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Chapter 44

Diane pouted and looked a little guilty.

“Good for me.”

These words made Diane want to smack him.

“You’re keeping a record of everything I’ve spent on this family because you intend to return the amount to me?”

“I’ll work hard and return you bit by bit.”

Diane didn’t say this very loudly, and it was obvious she wasn’t too confident of accomplishing this.

That was her initial intention, but while Ethan’s purchases started small, the two cars he bought added up to a million dollars, and her head started to hurt.

Then he started spending more and more, and it was probably more than what she could earn in her entire lifetime.

“Anyway, I will try my best! Also, don’t simply spend money on my family anymore, ok?”

Diane looked pitifully at Ethan because she really couldn’t afford to return this sort of money.

“I didn’t waste any money. I didn’t buy you anything today either.”

“You…I won’t spend your money!”

Diane scoffed. Ethan really hadn’t bought anything for her. Somehow she felt like Ethan was April and William’s son, and she was more like their daughter-in-law now.

She ignored Ethan and continued to write down Ethan’s expenses carefully into her notebook.

She would return all of it anyway, and if she really couldn’t repay everything…did she have to use herself to pay him back?

“If you want to return me the money, then you really have to work hard.”

Ethan wasn’t joking now. “Speed up things at the factory and finish everything within the next month. Once everything is fixed up, prepare to get busy.”

“If you continue to work hard like this, you might be able to return me this money very soon.”

Diane turned and looked at Ethan. “That’s the Palmers’ assets, so even if it makes money it won’t be mine.”

“It won’t be soon.”

There was a bright flash in Ethan’s eyes, and Diane couldn’t help but freeze. She didn’t understand what Ethan was talking about at all.


At the hot spring clubhouse.

John Howard had been carried back, and his men got a doctor to perform emergency surgery for several hours, but he couldn’t save John Howard’s legs.

John Howard lay on the bed, his face extremely swollen, his jaw fractured. He couldn’t say a single word and could only use his nose to snort.

“Who beat my brother into this state? WHO!”

A man with a strong resemblance to John Howard stood by his bed, but he was of even bigger build compared to John Howard.

When he had heard that something had happened to John Howard, Eli Howard immediately rushed over from Fairbanks.

He’d never thought that there would be someone in Greencliff who would dare to touch his younger brother!

“It’s one of Tom Foster’s guys.” one of the subordinates replied nervously.

They knew that John Howard could be this arrogant in Greencliff because his elder brother, Eli Howard, was very powerful in Fairbanks, so nobody in Greencliff dared to offend John Howard.

“Tom Foster?”

Eli Howard raised a thick eyebrow. “This piece of shit dared to touch my brother!”

Tom Foster was someone who had come up in recent years and he had barely rooted himself. But he had dared to create such big trouble in Greencliff already.

Eli Howard had never been very bothered about the illegal circles in Greencliff, because they were way smaller and less cruel compared to Fairbanks. So he allowed John Howard to continue doing whatever he wanted in Greencliff, but he never thought John Howard would be thrashed like this.

His two legs were now paralyzed and would never stand again!

“Brother Eli, that guy can really fight.” The subordinate finally spoke up after some hesitation.

Eli Howard turned around and glared at him with a cold and murderous stare.

He could really fight?

There were plenty of people who could really fight, but so what?

Anyone who dared to touch his brother had to die!

“Looks like a lot of people have forgotten what sort of person I am after I stopped appearing in Greencliff. They even dare to injure my brother now.”

He had a cold smile and a fierce expression, making the subordinate next to him shudder in fear.

John Howard was merely greedy for money, but Eli Howard was an extremely violent character.

He had become notorious for being vicious more than a decade ago, becoming the most vicious gangster in Greencliff. He was then picked by someone to expand his territory in Fairbanks.

Apparently his standing in Fairbanks’s illegal circles was also very high. He had come back this time to stand up for John Howard, and all of the underground circles in Greencliff would be trembling in fear now.

“Tell Tom Foster, bring 50 million here within the next three days and kneel down and apologize, otherwise he’s dead meat!”

“Got it!”

The news spread through all of Greencliff’s illegal circles, and shocked many.

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