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Chapter 34

Diane’s face darkened after she was told off.

“Do not become arrogant just because you are in charge of this project. You have to thank your uncle for recommending you, otherwise I wouldn’t have given you this chance at all.”

The meaning of these words was very clear.

These words were mocking Diane. She had worked so hard without complaining – how much had she suffered?

Steven hadn’t helped her at all and had tripped her several times secretly. Now Gerald was actually asking her to thank him instead.

Thank him for what? Making life difficult for her?

“Grandpa, I’m fine with the fact that you’ve always sided with their family.”

Diane took a deep breath. “But can’t you have some principles to differentiate truths from lies?”

“Such audacity!”

Gerald was furious and slammed a palm on the table. “How dare you talk to me like this!”

He glared at Diane furiously. He didn’t think she would have such poor manners.

“William! Is this how you have taught your daughter? If you don’t know how to teach your children, then don’t give birth to any!”

Gerald continued his tirade, “What’s the use of having a child that takes money out and doesn’t bring any in! You want me to count on you? Get out now!”

William wanted to defend himself, but he realized he couldn’t find the words to say.

He saw the pain on Diane’s face and blamed himself. He was ashamed that as a father, he couldn’t protect his own daughter from attacks, and she had to suffer such disdain and humiliation!

William clenched his fists tightly. He had never felt such deep despair before today.

“Diane, let’s go.”

He looked hard at Gerald. For the first time, he felt that this father of his was very distant from him.

Diane didn’t say anymore, and pushed William out.

Gerald was still shouting in rage at them from behind.

“Leeches! A whole family of leeches! Not a single bit of gratitude at all! I must have been blind to have given your family a chance!”

William and Diane felt the hurt in their hearts. Such insulting words were hurled at them by someone closest to them.

Neither looked very good as they walked out of the bungalow door.

Their faces were filled with silent suffering, helplessness, disappointment and anger!

Ethan had guessed as much.

After this round, they should now understand that they didn’t have anything to do with this family anymore.

They were able to remain in the family only because Diane was useful to them.

But once this project was completed, Gerald would kick Diane out of the family without hesitation!

He didn’t ask anything. He only walked over and took over Diane in pushing William’s wheelchair. “Diane, go open the car door, let’s go home.”

The air in the car was very heavy.

William was sitting at the back, and he finally couldn’t hold it in anymore. He angrily punched his numb legs.

“Useless! Useless!”

William continued punching his legs, “William, you’re a good for nothing!”


Diane’s heart went out to her father. She turned and her tears started flowing. “Don’t be like this.”

“Diane, your father is useless and I have let you down! I have caused you to suffer like this.”

William’s lips were trembling.

He blamed himself, he was ashamed of himself.

If he hadn’t become paralyzed, they wouldn’t be in this situation today.

Even if Gerald despised Diane for being a girl, at least he would have been able to protect her and not allow anyone to bully her.

“Dad, I don’t blame you. Really, I’ve never blamed you at all.”

Diane shook her head. “You and Mum love me very much and I know that both of you have always given me only the best, you don’t have to blame yourself.”

Today she had seen very clearly for herself that her family had no place in Gerald’s eyes at all.

So what if they worked hard?

In the end, they weren’t even worth a few nice words from Steven.

William pulled at his own hair. He hated how helpless he was. The more Diane tried to console him, the more ashamed he felt.

“Dad, it is indeed your fault that Diane has suffered so much.”

Ethan had remained silent all this while, and he glanced into the rear mirror.

Diane turned back, “Ethan, what are you saying!”

“It’s because you’ve been so weak, so all the people in the Palmer family look down on your family, trampling all over Mum and Diane. They are women, but they’ve had to endure so much bullying, so it’s only right that you feel ashamed of yourself.”

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