either.

Steven had to suppress the immense fury in his heart. This Ethan was really very irritating!

He was going to fire Diane today, and was going to humiliate her in front of everyone – how could he allow Diane to just walk out now?

“Hmph! Sit down!” huffed Steven.

Ethan pulled a chair over and got Diane to sit on it. He turned and realized there wasn’t any other available chair, so he used one hand to literally pick a director off his chair.

“You, stand and listen.”

With that, Ethan sat down on the chair.

Everyone immediately glared at Ethan angrily!

That was way too arrogant of him!

He was just a man who married into the family and he dared to be so audacious. Did he really think he was a member of the Palmer family now?


The director who lost his chair pointed a finger at Ethan and was about to shout at him when Ethan caught his finger and exerted a little force on it. The director immediately turned blue in the face and nearly screamed from the terrible pain!

“Any questions?”

“No, no! None at all!”

Ethan let go and looked back at the furious Steven. “Say whatever you want quickly. Diane is very busy you know.”

Steven took a deep breath. He really had an urge to just go over and strangle Ethan on the spot.

But the focus today wasn’t on Ethan, so he wasn’t going to ruin his plans just because of him. He suppressed his anger and then turned to glare at Diane.

“Diane, I’ve asked you to come here because I have an announcement for you.”

Diane didn’t respond. She could already feel that there was something amiss when she entered the meeting room. Everyone looked like they were obviously all out to get her.

“All these years, you’ve been performing fairly well in the company. You’ve worked hard at your work, worked to improve yourself, and the directors and myself have observed all these things,” Steven started with authority in his voice. “So we have put you in charge of the most important project to the company.”

It sounded like he was actually praising her – Ethan shook his head in contempt.

“But you’ve disappointed me, and you disappointed your grandfather!”

Steven’s tone suddenly changed and he even slammed the table in anger.

“You used your position as head of the project to reap benefits for yourself, to line your own pockets, and even leaked trade secrets to others – this is considered a breach of confidentiality and embezzlement!”

Steven continued to shout angrily, “And now you’re in cahoots with Tom Foster to take over all of Palmer Group for yourself. Does the Palmer family, this company and its board of directors still matter to you at all?!”

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