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Chapter 39

“Stop right there!”

Tom Foster had already arranged for men to guard the entrance to the site, and their leader was Brother Geoff from the other day.

He narrowed his eyes and looked at John Howard. “Isn’t this Brother Howard? Why, have you brought more people here to work? Our site isn’t short of workers anymore, you know?”

“You’re fucking asking for it!”

John Howard yelled angrily, “Where’s Tom Foster! Tell him to come out right now!”

“CEO Foster tried to strike a deal with you, but I thought Brother Howard rejected it? 6.8 million is not a very large investment, but you couldn’t bear to part with that money.”

Brother Geoff didn’t pull any punches, and delivered attack after attack on John Howard in front of everyone.

John Howard’s expression immediately darkened.

Since when did small fry dare to talk to him this way!

“I’m going to bring these embarrassing things back today, and you’re going to stop me?”

He had a threatening look on his face. With a shout, the hundred men behind him held up their bats!

Brother Geoff sniggered and cracked his neck. He clapped his hands and nearly 300 men came running out from the site. There were way more of them than John Howard and gang!

“I’ve heard all about the infamous Brother Howard. CEO Foster said that if Brother Howard wants to teach me a lesson, then I can go ahead and play this game with you!”

All the men behind Brother Geoff took a step forward!

John Howard’s face became nastier.

A mere dog under Tom Foster dared to speak so rudely to him?

“Don’t force me!” John Howard angrily replied.

Brother Geoff used a finger to dig his ear, “The moment Brother Howard makes a move, we will also make our move. Today, it’s either you die, or I die!”

How vicious!

When it came to exchanging vicious words, Brother Geoff was never afraid of anyone!

Besides, there was a grim reaper sitting in the car!

Brother Geoff had witnessed how powerful Ethan was, so now he was full of confidence.

John Howard became furious upon hearing this, the fury overtaking his head. “Whack him! Whack all these bloody idiots who don’t know what’s good for them!”

In an instant, both sides violently clashed and a huge fight broke out!

Brother Geoff wielded his bat fiercely and didn’t hold back at all. He finally got a chance to prove himself in front of Ethan, so if he didn’t put in effort, Ethan would have spared his life previously in vain!

Brother Geoff’s side definitely had an advantage in terms of numbers, and their ferocity was equally unbeatable!

The boss of their boss was right behind them, so what was there to be afraid of!

In just a few minutes, John Howard’s men started retreating. There were too few of them, and the other side was obviously well prepared.

John Howard was very strong and could take on five or six men without a problem. But Brother Geoff took no chances and surrounded John Howard with another dozen men without any regard for John Howard at all.

Brother Geoff got hit by a punch on the shoulder, and he kicked John Howard in the stomach in retaliation. He gleefully wiped the blood from his lips, excitement overwhelming him.

“Come at me again, Brother Howard!”

“If you don’t kill me today, I’ll kill you!”

John Howard was so angry he clenched his teeth. He looked up and saw the men who had now become construction workers hadn’t even reacted!

“I’ve raised a bunch of ungrateful idiots!”

John Howard shuddered. There was no point in fighting anymore – so what if he brought back this bunch of useless idiots?

They would probably not listen to him anymore!

It made him furious!

His reputation was going down the drain this time.

“Tom Foster, you’re really vicious! I’ll remember this!”

John Howard threatened, “From today onwards, I’m going to fight you to the very death!”

With that, he turned to leave.

“You come when you want to, you leave when you want to.”

There was suddenly a voice behind him. A calm yet somehow terrifying voice.

“Did you ask me first?”

John Howard violently came to a stop and slowly turned around.

He saw a man walking towards him.

His footsteps were light, but each step he took felt like he was stepping on John Howard’s heart!

Stepping on his heart hard, again and again!

John Howard suddenly felt his heart rate suddenly increase and blood rushed to his head, as if he was being watched by a fierce tiger.

“Who are you?”

John Howard swallowed and was shocked to hear himself – his voice had actually changed.

A deep fear rose from his heart, and it was a very strange sort of fear. He had mixed around in the illegal circles for so many years, but he had never felt fear like this before. All it took was one look at Ethan, and fear would take root in his heart!

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