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Chapter 38

The night slowly quietened down.

Everything became peaceful again, but Ethan knew that it was the start of unrest.

He was lying on the floor, but Ethan knew Diane was still awake.

“Don’t go to the site tomorrow. Go shopping with Mum and buy some clothes and health supplements.”


Diane turned around, but she couldn’t see Ethan’s face clearly in the dark. “What about you?”

“I’ll go to the site.”

Diane paused for a moment. “Whatever for?”

She was the overall person in charge, while Ethan had nothing to do with this project, so what was he going to do there?”

“There’s some garbage I need to clear out for you,” replied Ethan calmly.

The next day, William woke up very early in the morning.

He washed up and shaved, then changed into a nice shirt that he hadn’t worn in ages. He opened the lock of his bookshelf, took out the dusty business related documents he had and started studying them very seriously in front of the balcony.

April didn’t know what happened at all, and she felt like William had become a different person.

The look in his eyes, the way he carried himself, and even his expression was completely different.

She got a bit worried.

The night before, Ethan had told her that she would get a new William from today onwards, but what on earth was going on?

“Mum, Diane will go shopping with you today, to buy some clothes and health supplements.”

Ethan grabbed breakfast from the table, eating as he went out of the door. “Dad has to revise a lot of things, so don’t disturb him.”

Soon enough, there was the sound of the car starting up outside, and Ethan left.

Diane walked out of the room, her face helpless.

Ethan didn’t allow her to go to the site and said she must go shopping with April, like it was more important than anything else.

“Mum, after breakfast I’ll go shopping with you. We haven’t gone shopping in ages.”

“What’s there to buy? I don’t have anything I need to buy.”

April quickly added, “That’s just wasting money!”

Even though she had accepted that five million, but to her, it was money that she was returning to Greencliff Bank sooner or later.

“We have to…If we don’t buy anything today, Ethan said he’ll go buy them after he comes back.”

Diane pouted.

If she let Ethan go out and shop, she was afraid this idiot would buy the entire shopping complex!

After returning from the bank that day, she went online to check what was so special about Ethan’s black card. She had just sat there in shock for an hour after she found out.

She couldn’t believe it at all. Ethan was THIS rich!

“Mum, if you don’t buy some clothes today, Ethan would definitely end up buying the entire shopping complex for you to choose from,” Diane said powerlessly.

Ethan was definitely capable of doing something like that.

“Alright then.”

April wasn’t going to let Ethan simply waste money on them again, so she decided to just buy a couple of clothes on discount.


At the factory construction site.

With the help of an additional 68 workers, the work went much faster than before.

Besides, these hooligans worked extra hard.

Diane had given instructions to make sure that meals were provided for them, to make sure they had enough to eat and strength to work. There was even dessert and fruits for them.

When these hooligans saw these, their eyes were all red and on the verge of tears.

They had worked so hard for John Howard, but were never treated like this before!

For the first time in their lives, they didn’t think it was so difficult to work and earn their own keep anymore, and there was even dignity in doing so.

Ethan sat in the car listening to music and waiting quietly.

Soon enough, a few large buses stopped at the entrance of the factory, and a huge group of people rushed out from the buses.

“A bunch of useless things!”

John Howard walked right in front and saw that his men were really working at the site and was so angry, his face was all red. “Useless things! All of you are a bloody embarrassment to me!”

“What’s the point of feeding all of you? In the end you’re so weak, you’re moving concrete at a construction site! How shameful!”

He continued shouting angrily, “Why are all of you just standing there? Get back here right now!”

The hooligans working at the construction site were shocked to see that John Howard had actually showed up.

Was he here to save them?

Judging from John Howard’s expression and how he had brought so many men along, he wasn’t here to save them at all. He was angry that they had embarrassed him, and he was here to make trouble for them.

All their hearts turned even colder.

When he needed to pay to redeem them, John Howard didn’t say a single word because he couldn’t bear to part with the money.

Now that his pride was at stake, he had come shouting at them. Did he really take them as dogs?

To be at his beck and call?

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