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Chapter 49

Tom Foster got up and looked at them before smiling coldly, “If you don’t have enough guts, then you’d better go explore the world and increase your exposure. If you just stick around in Greencliff, the longer you stay here the dumber you’ll get.”

Then he left the room.

One of the bosses wanted to stand up and stop him but the rest told him not to bother.

“Who does he think he is!”

“How dare he talk to us like that?”

“If we didn’t buy up those businesses of his, where would he find the money to apologize to Eli Howard?”

They had used the lowest possible price to buy over these businesses and thought that now Tom Foster would owe them one. But of course, all of them were just trying to take advantage of this situation.

“Forget it, he’s going to die anyway, so I suppose he’s completely given up.”

“For offending a nutcase like Eli Howard, even if Tom Foster doesn’t die, he’ll get skinned for sure!”

“I heard Eli Howard is under that person in Fairbanks.”

All the bosses exchanged glances and didn’t want to talk too much anymore.

Eli Howard was known as a mad man and was the most vicious gangster around back then, but nobody really cared that much about him before. But now Eli Howard was under that person in Fairbanks, so the situation was completely different now.

None of them was willing to offend Eli Howard.

So since Tom Foster had injured John Howard, Eli Howard wouldn’t let him off for sure. They were more than happy to take advantage of the situation and take over all the businesses and assets under Tom Foster.


One of the bosses’ subordinates came walking in with a very grim face.

“What happened?”

The boss frowned. His subordinate didn’t seem to know how to behave in front of so many other bosses.

“Something bad has happened.”

The subordinate reported, “The hot spring clubhouse has closed for good.”


The boss’ body shook violently after hearing this, causing the ash from the cigarette in his mouth to land on himself and burned a hole in his clothes!

“Eli Howard has disappeared, and someone said his enemies came and dragged him away like a dead dog. The entire clubhouse is a mess and it’s closed down!”

The meeting room suddenly went all quiet. Nobody spoke.

Everyone turned to look at the person beside them, hoping to understand what was going on, but everyone only had a look of disbelief.

The hot spring clubhouse had closed down overnight? Eli Howard had also collapsed? He had only returned to Greencliff for barely three days!

“What’s happening with Eli Howard?” The same boss couldn’t help but ask.

“I’m not sure, but apparently his four limbs have been broken and now he’s completely useless.”

One of them took in a long and deep breath, and felt very cold suddenly.

The most vicious gangster had been incapacitated? Eli Howard and John Howard – both brothers had been incapacitated!

“Tom Foster!”

All of them exchanged glances as they suddenly remembered what Tom Foster said earlier. He said he had never been bothered by a mere little worm!

Where did he find the guts to say something so insane? This matter must have something to do with him.

“I never thought there’s someone so highly skilled working for Tom Foster. We have underestimated him.”

Someone else scoffed, “Then why did he sell off all these businesses? He was willing to even sell at a loss, so now you mean it wasn’t to raise funds to apologize to Eli Howard?”

Eli Howard had already been rendered useless, so why bother raising funds?

All of them fell silent, unsure whether this was done by Eli Howard’s enemies, or done by Tom Foster. But either way, nobody could explain why Tom Foster would have just sold off his illegal businesses like that.

Meanwhile, Tom Foster was in his Bentley when he got the news.

Even though he had expected this, his heart still pounded furiously.

This was pure ferocity! Ethan was way too ferocious! Nobody could stop the power of his fist.

He took in a deep breath as he became even more resolved to follow Ethan all the way. Even if he died doing so, he knew must never go against Ethan, because he would meet a worse end than death for sure!

“Call all the directors to my office for a meeting now!”

Tom Foster immediately gave orders, “Nobody is to be absent.”

Ethan had given him a mission, and that was to transfer all his legal businesses to Diane’s name.

That was to say, everything that he had fought for and earned in the past five years, was to be transferred to Diane without question.

Initially Tom Foster was reluctant, since those were his assets after all. But now he understood very clearly that none of this belonged to him in the first place. Everything he had, starting from the day Winston chose him five years ago, was given to him by Ethan!

Book Translations by CannedSplam