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Chapter 50

Ethan had prepared all of this for Diane, and Tom Foster was only here to work for Ethan.

Besides, Ethan needed him to use his talents elsewhere, and he could achieve even more in the future!

This was a high stakes bet, but Tom Foster had only hesitated for a moment before making his decision.

Ethan’s potential was right in front of him and it was greater than anything he could imagine. So all he had to do, was to obey everything Ethan commanded him.



Steven was making preparations.

The factory was coming up at an incredible speed, and was almost ready to start operating.

Once all the fittings had been completed, they could start production.

He had to chase Diane out from the Palmers before that happened and get that factory!

“Where’s Archie?” he asked.

“Young Master has gone out with a few friends from Fairbanks.”

Steven frowned but didn’t say anything. Those rich kids from Fairbanks were experts at having fun. But if Archie could make friends with them and make use of the influence their families had, that would be of some benefit.

“This useless John Howard, he took my five million but got nothing done.”

Steven was furious. “Still no news?”

“CEO Palmer, I heard John Howard has been incapacitated by Tom Foster’s men.”

The secretary continued in a low voice, “Also, I just saw the news. The hot spring clubhouse has closed down and John Howard is nowhere to be found.”


Steven’s expression became even angrier.

He had thrown away five million for nothing!

John Howard must have taken the money and run for it, right?

These gangsters were really unreliable, all of them were useless pieces of garbage.

“Hmph, since they’re all unreliable, I’ll do it myself!”

He got up and looked at the secretary. “Inform all the directors that I want to hold a directors meeting and fire Diane!”

Over at the factory.

The main building was done. The addition of these 68 workers had really increased the overall efficiency.

This was one month ahead of Diane’s schedule.

Diane exhaled deeply as she saw that the factory had now entered its final stage of building before operations could start, and she felt a sense of achievement.

“This is the first time I’ve managed to complete a project so smoothly,” she couldn’t help but blurt out.

“Oh? So there were many people who bullied you in the past huh.”

Ethan smiled and looked at her. “Go home and write all their names on the wall, I’ll get back at them for you.”

Diane rolled her eyes at Ethan. This guy just couldn’t be serious.

“Once all the machinery is installed, we can start production. I’ll work hard and prove myself!”

She clenched her fists.

If she did a good job, then she could earn a bit more and repay Ethan earlier. Otherwise she was afraid that she would really have to use her body to repay him.


Diane’s phone started ringing.

It was a call from the company’s HR department.

“Diane, the company is going to hold a directors meeting, please come back to the office before 10am to join the meeting.”

The person hung up after that instruction.

Diane froze for a while. What did the directors meeting have to do with her?

She wasn’t in upper management, neither was she a director of the company. So she didn’t have the right to join the directors meeting at all.

But Ethan narrowed his eyes. He knew in an instant what was going on.

Steven didn’t just want to chase Diane out of the family, but he also wanted to humiliate her in front of everyone. Since he had come with a death wish, then he couldn’t blame Ethan for being nasty.

“What are you still thinking about? Since they asked you to join the meeting, go join them.”

Ethan pulled the car door open. “Let’s go, I’ll go with you.”

Diane didn’t really want to go. This sort of high level meeting had nothing to do with her. So if she went, she was probably sending herself in to be embarrassed.

But then if she didn’t go, then Steven was going to have more points to criticize her with, and who knew what awful things he would say about her family in front of Gerald?

The BMW turned and left the construction site for Palmer Group’s office.

At this moment.

In the main meeting room of Palmer Group’s office, Steven sat in the highest position, while all the directors and other upper management staff had all arrived.

“This Diane thinks she’s really some big shot huh. How could she make so many people wait for her?”

The HR director snorted unhappily, “I’ve already notified her that the meeting starts at 9am, can’t believe she’s actually late.”

She had clearly told Diane 10am, but who knew?

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