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Chapter 42

Diane turned – Ethan was here!

April suddenly felt a boost of confidence when she saw Ethan.


Diane bit her lips as she looked pitifully at him. She was always being bullied.

Ethan nodded at her, then turned to the salesgirl. “Didn’t you hear me? I said, wrap up all the clothes here!”

The salesgirl was in shock. “Everything?”

All the clothes in the shop added up to a few hundred thousand dollars!

Was this a joke?

Ethan didn’t say anything and just pulled out the black card. He waved it in front of the salesgirl and her eyes immediately lit up.

This materialistic woman definitely recognized this black card. Even though she couldn’t ever own one, she dreamed of seeing one of these every single day!

She didn’t expect this man to be so rich!

“Yes yes yes! I’ll do that right away!”

She immediately put on her brightest smile. She was happier than anyone else when this sort of rich man, particularly the type who loved showing off in front of women, came to buy things. She was willing to do anything to let him bask in the moment since she could get a huge commission out of this!

The salesgirl quickly ran behind the counter and grabbed several shopping bags, hurriedly packing all the clothes in. She didn’t bother hiding the immense excitement on her face.

These were worth a few hundred thousand!

Her commission would be 20 or 30 thousand!

All the people watching outside were also shocked. Wrap up everything? This man had really too much money to spend.

This salesgirl had really barked up the wrong tree, insulting a wealthy family like this. It was really a slap in her face.

But that salesgirl couldn’t care less. As long as she could get her commission, she had already thickened her skin for this.


April knew that Ethan was standing up for her, but it was such a waste to just buy everything like that without even trying them on.

She knew Ethan was rich, but he didn’t have to spend money on her like this.

“Don’t act rashly.”

Ethan didn’t say anything.

Diane looked at Ethan and wanted to tell him not to spend money rashly. Now that she had calmed down, she felt that this salesgirl could have purposely provoked them into making such a purchase.

But she was also feeling upset by this at the same time.

She had come out happily with April to do some shopping, but ended up getting mocked by this salesgirl!

“Sir, everything has been packed! Everything adds up to $328,409, you can pay over here!”

The salesgirl had packed everything in a great hurry and didn’t care if the clothes were crumpled or not, because she was afraid that Ethan might regret this decision after calming down.


Ethan looked at her. “Who said I was buying?”

When he said that, Diane, April and all the bystanders were in shock. The salesgirl also froze in shock.

She was sweating buckets from wrapping all the clothes up and Ethan wasn’t buying?

“You…didn’t you tell me to wrap all the clothes up?”

The salesgirl’s mouth started to twitch as she continued to stare at the black card in Ethan’s hand.

“That’s right, your clothes are not for trying on, not for touching and not for buying, right? Then don’t display them, just keep them wrapped up.”

Ethan then kept the black card into his pocket, took Diane’s hand and turned to leave, “I asked you to bring Mum shopping, but why did you walk into such a lousy store?”

“One piece is only a few thousand bucks, you think that’s good enough for my mum? Let’s go to the shop over there.”


Everyone watching was shocked.

The salesgirl was stunned too, and was about to vomit blood soon!

Ethan played her out!

He had treated her like a zoo animal!

Everyone watching had just been watching her do tricks!

She was so angry she stomped her feet. She had wrapped every single piece in the shop, and now she had to take them all out and iron each one all over again.

Ethan couldn’t be bothered with her, and he took Diane to the shop right across the corridor.

This shop was even more expensive.

“This one, this one, this one, and this one. Let my mum try them on.”

Ethan had a keen eye and picked a few in just seconds. He threw the card at the salesgirl, “Just take $200,000 first. If we don’t spend at least that much, Mum, you’re not going anywhere.”

The salesgirl’s eyes lit up as she picked the card up politely. “Yes, sir!”


Diane and April really started feeling awkward now.

Especially as many people standing outside had started crowding around on this side, as if they thought that Ethan was going to play this side out as well.

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