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Chapter 30

In that moment, all of them became silent.

John Howard always said that they were his brothers, but they also knew how much John Howard loved money!

He was extremely greedy when it came to money!

Between money and themselves, John Howard would definitely choose money!

It was just 100k – were their lives not even worth 100k?

They had worked hard and risked their lives for John Howard all these years, but now John Howard couldn’t even bear to pay 100k for each of them. Instead he chose to abandon them.

“It can’t be…Brother Howard wouldn’t do this!”

“This must be your ploy! Brother Howard wouldn’t abandon us!”

“Brother Howard…Brother Howard…he wouldn’t…”

The voices grew softer and softer, and they lost confidence in themselves.

It was only in times like these that they understood how much they meant to John Howard.

Obviously they didn’t mean anything to him.

There was disappointment on all the men’s faces. Then it quickly turned to despair and fury!

“So what do you want to do?” The leader of the pack stared at Ethan with bloodshot eyes as he asked.

Ethan was very powerful!

Frighteningly powerful!

Even if Ethan killed them, they could only blame themselves for being poorly skilled. But they knew that Ethan despised the idea of killing them himself.

“Nothing, I just wanted you to face reality.”

Ethan calmly replied, “Now you know what you’re worth to John Howard, right? You thought that by risking your lives for him, he would cherish you guys?”

“Wrong! He would despise you even more! He would just treat you as tools, throwing you away once he’s done using you!”

“You guys have nowhere else to go but to risk your lives for him, so why should he think that any of you is important to him?”

Ethan’s words pierced the hearts of every one of them.

It was difficult to swallow, but every word was true.

Their faces became angry then pale then angry again. It was true that they gained nothing from following John Howard. After all their sacrifices for him, they were barely making ends meet.

No matter how much money John Howard earned, it had nothing to do with them.

“I, on the other hand, could provide you a way out.”

Everyone looked up violently.

“Don’t look at me like that, all of you are too useless for my standards. But then since you are all so energetic, it’s not a bad idea for you guys to work on this construction site.”

“Are you…are you insulting us now?” One of the hooligans couldn’t help but respond angrily.

“Insulting you?”

Ethan laughed coldly. “Then tell me, what else do you know how to do?”

That man shut his mouth. Besides fighting, he didn’t know how to do anything else.

“Don’t forget, your lives are now in my hands. Each one of you is worth 100k, so you can work here until you’ve earned 100k, then you can go.”

“You’re willing to let us go?”

The leader of the pack was stunned by this. He had gone through many fights in the illegal circles.

Once they were in the hands of the enemy, even if they didn’t die, they would be incapacitated for sure!

Ethan was actually willing to let them go at 100k per person. That was 6.8 million in total!

“Once you’ve earned the 100k, you can go. I won’t keep you here even if you want to stay.”

Ethan then went straight to the point, “I’ll say it more clearly. Finish building the factory in two months, then you can go.”

All of them exchanged glances. So Ethan meant that each month of work was worth $50,000?

“You trust us? Aren’t you afraid that we’d run for it or make trouble or ruin the factory?” asked the leader.

“You dare?”

It only took one sentence from Ethan.

None of them said anything.

Before this, they had to work and risk their lives for John Howard, but John Howard earned all the money.

Now John Howard had abandoned them, so they were no longer obliged to do John Howard’s bidding. Besides, if they offended Ethan, the consequences were very grave!

They remembered very clearly that when Tom Foster came, he had respectfully called Ethan ‘Big Boss’!

If Tom Foster, who was on the same level as John Howard, had to call this man Big Boss, how terrifying he must be!

More importantly, he had convinced them after beating them all up singlehandedly!

“I’ll do it!” the leader was the first to shout. “I hope you’ll keep your promise!”

“Me too! Bloody hell, I’ll fight for my own freedom!”

“Two months to earn 100k to redeem my freedom, I’m doing it!”

One by one they all started shouting in agreement.

No matter what they had to do, it was 50k a month. At least here, they were worth a lot more than before.

Right now Diane was having a headache because it looked like they weren’t going to meet the schedule.

“Can’t we hire more workers? If we can’t finish the building in two months, we can’t fit the assembly line on schedule.”

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