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Chapter 33

Diane was about to call her grandfather, but William waved his hand, telling her not to disturb Gerald.

He knew that they weren’t important enough for the old man to stop what he was doing to listen to them.

Diane bit her lips. This wasn’t the first time she was in such a situation.

If it was Steven and son who came, things wouldn’t look like that.

After a long time, Gerald finally finished reciting all the scriptures, and slowly opened his eyes.

He turned and saw William and daughter, and frowned.

“You’re here.”

He had only said these two words calmly and slowly, as if these two people standing in front of him wasn’t his own son and granddaughter.

“Dad, I need to talk to you about something.”

William was already used to the way Gerald treated him.

Ever since he became disabled and wasn’t able to contribute to the Palmers anymore and even needed financial assistance from the family, he had lost his standing in the family.

If Steven and son hadn’t gone too far in attacking Diane, he didn’t want to be here at all.


Gerald said very little, as if he wasn’t willing to spend any additional words on William.

“The project that Diane is in charge of. It’s a very important project to the Palmers, right?”

Gerald frowned. He figured that William had come today to get some benefits out of him.

He knew about this matter. Steven had told him before that Diane had used some way of making Tom Foster insist that she remained solely in charge of the project, otherwise he would refuse to do this project.

He was already unhappy about this, but he didn’t want to say anything after considering the greater benefit to the Palmers.

He didn’t expect William to come knocking on his door for benefits.

Did he really think that the Palmers couldn’t manage this project without Diane?

When he thought about this, Gerald had even more contempt in his eyes when he looked at Diane.

It was useless having daughters after all. They were to be married off, and might even take some assets along with them when they got married.

“Yes, it’s very important.”

Gerald looked up. “Isn’t Diane in charge of it now? Why? What else do you want?”

Diane felt some discomfort in her heart when she heard this.

Did her grandfather think that they would come here only because they wanted something? Like asking for some benefit for themselves?


William shook his head. “We are members of the Palmer family, so it’s only right for us to work for the Palmers. I have no requests to make, and I do not intend to reap any benefit for myself.”

“But, Steven has been making trouble again and again, affecting Diane’s work and even trying to ruin this project at all costs! Isn’t that going too far?!”

William started getting agitated.

“He found some gangsters to make trouble for Diane, creating trouble at the factory construction site and even wanted to harm Diane. What is the meaning of this? This project belongs to Palmer Group, and not myself or my daughter!”

Gerald’s eyes widened and stared hard at William.

“What did you say?”

Gerald didn’t look like he believed William at all.

“That’s not possible.”

He immediately continued, “Steven is your eldest brother, and he’s now the CEO of Palmer Group. He wouldn’t do anything that would cause the company to suffer any losses.”


William became anxious. “Do you think I would lie to you?”

There was proof of everything that happened. Did he have to get Ethan to drag some of those hooligans here to give an account to Gerald before he would believe?

“Hmph, why would I believe you?”

Gerald calmly said instead, “Steven isn’t that sort of person.”

William stared blankly at Gerald. He suddenly felt that he was really stupid for coming here to question Steven’s actions.

It was impossible for Gerald to believe him.

To Gerald, only Steven was his son – what was he?

“William, I know it’s been hard on you, being paralyzed all these years. You can’t earn a single cent for the family and you even have to beg me for money, it must feel terrible.”

William’s eyes were red now.

“But you shouldn’t slander your brother like that. If he hadn’t helped you financially all these years, your family wouldn’t have survived till now.”

“Diane is in charge of this project only because Steven kept recommending her to me, in hope that I would give your family a chance. And now not only are you failing to keep an eye on Diane and making sure she’s working hard, you’ve even come here to badmouth your brother?”

Gerald shook his head, his face filled with disappointment. “You have made me so disappointed.”


Diane started getting angry. Gerald was spouting nonsense!

“You don’t talk.”

Gerald cut her off immediately. “You have no right to speak in this house!”

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