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Chapter 40

“You aren’t qualified to know.”

Ethan calmly replied, “It’s the third time you’ve come to make trouble here.”

He had already warned John Howard, but John Howard didn’t listen.

If this were a war, Ethan wouldn’t have given him any chances and would have killed him off immediately.

“Hmph! Very confident huh! Where’s Tom Foster? Tell him to come out and see me right now!”

John Howard subconsciously took a step back.

He sensed deep in his heart that this man in front of him was the man that Tom Foster told him about. He was arrogant enough alright!

Ethan ignored him.

He glared at John Howard and his voice became very cold. “In Greencliff, you’re the first one who doesn’t know what’s good for him.”

Then he suddenly made his move!

It was so fast!

It was as if a shadow just slid past, and everyone was in awe!

A loud bam was heard, and the ground seemed to shake a little.

After that, it was the sound of a blood curdling scream!


Both of John Howard’s legs were bent as he knelt on the ground, and both his knees had sunk into the ground!

The pain made John Howard’s face pale as a sheet. He used his hands to support himself and tried to stand, but he couldn’t get his legs out at all.

They were broken!

His legs were broken and they were numb now. Besides the terrible pain, he couldn’t feel anything else.

“This is just a light punishment.”

Ethan looked down at John Howard, “You admit defeat now?”

John Howard breathed hard, his face all red. The intense pain made his mind extremely alert.

He stared straight at Ethan. He hadn’t expected Ethan to really make a move without warning, and he was so strong. Earlier…how did he do that?

He hadn’t even seen how it happened, so how could he have reacted at all?

Was this the man that Tom Foster said he couldn’t afford to offend?

When did such a terrifying man appear in Greencliff?!

“I…I won’t admit defeat, kill me if you dare!”

John Howard clenched his teeth as he roared this with bloodshot eyes.

Another foot kicked John Howard in the jaw. With a crack, John Howard’s lower jaw broke. He collapsed onto the ground and couldn’t say another word.

Ethan didn’t even bother wasting any words on him.

He wouldn’t admit defeat?

Ethan would make him!

All the men that John Howard brought were all staring with their eyes wide and mouths open.

This man was way too heavy handed!

Ethan made a move just because he said so. But that was John Howard, famous for being vicious in the illegal circles.

But now he had been beaten so soundly by Ethan that he couldn’t fight back, and now he couldn’t even talk.

They held the bats in their hands tightly, but nobody dared to even move.

Ethan scanned them and they took a step back.

He couldn’t even be bothered with these pieces of garbage.

“Throw all this garbage out. If anyone tries to come in and make trouble, whack them.” Ethan finished his instructions and left.

Brother Geoff was super excited!

He had never seen anyone as strong and powerful as Ethan all his life. Even a notorious man like John Howard was even smaller than an ant compared to Ethan.

“Throw him out!”

Brother Geoff himself picked up John Howard with a few other men and threw him out like they were throwing a dead dog out.

None of John Howard’s men dared to move!

They saw that John Howard had lost consciousness and his face was covered with blood, so they could only carefully carry John Howard into the car and run for it.

The hooligans in the construction site were all frozen as they watched this happen.

They knew Ethan was formidable, but they didn’t expect him to be this crazy!

That was John Howard!

He was notorious for being a vicious man in Greencliff’s illegal circles, and apparently he had killed people before too, but Ethan…he looked at John Howard no differently from looking at a dog.

Just how powerful was this man?

“Brother Geoff, who is he?”

One of the hooligans couldn’t resist asking Brother Geoff. “When did such a terrifying man appear in Greencliff?”

“Who is he?”

Brother Geoff snorted, “You’re not qualified to know. All I can say is, don’t offend him!”

Even Brother Geoff didn’t know who Ethan was. He only knew that even Tom Foster had to be polite to Ethan!

The entire site became silent. Soon after, they all quietly went back to work. Earlier they had thought of fighting back, but after witnessing Ethan’s powerful kicks, all those thoughts instantly vanished.

This move from Ethan shocked everyone to the core!

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