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Chapter 32

Ethan opened his mouth instead. “Tell me, who is the one who wants Diane to fail the most?”

William was stunned as he exchanged glances with April. It took a while before he finally uttered, “My brother?”

“That’s right, it’s Steven.”

Ethan explained, “He’s paid a hooligan five million to ruin Diane’s project, or to ruin Diane directly.”

William and April’s expressions immediately darkened and became angry! Anger to the point of fury! How could Steven have done something like that!

“If Diane successfully pulls this project off, then she would have made a huge contribution to the Palmers. Steven and son are definitely not willing to see this day come.”

“But by ruining this project, the losses to the Palmers is tremendous!”

William nearly couldn’t resist banging the table.

“So what? The Palmer Group doesn’t belong to that father and son yet, so if they make losses, so be it.”

William’s face was all red. He knew that what Ethan said was right.

He was even more aware that his eldest brother wanted full control of the Palmer Group, so he sent their second brother, Nicolas, to Fairbanks to seek expansion opportunities, but that was merely an excuse to send him away. He had found a man to marry into their family so that his own family couldn’t compete with Steven for the business either.

If not for the fact that the old man was still alive, Steven would have made his move much earlier.

“He even wants to destroy Diane, that’s going too far!”

April had no interest in any of the Palmers’ assets, but she would not allow anyone to bring harm to Diane.

“This will not do. I’m going to reason it out with the old man!” April stood up.

“I’ll go!”

William couldn’t stand it anymore either. They were brothers, and Diane was Steven’s niece!

How could he have found it in himself to do this?

He lost all his appetite and pushed his wheelchair to the door. Diane couldn’t stop him either.

Ethan didn’t stop him either. He got April to wait at home while he drove William and Diane to the Palmer house.

Gerald lived in a posh bungalow estate. Ethan drove them to the entrance and wanted to go in with William and Diane.

“Only members of the Palmer family are allowed in.”

The man at the door blocked Ethan’s way, and a look of disdain flashed across his face.

“This is my son-in-law!” William retorted, “Doesn’t that make him family?”

“I’m sorry, Old Master has given instructions that only those in the direct bloodline of the Palmers can enter this house.” The man at the door wasn’t giving William any concession.

In fact, it seemed like he couldn’t care less about this crippled third son.

“You…” William started getting angry.

He never thought that his position in the family was so low now that even servants looked down on him.

“Dad, I’ll wait for you guys outside.”

Ethan didn’t say much. “Diane, go in with Dad.”

Diane nodded and she looked apologetic. She didn’t expect that Ethan couldn’t even get past the main door, but Ethan used his eyes to tell her that it was alright.

Diane pushed William’s wheelchair into the house, while Ethan waited at the door.

He hadn’t planned on going in either.

Ethan didn’t stop William and Diane from coming here to look for Gerald and question Steven’s actions because he wanted them to see for themselves that they had already lost their position in the Palmer family long ago.

No matter how hard they worked or how stellar their results were, it wouldn’t change anything.

“People only understand what choice they must make after they see the truth clearly,” whispered Ethan to himself.

“Stand further away! Unauthorized persons and dogs are not to stand so close!”

The servant at the door saw that Ethan was still standing there and scoffed, “You’re just someone who married into the family, and you really think you’re a member of the Palmers!”

“Number three can barely stay in the family, and he still wants to bring someone like you into the house, what a joke.”

Ethan turned and took one look at the servant, then suddenly punched him in the stomach. The servant immediately paled, clutched his stomach and collapsed on the ground.

“Can’t you be quiet for a while?”

The bungalow was filled with the smell of essential oils.

Gerald was very good at enjoying life, and cherished his days even more after his wife had passed on.

He had eaten a lot of health supplements over the past few years just to keep himself alive for a few more years.

The entire living room was filled with a light fragrance. Gerald felt very comfortable when he smelled it, but William and Diane were not used to it at all.


Diane pushed William in and William called out when he saw Gerald seated on a rosewood chair and reciting Buddhist scriptures with beads in his hand.

Gerald didn’t even open his eyes and continued his chanting, as if he hadn’t heard anything.

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