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Chapter 35


Diane shouted at him, “You are not to talk about my father like that!”

Her eyes were all red and her tears couldn’t stop flowing.

Nobody was allowed to talk about her father like that!

Ethan just ignored her. “If you were firmer, or if you stood up against all this, you think Mum and Diane would have been so badly bullied?”

“Mum has worn that dress for several years now, hasn’t she?”

“Does she still buy any cosmetics at all?”

“Diane could have furthered her studies, but why did she enter Palmer Group immediately after getting a basic degree?”

“She goes out first thing in the morning and comes back late at night, working harder than anyone else, working more tirelessly than anybody else, but is her salary higher than everybody else?”

Every word from Ethan was going to tear William apart!

He didn’t leave a single bit of sympathy, shredding William’s pride to pieces with a few words.

William couldn’t take care of his wife nor protect his own daughter – what sort of man was he?

“Ethan…I beg you, don’t say anymore.”

Diane tugged at Ethan’s sleeve. “Don’t hurt my dad anymore, please?”

Ethan looked at Diane, then parked the car at the side of the road.

“I’m not hurting him. The one who has hurt him all this time is himself.”

Ethan continued, “His legs have lost all feeling, and so physically, he can’t stand. But now? He can’t even stand emotionally.”

“Ethan is right.”

William laughed bitterly. “I’ve knelt down for too long and can’t stand anymore, it’s not because of my actual legs.”

“I can make sure your legs are healed and you will be able to stand again. But if you don’t pick yourself up and stand up in your mind, then it’s meaningless to treat your legs,” Ethan responded without reservation.

William looked up and met Ethan’s eyes.

“Mum chose you – can you bear to see her be a loser for the rest of her life?”

William suddenly felt like his head exploded.

Let April be a loser for the rest of her life?

She had married a weakling like himself, a disabled weakling. She had been laughed at by her own family so many times, but April had never grumbled about it in front of him before.

He pretended that he didn’t know about any of this, but could he still continue to pretend?


William suddenly clenched his fists and his expression became fierce. “I won’t let her be a loser for life! She’s my wife, and I won’t let anyone laugh at her because of me!”

Ethan nodded and started the car again.

“That’s good enough. Prepare yourselves, our family is going to rise from the ashes.”

William and Diane were both confused. Their family was going to rise from the ashes?

What did Ethan mean by that?

But Ethan didn’t elaborate further.

When they reached home, William’s eyes were all red. He didn’t say anything and went straight to sleep, and April was a bit worried.

“Diane, what happened?”

Diane shook her head.

William had become like that after what Ethan said. She was also worried, and she glared at Ethan. Why did he have to say such pointed things?

“Mum, don’t worry, Dad is just tired. Tomorrow he’ll be a changed man.”

With that, Ethan went into his room.


Meanwhile, at the hot spring clubhouse.

John Howard’s face was very nasty.

He stared at Steven and coldly said, “CEO Palmer, it’s not very ethical of you to hide so much from me.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that the project was linked to Tom Foster?”

“Brother Howard, what are you talking about? That project belongs to the Palmers, what has it got to do with Tom Foster? He’s merely sold us some things, and that’s all settled.”

Steven snorted. “But that Diane is really something, I suspect she’s sleeping with Tom Foster and serving him really well, and that’s why she’s so daring.”

“I don’t care about any of these.”

John Howard waved his hand. “Because of this errand I ran for you, I still have 68 brothers stuck at the construction site. 100k per head – you tell me, how are you going to settle this?”

Steven smiled calmly and didn’t speak.

How was he going to settle this?

Bloody hell, John Howard had taken five freaking million from him, still hadn’t managed to fulfil his mission and was now asking him how he was going to settle this?

John Howard’s men were all useless pieces of garbage!

When he saw Steven look as though none of this was his business, John Howard cursed in his heart.

He knew that Steven wasn’t going to give him anymore money. After all, he had taken his money but hadn’t settled what he was supposed to do, so it wasn’t going to be easy to get anymore money.

“Now that Tom Foster is involved, it’s going to be difficult to settle.”

John Howard continued, “Besides, I’ve looked up Tom Foster already. He says there’s someone backing him, and it’s someone I can’t afford to offend!”

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