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Chapter 43

But the two ladies knew that Ethan really wasn’t short on cash at all.

“Mum, don’t just stand there, go try the clothes on.”

Ethan smiled as he gently pushed April towards the fitting room.

Diane pouted. “Ethan, my mum doesn’t want you to waste money.”

“My dear wife, you’re so petty.”

Ethan looked at Diane, “Buying clothes for our mum is considered wasting money?”

Diane’s face turned red, upset that she had been called petty. She just…wasn’t as rich as Ethan.

April tried on a dress and walked out, and Diane went into a daze immediately.

“Mum, you look so nice!”

April was already pretty when she was younger and still was. So with a new and well fitted dress, it accentuated her beauty.

“So pretty!”

Ethan couldn’t help but sing praises, “My mum is so pretty, Dad is so lucky!”

April’s face turned red since the children’s praises made her feel shy. “Is it really nice?”


Ethan continued, “I guarantee you that after Dad sees this, his nose is going to bleed.”

April’s face was now as red as an apple and full of charm.

After they were done at the shop, the salesgirl used both hands to carry all the shopping bags for her customers. She wasn’t going to let an important customer like Ethan carry more than ten bags himself.

“You can get off work for the day, I’ll hire you to carry the bags for me instead. $10k enough?”

Ethan still wanted to buy clothes for Diane and William, and also wanted to buy some cosmetics and health supplements, so it didn’t seem sufficient to only have one person carrying bags.

He turned around and he saw the few who were following behind him immediately run up to him.

“Boss, do you still need someone to carry your bags?”

Ethan felt he had to get a different car.

This useless BMW’s trunk was way too small and couldn’t even fit all the things he bought in just one shopping spree.

When they got back to their estate, April’s face was still a little red. She walked into the house first as Ethan and Diane took their time to carry all the other things from the car to the house.

William was resting, but looked up when he head the door. “Dear, you guys are back?”

When he saw April walk through the door, he was completely stunned.

He even stopped breathing.

His eyes were open wide, as if he had been stunned by a great beauty!

“What…what are you looking at, why are you looking at me like that?”

April’s face turned even redder. “All I did was get a new set of clothes.”

William took a deep breath and there was an intense fire in his eyes. “Dear, you’re really beautiful!”

April was so red that even her neck was red.

“How old are you? Still spouting such nonsense?!”

She heard Ethan and Diane coming through the door and quickly ran into her room. “I’m going to change!”

Ethan had more than ten bags on his hand and William was stunned into silence when he saw this.

“You two…”

“We did a little shopping.”

Ethan smiled, “Dad, I got you a few suits.”

“You silly child, why waste money on me? Why would I need a suit…”

“Mum chose them.”

All it took was these three words from Ethan to stop William from saying anything else. “Try them on later, ok?”

There were bags of health supplements, cosmetics, and even some things that William didn’t know what they were.

Then he spotted a small box and his face immediately turned red. Why did Ethan buy this sort of thing?

Had he and Diane already reached this stage?

That’s too fast!

“It’s for you and Mum to use.”

Ethan threw it over and William quickly stuffed it into his pocket. He glared at Ethan and his face turned completely red.

“You little punk!”

William’s face was all red and his voice turned into a whisper.

He was about to say more, but April had changed into her usual clothes and came out of the room to prepare dinner. So William didn’t say anything but he used his eyes to ask Ethan if April had seen him buy this.

Ethan used his eyes to answer: she didn’t.

These two men had developed such great chemistry in such a short time.

After keeping everything away, Ethan walked into the room and saw Diane at the desk, busy keeping records.

When he peeked at what she was writing, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“You’re keeping records of how much was spent?”


Diane quickly used her hands to cover what she was doing. “Why didn’t you knock before entering?”

“Why do I have to knock before entering my own room?”

“What if I’m changing?!”

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