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Chapter 47

It was as if Ethan was walking around in his own backyard. He walked in calmly and wasn’t nervous at all.

Eli Howard immediately stood up when Ethan walked in!

“You were the one who beat my brother up?”

Those eyes were suddenly filled with a scary murderous glint!

The door behind Ethan was now closed, and everyone inside the clubhouse immediately filled up the room Eli Howard was in.


“Hurry up!”

A large group of men gathered in the room, each one as fierce looking as each other.

They never expected that the man who beat up John Howard would dare to come all by himself to the clubhouse. He was waiting to die!

“Yup, it was me.”

Ethan calmly replied, “You didn’t teach your younger brother well, so I had to help you teach him.”

He walked over to a chair and sat down. He turned around to find that the door was blocked by several men who were all looking coldly at him.

Eli Howard’s expression was threatening, and he looked at Ethan as if he was looking at an idiot.

“Tom Foster sent you here to die?”

This was the only possibility he could think of.

Tom Foster knew that he had offended Eli Howard so he dared not come, but sent a subordinate here to die on his behalf?

Dream on!

Ethan shook his head. “I’m the one who wanted to look for you.”

He looked at Eli Howard. “I want to give you a chance.”

“You want to give me a chance? HAHAHAHA!”

Eli Howard felt like he had heard the funniest joke in the world. This man was on the brink of death, and now he said he wanted to give Eli Howard a chance?

Did he need anybody to give him any chances?

“Sure, you tell me, what chance are you giving me?”

Eli Howard started walking towards Ethan, his murderous aura bursting through the roof. He clenched his fists and cracked his knuckles, as if there was some violent energy that he couldn’t contain anymore!

“A chance to live.”

Ethan continued to sit where he was as he lifted his head slightly to look at Eli Howard walk towards him.

“HAHAHA, give me a chance to live? That will depend on whether I’m going to give you the chance to live first!”

With that, Eli Howard suddenly picked up speed!

A strong and violent fist was aimed right at Ethan’s head!

This fist of steel had broken so many people’s heads. Today, Ethan was also going to die from this same fist.

This was the price to pay for incapacitating his younger brother!

“DIE!” Eli Howard gave a great shout and put all his strength into his punch. He wanted to see Ethan’s head turn to mush!

But Ethan was still sitting there. He had stretched a hand out to catch Eli Howard’s oncoming fist.

Eli Howard’s eyes narrowed violently. All the other hooligans gathered around felt a shiver down their spine. Ethan had stopped Eli Howard’s fist just like that? That was Eli Howard’s fist! The fist of the most vicious gangster of all Greencliff was stopped by him just like that?

“So I suppose you don’t want this chance?”

Ethan’s expression remained calm. So calm that it made Eli Howard feel uneasy and fearful deep inside.

Nobody had ever been able to catch his fist like that before…


Eli Howard could feel Ethan’s kick and he immediately tried to block the attack with his leg, but he was too late. Ethan was too fast!

There was a thud as Ethan’s kick landed on Eli Howard’s knee, followed by a loud crack, then a howl of pain from Eli Howard as he fell kneeling before Ethan! His fist was still in Ethan’s hand and he couldn’t get it out of his grip!

It was completely silent. The whole room went silent in an instant! You could hear a pin drop! Eli Howard was on his knees?

John Howard had been forced to kneel and lost both legs, then Eli Howard threatened to incapacitate Tom Foster because of that. But now Eli Howard was kneeling in front of someone he had never met before?

“AHH!!!” Eli Howard’s face was murderous and trembled. He never thought that he would end up kneeling.

“You’re dead meat!”

He gave a low shout and since he couldn’t get one hand out of Ethan’s grip, he used his other hand to send a hard punch towards Ethan.

Ethan gave another kick, and this one landed on Eli Howard’s chest.

There was a loud thud as Eli Howard collapsed on the ground. He didn’t know how many ribs he broke.

The air in the room became even more tense.

“I gave you a chance but you didn’t cherish it.”

Ethan got up. “There’s so much blood on your hands, so it’s not bad that you’ve lived till this age already.”

He had wanted to give Eli Howard a chance to surrender and repent, but then when he thought harder about it, there was no way Eli Howard would have accepted that chance.

Eli Howard was on the floor staring straight at Ethan. “You..who the hell are you!”

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