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Chapter 5

Steven’s House.

Gerald was seated and drinking tea. He had come to ask about that particular project.

The enchanting smell of the incense smoke of agarwood blew over from one side.

“Dad, this project with CEO Foster is very important to the Palmers,” Steven said as he made tea.

“Of course. The Palmers will soon rise one level higher.”

Gerald continued happily, “So what’s the status of this project?”

“No problem, Archie has gone to get the contract signed today.”

Steven went on, “Your grandson has never disappointed you.”

Gerald was pleased and nodded his head.

All the men of the Palmer family were outstanding.


Archie came running in like a storm, a nasty expression on his face.

When he saw that Gerald was here, he didn’t dare to say anything.

“We were just talking about you.”

Steven motioned at his father, “Grandpa wanted to ask how’s the project with CEO Foster going so far, has he signed the contract already?”

Archie looked at Gerald and became a little nervous and stuttered.

“This uh, project…”

When he saw how he seemed to be hesitant with words, Steven’s face fell and he had a bad feeling about this.

“I went to his office today, but CEO Foster had to attend to other matters and wasn’t around. He asked me to go again tomorrow to get it signed,” Archie managed to squeeze this out.

If Grandpa knew he lost this deal, Grandpa was going to kill him!

“This CEO Foster started off with nothing and he’s always been very arrogant. Since he asked you to wait one day, then just wait,” Gerald replied, his face full of smiles.

“Yes, Grandpa, I’ll wait like you said,” Archie forced himself to reply.

But Steven could tell that something was wrong.

He didn’t say anything until his father had left, then he called Archie into the study with a dark expression on his face.

“What is going on!”

He angrily shouted, “If you dare to hide anything from me, I’ll beat you to death!”


Archie replied indignantly, “This has nothing to do with me! It’s Diane!”

He angrily continued, “That CEO Foster said he would only sign the contract with Diane, and everybody else doesn’t have the right to even see him – I was literally chased out of the office by them immediately!”

Steven had a nasty expression on his face.

His son had been chased out?

“That Diane must be sleeping with CEO Foster, otherwise how could things turn out like that?” Archie said unhappily.

“CEO Foster also said that if the one signing with him isn’t Diane, then we can forget about this project and he doesn’t care.”

He could choose not to care, but the Palmers couldn’t!

“Do you know how much the Palmers have invested in this project?”

Steven glowered at his son, all ready to whack him to death. “If we lose this project, even if I don’t kill you, your grandfather will!”

Archie’s face turned ghostly pale instantly.

“What do we do now?” he asked anxiously.

He thought that he could just claim credit for all this work he didn’t do, but who knew it turned out to be such a sticky situation.

“What do we do now?”

Steven scolded angrily, “Who asked you to fire Diane now! Now we’ve lost the project and both of us have to get out!”

Archie didn’t dare to speak up.

His dad was the one who fired Diane, since he was the CEO.

“Get Diane back and sign this project!”

Steven shouted, “Once she’s got this signed, throw her out again!”

“Will she be willing?” Archie asked cautiously.

“Call her now!”

Archie gulped and didn’t dare to argue.

He took out his phone and called Diane, but nobody picked up.

Diane didn’t want to pick up any calls from them at all now.

“Dad, she’s not answering. What do we do?”

“What do we do?”

Steven laughed coldly. “Looks like this young lady has some pride huh, I suppose we have to pay her a visit and ask her to come back.”

If this project weren’t this important, he didn’t want to see the three members of William’s family at all.

Oh wait, there was still that crazy son-in-law of his, so four members now.

Now that Diane had lost her right to fight for the family business, he didn’t want to bother himself with these useless pieces of garbage.

But he couldn’t think too much about all this now.

Steven immediately drove Archie to Diane’s place.

Very soon, the two of them reached the old and rundown Magnolia Estates.

Steven frowned as he looked at the area around him, walking extremely carefully as if he was afraid of dirtying his pants.

“It’s this house.”

Archie pointed at one of the doors.

It seemed like they would never come to this sort of place.

The Palmers were rich, but the money was all with Gerald, and even though his children worked for the Palmer Group, they only received a salary and annual bonuses.

After William became paralyzed, he was unable to work anymore and so he wasn’t able to support his family anymore. He had a house to live in because his father pitied him.

Archie banged hard on the door.

“Coming! Why do you have to bang so hard on the door!”

That was April’s voice coming from the house.

She opened the door to find Steven and his son standing at the door and she froze for a while.

After her initial shock, her face immediately fell.

“What are you doing here!”

“We’re looking for Diane.”

Steven calmly said this as he pushed the door open and walked in. “Where is she?”

“She’s not in!”

April spoke nastily, “What do you want with her?”


Steven couldn’t be bothered with April and started shouting. “Uncle Steven is here, aren’t you coming out to greet me?”

Diane could hear him from her room. She didn’t expect them to really come to her place.

All these years, even after her father was paralyzed, Steven had never visited them. What did they want today?

“Come along, let’s go.”

Ethan pulled Diane’s hand and dragged her out.

Steven started laughing when he saw Diane come outside.

“Diane, still angry with me?”

Diane didn’t respond.

“About the company firing you, that was just a misunderstanding.”

A look of ‘I don’t care’ flashed across Steven’s face, “But the company needs you back to sign that contract with CEO Foster. If you still want to leave the company, you can leave after the contract is signed.”

Diane’s body started shaking violently from rage when she heard this.

When they didn’t need her, they just fired her. When they needed her, they immediately came looking for her. What did they take her as? A tool to just dispose of it after using it?

April also understood what was going on.

Steven and his son had actually fired Diane, and she didn’t even know.

“Steven, what is the meaning of this? What do you take Diane as? What do you take this entire family as!”

She was furious.

“Auntie April, your family isn’t really worth much.”

Archie continued disdainfully, “Now it’s only because Diane is of some value, otherwise I wouldn’t bother to come to such a rundown house like yours.”


April’s face was filled with rage and she lifted a hand to slap Archie’s face.

“Hit if you dare!”

Steven shouted threateningly, “You old hag, you dare to hit a member of the Palmer family?”

April bit her lips. He just called her an old hag – what an insult!

Suddenly there was the sound of a loud slap.

Archie held his face in disbelief. Ethan had hit him yet again!

“Who gave you the guts to insult my mother-in-law like that?”

Ethan took a step forward and said calmly, “If you need to ask for a favor, you’d better ask humbly and nicely. Didn’t your dad teach you that?”

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