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Chapter 46

Tom Foster was selling his businesses like crazy.

There were some dealings that were just slightly shady, but he sold them away at a loss without hesitation. There were even some legal businesses that Tom Foster decided not to keep too.

It was as if he had run into some trouble and required a huge amount of cash fast.

“Tom Foster is scared now, so he’s trying to gather enough funds to compensate Eli Howard.”

“Of course he’s scared. Eli Howard is a nutcase! No matter how much Tom Foster is now worth or how famous he is in the legal circles, anyone who offends Eli Howard is definitely dead meat!”

“50 million! Tom Foster will really make a huge loss this time round. But it was his fault for offending that nutcase in the first place, of all people.”

There were many in the circle discussing this matter. Many of them were mocking Tom Foster for not having enough foresight to predict this outcome when he beat up John Howard.

Now he had to kneel and beg Eli Howard for forgiveness – what a quick slap in the face.

Suddenly many people started to look at Tom Foster with contempt, and looked down on him.

There were even other gang leaders who purposely took this chance to buy up Tom Foster’s illegal dealings at extremely low prices.

Tom Foster didn’t try to negotiate at all, selling when the price sounded about right and didn’t even frown.

All this dirty money was even scarier than a time bomb, so Tom Foster just wanted to rid himself of everything as soon as possible and he didn’t even care who took it from him.

The news reached the hot spring clubhouse, and there was disdain on Eli Howard’s face.

He had expected this outcome already. He had based the 50 million on the fact that Tom Foster’s legal business wouldn’t be able to cough up so much cash in such a short time.

So the only thing Tom Foster could do would be to give up his businesses in the illegal circles and completely lose any standing he had left.

“Brother Eli, Tom Foster should have hit his target by now. Not sure when he’ll come in to apologize to you.”

All the men had been waiting for this day to come. “Hmph, once he gets here, Brother Eli is going to incapacitate him!”

“You think I’d let him go just because he’s paid up?”

A glint of viciousness flashed across Eli Howard’s threatening face. “I’m not going to just break his limbs, I’m going to make him lose everything he has!”

“Tom Foster is going to experience for himself what it means to fall from heaven into hell.”

Since he dared to touch his younger brother, then Tom Foster was doomed!

Eli Howard wasn’t going to let him die too easily. If he didn’t torture Tom Foster to the point where he wanted to commit suicide, that wouldn’t count as avenging his brother.

But after one day, Tom Foster hadn’t appeared.

Two days passed and there was still no sign of Tom Foster.

On the last day, Tom Foster still hadn’t come. It seemed as though he hadn’t taken Eli Howard’s words seriously at all.

All of Greencliff’s illegal circles were waiting to see how Eli Howard would get back at Tom Foster, and how Tom Foster was going to beg Eli Howard humbly for forgiveness.

But Tom Foster never appeared at the hot spring clubhouse and didn’t even care about Eli Howard’s threat!

Eli Howard’s expression was extremely nasty.

The time limit he had given was almost up already, but Tom Foster didn’t seem to intend to appear at all, much less pay the 50 million and kneel and apologize!

This was like a slap in Eli Howard’s face.

This was saying that Eli Howard’s words were just like a fart and carried no weight!

“Tom Foster!”

Eli Howard clenched his fists so hard, all his knuckles cracked and the veins started to pop, and he exuded a terrifying and murderous aura.

“Brother Eli, someone is here to see you!”

A subordinate came running in to report.

Eli Howard looked up. “Who?”

He only wanted to see Tom Foster and nobody else.

Now he only wanted to see Tom Foster grovel at his feet!

“The one who incapacitated John Howard with his own hands.”

Ethan walked in confidently with his hands behind his back.

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