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Chapter 37

Steven couldn’t care less about John Howard’s tirade. What was the use of sounding fierce in front of his subordinates?

He couldn’t even get a small thing like this done. It seemed like even though John Howard’s name meant black tiger, he wasn’t anything like a tiger at all.

Steven’s phone started ringing and he saw it was from Gerald. He couldn’t help but frown a little.


He walked out to take the call.

“Come to my house immediately!”

Gerald’s tone was very severe, and he hung up immediately after that one sentence.

Steven’s heart quivered a little. He could hear some anger in Gerald’s voice, but he couldn’t figure out why.

He didn’t dare to delay too much, so he quickly drove to Gerald’s bungalow.

He rushed into the house with great hurry and put on a worried face, “Dad, what happened? Is it Archie? Did he make you angry again? I’ll go back and teach him a lesson now!”

Gerald was sitting in his chair as he slowly opened his eyes. “It’s not Archie.”

“It’s not him? Then who made you angry?”

“It’s you!”

Gerald’s voice suddenly increased in volume. “Steven, did you arrange for someone to disrupt the construction of Diane’s factory?”

Steven’s heart dropped. How did the old man know about this?

John Howard!

That useless idiot! His men were also a bunch of good for nothings!

“Yes, it was me.”

Steven didn’t deny it and nodded his head.

He knew that since Gerald had asked about it, he must know everything. He couldn’t hide anything, because defending himself would make Gerald even angrier.


Gerald’s face was still solemn, but he was not as angry as before already.

“Because Diane is getting benefits out of this!”

Steven clenched his teeth as he continued, “She’s been ganging up with Tom Foster to take over the Palmer Group! I suppose you don’t know, but earlier this month, she bought a BMW worth $500,000! Where on earth would they get this sort of money?”

Gerald’s eyes instantly narrowed.

“This Diane looks innocent and kind, but she’s actually really cunning and ambitious. She’s been unhappy with the family and unhappy with you for a long time, accumulating hatred in her heart, so she’s going to take this chance to swallow everything we have!”

Steven continued to huff and puff, “What else has this family done besides asking us for money? Nothing!”

“We’ve been so kind to them, but what about them? They’re repaying our kindness with evil!”

“Now they’re not satisfied and they want even more. As the one in charge, there’s no way I’m allowing these thieves to get a single cent from the Palmers!”

Gerald’s expression had calmed down considerably.

“But this project is extremely important because we’ve invested so much into it. If you make trouble like this, we will suffer losses too!”

Gerald tapped his finger on the table.

“I didn’t want to either.”

Steven laughed sadly, his expression full of frustration. “But if we don’t cut ties now while we can, it’ll become more difficult later. If Diane really manages to take over everything, do you think we’ll still stand a chance to take this project back?”

“I didn’t want Dad to know about this matter, I could have handled this myself. You’re getting on in years, and you shouldn’t have to worry about Palmer Group anymore. I’ve been too useless, letting you worry so much.”

Steven put on a big show of being filial and concerned, making Gerald feel even more comforted.

“William came earlier to look for me, and accused you of getting in Diane’s way.”

Gerald continued, “This William has changed. He has become greedy and scheming, I’m so disappointed.”

“William has gone too far!”

Steven started getting angry, “Nicolas has been working hard for the family in Fairbanks, I’ve been losing sleep over our family business, but William?”

The more he said, the greater the disappointment on Gerald’s face.

If William weren’t his biological son, he would have disowned him already!

“Dad, don’t worry, I’ll protect this family. I won’t let anyone take a single cent from us!” declared Steven.

Gerald nodded, “I can rest easy after hearing you say this. Then William and family…”

“I have a plan, so Dad, you don’t have to worry, leave it to me.”

After taking some time to console Gerald and say things that he liked hearing, Gerald’s mood started to improve.

Steven left the house and his face was very grim.

He’d never thought that the usually weak and timid William would actually come and tell on him.

But so what?

To Gerald, Steven was the only son that was outstanding and was the one Gerald trusted the most. Everything William said was like someone farting!

“Looks like I can’t untie this dead knot!”

Steven’s eyes were cold and vicious. “William, you asked for it, so don’t blame your brother here for being nasty!”

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