Chapter 31

Her plans couldn’t be delayed like this.

“It’s very hard to find people now, especially since this place is pretty far out.”

Mr Roger was also having a headache over this. It was expensive to hire workers, but the bigger problem was that few were willing to do this sort of work and couldn’t take the work, so he couldn’t find anyone at such short notice.

Diane was still frowning when she saw that the hooligans from the morning were all walking towards them.

She immediately became nervous, “Who…who untied them?”

Mr Roger became even paler, and anxiously looked around for Ethan.

But Ethan wasn’t around – who could fend them off now?

But the entire group walked right up to Diane and bowed slightly.

“Miss Palmer, we will listen to your instructions for the next two months and work on this construction site!” said the leader.


Diane was in shock. What did he mean?

So they weren’t here to make trouble, but they wanted to work on the site?

She was just vexed over how she couldn’t find enough workers to speed up the building of the factory, and now all these men had come just in time to offer to work on the site.

But these men all looked so dangerous and scary, she didn’t dare to hire any of them.

“We don’t need to be paid! We just want to complete the work and regain our freedom!” the leader continued.

Diane and the rest were even more stunned. They wanted to work but didn’t need to be paid?

Work on a construction site was all menial work. It was tough but they didn’t want money, and only wanted to regain their freedom.

Diane turned to see Ethan walking over.

“Ethan, what’s going on?”

“They want to prove that they can do something else besides fight. You’re facing a shortage of workers now, so I told them to come over.”

Ethan took one look at them. “Don’t worry about hiring them, they won’t dare to make any trouble.”

If anyone dared to, then they couldn’t blame Ethan for turning nasty.

Diane still didn’t dare to believe her ears, so some of the men just went straight into the site and carried some cement bags in.

Once one started moving, the rest of the men moved too. They went asking the other workers what needed to be done, and started work very quickly.

At least this way, they just needed to use the next two months to repay their debt of 100k. They could get their freedom back and get some pride back as well.

Diane watched in confusion as the hooligans who had made so much trouble before were now rolling up their sleeves and working in the hot sun at the construction site. How did this world change so fast?

“They really won’t make any trouble?”

She was most worried that they would cause trouble.

The project couldn’t afford any further delays.

“Don’t worry, these people have been abandoned and they want to prove themselves now. They don’t have any time or energy to make trouble,” replied Ethan calmly.

“Then about their salary…” Mr Roger couldn’t help but ask.

“Salary? It’s already not bad that I didn’t ask for money from them,” snorted Ethan.

Diane rolled her eyes at Ethan.

“I will consider the issue of their salary. As long as they work seriously and help to hasten the building, then we have to at least provide them with food. We can’t make them work on an empty stomach.”

What a kind woman Diane was.

After leaving the factory for home, Diane was still worried. She made several calls to Mr Roger to make sure the men were all still working hard before she finally breathed a sigh of relief.

But how did Ethan manage to persuade them?

All these men were gangsters, and were terrifying if they started to fight!

She wanted to ask Ethan, but she could tell from his expression that everything was under control, so she suddenly didn’t want to ask him anymore.

What was this fellow gleeful about.

By the time they reached home, it was dinner time.

April had already prepared dinner long ago, and was just waiting for Diane and Ethan to come home.

At the dining table, Ethan’s appetite was excellent as usual.

William and April never really ate very much, but now she had to cook quite a bit everyday.

“Diane, I heard something cropped up at the factory?” William was quite worried.

He knew very well how kind and easily bullied his daughter was.

“It’s all settled.”

Diane put some vegetables into William’s bowl. “Dad, don’t worry.”

She turned to Ethan, who was furiously wolfing down his food. She was glad that he had been around, and thought about whether to put some meat in his bowl as a reward.

“It’s all thanks to Ethan, right?”

April put the biggest pork rib into Ethan’s bowl before Diane could. “Eat more.”

“Thanks Mum!”

Ethan had a look of joy on his face.

“Who on earth is this person, making things difficult for you again and again?”

William frowned. Ethan was around, but surely they couldn’t always trouble him.

Diane shook her head. She only knew that those hooligans worked for John Howard in the illegal circles, but she didn’t know who was giving them instructions.

“Dad, you know this person very well.”

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