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Chapter 45

Eli Howard was back?

The most vicious gangster was back?

Tom Foster had actually dared to incapacitate John Howard? That was Eli Howard’s younger brother!

Tom Foster was a successful businessman and famous even in the illegal circles, but now he had offended Eli Howard – there was no point in having a successful business if he was dead.

There was a great uproar in the illegal circles of Greencliff in an instant.

Everyone’s eyes were on Tom Foster. There were some who were hoping to see his downfall, and there were some who pitied him. But everyone knew that even if Tom Foster really took out 50 million and knelt down to beg Eli Howard, he might not make it out alive.

Over at Golden Jade Restaurant.

Ethan had come to pack a couple of William’s favorite dishes home.

Tom Foster had been waiting in the restaurant for a long time already. The moment he saw Ethan, he instructed the chefs to prepare his order and then brought Ethan into his private room.

“Eli Howard is really here.”

Tom Foster took a deep breath. “He’s told me to pay up 50 million as compensation, then kneel in front of him to apologize.”

He too, knew that this was only what Eli Howard meant on the surface.

Even if he knelt down and brought the 50 million compensation, Eli Howard would definitely incapacitate him.

When he was still in Greencliff, this vicious man had beat so many into bowing to him – he was really ferocious!

And precisely because his elder brother was like this, John Howard dared to do whatever he liked in the illegal circles of Greencliff and nobody dared to offend him. But this time he had perished in Ethan’s hands.

“50 million – I don’t have that much to give, and I couldn’t possibly give that either.”

Ethan was the one who beat John Howard up, so if he compensated John Howard for it, that would embarrass Ethan. “Big Boss, how do we deal with Eli Howard?”

“Let him come.”

Ethan didn’t seem to care. “He’s just a little worm, what are you worried about?”

Tom Foster laughed awkwardly.

To Ethan, Eli Howard was just a little worm. But to him, Eli Howard wasn’t someone he wanted to offend.

Eli Howard was not just notorious for his ferocity, since he had caused quite a bit of trouble in Greencliff before. More importantly, Eli Howard now was of high standing in the illegal circles of Fairbanks.

If they did anything to Eli Howard, they would offend his backers in Fairbanks too.

He knew Ethan was really powerful, but Ethan had barely stepped into Greencliff and offended such a big shot already, so things could become very tricky.

“Tom, you’ve earned quite a bit in the last five years here in Greencliff, right?”

Ethan suddenly asked this question.

Tom Foster nodded. “Thanks to Big Boss and Brother Winston, I’ve indeed earned a tidy sum.”

“I’m good with your legal businesses making profit, but there are some dirty things that you’d better throw away.”

Tom Foster felt his heart pounding.

Ethan narrowed his eyes. “I will only remind you once. There is some money out there that might burn your hands, and if you continue to play with it, you might lose your life in the process.”

Beads of perspiration started appearing on Tom Foster’s forehead.

He had indeed dabbled in some illegal dealings. He had mixed around in the illegal circles for so long and he knew what made money easily. It wasn’t legal, but money was earned fast.

He had kept these dealings very secret, but Ethan still found out about them!

This wasn’t a reminder – this was a warning!

He suddenly remembered that Ethan was here to clean up the illegal circles of Greencliff, and now he realized that included himself too.

“Yes! Got it! Big Boss, I’ll remember your words and settle everything right away!” replied Tom Foster with utmost respect.

Ethan was giving him a chance, so he had to grab it while he could.

“Winston said that you’re not a bad person at heart, so I’m giving you this chance. Cherish it.”

Ethan got up since he figured the food was done. “I’ll help you settle that little worm, you settle what you need to do.”

“Got it!” Tom Foster replied respectfully.

Ethan left with his food, while Tom Foster realized his back was already drenched with sweat.

Ethan hadn’t said anything threatening at all, but Tom Foster could sense that anybody who had any dirty dealings would meet a terrible end for sure!

Ethan had come to Greencliff not just for Diane, but with other motives too.

“All of you, get rid of all the dealings on your hands. Any money you get out of selling everything off, donate it to some charity!”

Tom Foster was very resolute. “Give it to the government to build libraries and playgrounds, or donate to schools and hospitals, got me?!”

“Boss, we’ll make a lot of losses that way.”

“Hmph, you’re still thinking about earning money?”

Tom Foster fumed. “We should not be earning this sort of money that will eventually come back to burn me! Back then I was obviously delirious from some fever, and now you guys are feverish too? GET IT DONE NOW!”

“Yes boss!”

Another storm went through the illegal circles instantly.

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