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Chapter 4

Ethan immediately frowned.

Was this Archie asking to die?

He actually started taking revenge on Diane so quickly.

“I hit him, it has nothing to do with you.” Ethan spoke directly, “I will settle this.”


Diane shook her head and said with bloodshot eyes, “Don’t look for him, he’ll kill you.”

This idiot was very vicious and wouldn’t let Ethan off for sure.

“Also, my parents must not know about this, otherwise they’ll definitely chase you out.”

As long as Ethan stayed in her house, Archie wouldn’t dare to come in and hurt him. If he got chased out, then Archie would definitely get back at Ethan.

“It’s just a job anyway. If I can’t work at Palmer Group anymore, I’ll look for something else.”

Diane managed a smile.

Then she took a deep breath and went to update her resume.

Ethan didn’t say anything. There was nothing he could say to this kind girl.

The one thing he could do was to make those who bullied her pay the price for doing so!

Ethan took out his phone to send a short text. It was very short, but extremely murderous.


Archie was gloating now.

Once he got this project signed, then his position in the Palmer family would rise by another level.

He was going to be the next heir to the Palmer family, and that was only right.

His hand was still bandaged as he made his way to the Foster Group office with the contract.

“I’m looking for CEO Foster to sign the contract.”

Archie’s head was tilted upwards as he walked towards the reception, a look of arrogance on his face.

“Hello Sir, do you have an appointment with the CEO?”

“I’m the general manager of Palmer Group, Archie Palmer. We’ve already discussed this project with CEO Foster for a long time now, and we’re signing the contract today.”

Archie was displeased. She was just a receptionist, why did she have so many questions?

“I’m really sorry, CEO Foster will not see anyone without an appointment,” the receptionist smiled calmly.

“I said, I’m the general manager of Palmer Group!”

“I’m really sorry, I only know Miss Diane from Palmer Group. CEO Foster has given instructions to allow Miss Diane to go upstairs directly if she comes, but he will not see anyone else.”


Archie was enraged immediately.

What was this meaning of this?

Diane was such a big shot?

She could go upstairs without question, while he didn’t have the right to even see CEO Foster? Why!

“This is a big project, so if it’s delayed, are you able to bear the responsibility?”

Archie waved his hand, “I can’t be bothered with you, I’ll go up myself!”

He had just walked two steps out, and a threatening voice sounded behind him.

“It’s just a small project, I can still afford to lose this!”

CEO Foster was here!

Archie immediately put on a big smile and instantly changed his tone of voice, “CEO Foster, whatever are you talking about, I was just joking!”

“This may be a small project to you, but to Palmer Group, this is a huge project!”

He hurried ran over and looked very respectful, “I’ve brought the contract over today, I’m not sure if CEO Foster…”

“When did I say I was going to sign with Palmer Group?”

CEO Foster frowned instead.

Archie was caught off guard.

He blurted out, “Hasn’t Diane already discussed it with you?”

“That’s right, Diane has discussed everything with me. So if a contract has to be signed, I’ll sign it with her. Who are you?”

Archie became angrier.

He was the eldest grandson of the Palmers, the general manager of Palmer Group, and CEO Foster asked who he was?


“I don’t care who you are. For this project, I will only sign with Diane.”

CEO Foster’s face darkened and a dozen security guards immediately came running over. “Nobody else has the right to sign anything with me. See him out!”

“CEO Foster, CEO Foster!”

Archie started getting anxious.

If he lost this project, he’d get beaten to death when he got home!

To CEO Foster, it was a small project. But to the Palmers, this huge project could change their fate!

“Why, you want to make a scene?”

CEO Foster turned and glared at Archie, then his face suddenly became serious. “Throw him out!”

Before Archie could react, all the security guards grabbed him and threw him out of the main door.


Archie yelped from the pain coming from his injured hand.

When had he suffered such terrible treatment before? How could he have been chased out like this!

“Diane! Damn you Diane!”

Archie’s face was all red, and his frustration became rage when he saw many passersby staring at him. “Looks like something shady is going on between you and this CEO Foster!”

If not, why would CEO Foster only sign the contract with Diane and not him?

Diane had been fired by them, so there was no way Diane was going to come here.

But what if the deal fell through?

Archie was furious but he could only clutch the contract and look for Steven immediately.

At this time, CEO Foster was on the top floor of his office, making a call very humbly.

“Brother Winston, I have already done as you told me. I’m not sure which important person was able to ask Brother Winston for such a favor?”

His face was filled with great respect and even some reverence, the total opposite of how he treated Archie earlier!

“He’s my boss. He didn’t ask me for a favor, I’m just carrying out his instructions, get it?”

The voice coming out from the phone made CEO Foster’s body tremble violently. He immediately nodded, “I got it!”

Brother Winston was terrifying beyond his imagination already, so if this was Brother Winston’s boss, that was equivalent to the boss of his boss – how frightening he must be!

He dared not even think about it!

“Tom Foster, have you always thought that everything you’ve achieved in Greencliff over the last five years was given to you by me?”

Winston suddenly asked.

Tom Foster hurriedly replied, “If Brother Winston had not taken the effort to groom me, I would still be a gangster running the streets and wouldn’t be where I am today.”

“Think harder,” Winston continued.

Tom Foster froze.

This wasn’t the right answer?

But it was Winston who had helped to point him in the right direction so that he could gain the advantage at several important stages, setting his foundation well so that he could advance to where he was today!

Without Winston’s guidance, Tom Foster knew he would never have done it.

Suddenly he gulped and his voice started trembling, “It’s…Brother Winston’s boss?”

“At least you’re pretty smart.”

Winston continued, “With one word, he can give you everything. Similarly, with one word, he can take away everything you have. You get my meaning?”

“Got it!” Tom Foster immediately replied. “Thank you Brother Winston for your guidance, I will make sure to do well!”

Winston didn’t say anymore and hung up.

Tom Foster felt his legs go weak, so he walked over to the sofa and sat down heavily on it as he exhaled a long breath out.

There was cold sweat all over his forehead from his nervousness.

So the one behind him was actually that big boss, and it was because of just one word from him, he was where he was today!

What sort of crazy power was this?

He finally calmed down after a long time. But the shock deep inside his heart did not lessen.

In his mind, this boss of his boss had no face, but his mere existence was enough for him to bow down and worship!

“Looks like Diane is connected to Big Boss. Steven and his son are just waiting to die!”

CEO Foster took a deep breath and tried to suppress the shock in his heart.

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