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Chapter 41

He didn’t continue to stay at the site. After instructing Brother Geoff to keep an eye on things, Ethan drove towards the shopping complex to pick up Diane and her mother.


It had been ages since they last went shopping.

April had worn this dress for several years, and couldn’t bear to buy a new one.

“Mum, we’ve looked at several shops already, isn’t there anything you like at all?”

Diane shrugged helplessly, “These are all new arrivals for the season, so nothing is on sale yet.”

She knew April was looking for a shop with discounts, and was prepared to just buy a couple of discounted pieces of clothing.

“Let’s look a little more, there’ll be one somewhere,” April smiled sheepishly.

Their family was not well off, and she wanted to save up so that they could afford to treat William’s legs, so she couldn’t simply spend money.

Diane felt a little sad for her mother.

April was very pretty when she was younger, and William had become paralyzed in that accident not long after they were married. And because of their family’s situation, April never dolled herself up anymore.

She almost never bought clothes even.

“Mum, this shop has some clothes that look suitable for you!”

When she thought about this, Diane dragged April into a branded clothing store.

Even if it cost her an entire month’s salary, she was going to buy some nice clothes for April.

“Diane, this is branded! It’s expensive!”

April whispered to Diane as she backed out of the shop.

Any piece she picked up cost several thousand dollars, and that was way too expensive!

“Don’t worry, we’ll just take a look. Take a look first,” Diane pulled April back in.

“Miss, if you’re just going to take a look and not buy anything, please don’t crumple any of the clothing.”

A very heavily made up salesgirl walked over from the counter. She had a smile on her face, but she didn’t speak nicely at all. “It will be difficult for us to sell to someone else if that happens.”

This salesgirl had seen many of such people.

They came in just to look but they couldn’t afford any of the clothes. They would touch the clothes, try the clothes on and make them all crumpled, so the staff had to iron them all over again.

April’s face turned red from embarrassment.

But Diane got angry. “Why do you talk like that? Aren’t these clothes hung out here for people to see and try on?”

“And what if I do intend to buy?”

“Miss, if you really intend to buy, then you could try them on. But could you prove that you can pay for them first?”

There was a faint smile of contempt on the salesgirl’s face. She had noticed that the sleeve of the dress that April was wearing had been patched up before, and so she was very certain that this mother and daughter didn’t have money and couldn’t afford to buy any of these!

Diane was furious. This was the first time she had ever heard that she had to prove her purchasing power before she was allowed to buy clothes.

This salesgirl was behaving too arrogantly!

“Diane, forget it, let’s go.”

April didn’t want to argue with others. It was too rash of her to spend a few thousand dollars on a dress in a fit of anger.

“That’s right. If you can’t afford it, then you’d better get going. It’s good enough that I’ve let you even see the clothes.”

The salesgirl looked at them mockingly, “This is the latest collection, you can go online and take a look, I think imitations should be available soon.”

What she really meant was, Diane was here to just see which designs they liked and then they would eventually buy the imitations.

Did they think she couldn’t see through their ploy?

“Why, you!”

Diane was really angry now.

“Where’s your manager? I want to lodge a complaint against you!”

She didn’t know how to curse, otherwise she really wanted to give this salesgirl a dressing down. Who on earth did business like that?

“Miss, you can’t afford the clothes so you want to lodge a complaint about me? I’m not the one who caused you to be unable to afford these clothes you know.”

The salesgirl’s voice had attracted the attention of some customers near the door. “This store is part of a global chain and is the anchor tenant of this mall. I think you’ve come to the wrong place. Isn’t there a sale going on downstairs? You could go there and have a look.”

“Alright now, don’t waste my time anymore, please leave.”

The salesgirl ordered them to leave!

Diane felt her body shaking with anger.

She had never met a salesgirl of such poor character. What sort of attitude was this!

April was equally angry. It wasn’t that she couldn’t afford the clothes, she just couldn’t bear to spend the money. But she couldn’t tolerate the way this salesgirl looked down on her and her daughter either.

“Wrap up all these clothes.”

Suddenly there was a voice behind them.

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