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Chapter 48

Ethan walked over and stepped on him.


“Ahhhh!!” Eli Howard howled in pain as both his hands were broken.

“I’m a janitor.” Ethan calmly replied, “A janitor that specializes in clearing garbage like you.”

Next he stepped on Eli Howard’s legs, and they were both useless now.

Everyone standing around felt their hair stand on end! Who was Ethan exactly, and how could he be so terrifying? He hadn’t just incapacitated John Howard, but now he had done the same thing to Eli Howard! He remained calm throughout and barely even blinked!

Eli Howard went into a fit. “Kill me! Just kill me!”

“You’re not qualified to be killed by me.” Ethan turned around. “Now that you’re incapacitated, all your enemies will come for you.”

With that, Ethan looked at the hooligans holding their bats and guarding the door. He gave them one look and the whole group of them felt terror in their hearts.

It was as if Ethan alone had surrounded them, and not them surrounding him!

Nobody dared to block him and quickly moved aside to let Ethan through. They all stood as faraway as possible, their faces all pale and their throats dry! He was too scary!

Eli Howard, known as the most vicious gangster, was completely defenseless in front of Ethan, and ended up kneeling instead. And in less than half a minute, Eli Howard had collapsed on the floor and was incapacitated. Who was this frightening monster?

Eli Howard was still howling on the floor but he couldn’t move at all. He knew that he was doomed for sure. He had so many enemies, and once they came looking for him, his life would be a living hell!

But now he couldn’t even kill himself.

Ethan couldn’t be bothered. He just walked straight for the door, but suddenly stopped at the door, making everyone tremble in fear and their legs nearly gave way.

He turned around and looked around at everyone. His gaze was like a sharp knife, and nobody dared to look back at him!

“Be a good person, and you’ll live a little longer.”

Then he turned and left. The terrible tension they felt earlier immediately dissipated.

All of them felt like their lives had been graciously spared and couldn’t be bothered with Eli Howard who was lying paralyzed on the floor. Everyone threw away their bats and made a run for it, afraid that Ethan might suddenly come back.

Even if they couldn’t become good people, none of them dared to commit evil in Greencliff ever again!

In one night, that hot spring clubhouse stopped operations and was closed for good.


Tom Foster was holding a meeting. A meeting in the illegal circle.

Several gang bosses were seated around and looking meaningfully at Tom Foster.

“Just surrender, it’s no big deal. We’re all in the same circle, so Eli Howard would probably spare your life.”

“I can’t believe you dared to incapacitate his brother. Don’t you know what sort of person that nutcase is?”

“You’ve sold away so much of your business and we’ve benefited greatly from that, so we’ll put in a good word for you.”

Every one of them was trying to persuade Tom Foster to humble himself and go kneel and apologize to Eli Howard.

Once Tom Foster had been humbled, they could get even more!

But Tom Foster continued sitting where he was, and kept a calm expression on the whole time.

He lit a cigarette, blew out some cigarette smoke and narrowed his eyes at everyone.

“He’s just a little worm and all of you are scared silly?”

A little worm?

All the bosses looked back at Tom Foster and wondered if he was so scared he had become stupid, or if he was really ready to go on an all out fight.

He actually said Eli Howard was just a little worm!

Given Eli Howard’s temperament, just these words alone would anger him enough to kill Tom Foster.

“Mr. Foster, there’s still some room for negotiation, so you don’t have to burn this bridge.”

One of the bosses spoke up. “If you’re sincere enough, we can all help you.”

“That’s right, we’re all in the same boat, so there’s no need to fight to the very death. We’re living in modern times now, you know?” another boss spoke up.

Tom Foster scanned the room and could see the greed clearly on their faces.

None of them intended to help him. All of them were waiting to swallow up all his businesses and assets.

“I’ve already made my stand clear. Are you all deaf or fucking idiots?”

Tom Foster added on, “I, Tom Foster, have never been bothered by a mere little worm.”

This declaration made everyone frown immediately.

Tom Foster must have gone crazy!

“If you all called me over just to talk about that little worm, then there’s no need to talk anymore. I’m very busy and I don’t have time to waste talking to you guys about this.”

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