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Chapter 3

Diane felt like her head just exploded.

She stared in shock at Ethan. She never expected him to hit someone else for her.

And the person he hit was Archie!

The eldest grandson of the Palmers!

Just because…she was his wife now?

“You’re asking for it!”

Archie got up from the ground and took a punch in Ethan’s direction.

Nobody had ever dared to hit him, and worse still, this was Diane’s husband, a useless man who married into the family!

His fist had just reached in front of Ethan when Ethan used one hand to grab his fist. Ethan suddenly exerted some strength and the next thing Archie heard was a loud crack of his wrist!


It was broken!

Archie howled in pain.

“She is my wife. Nobody is to bully her from now on.”

Ethan only let go of his hand after saying this, then he dragged Diane away while she was still completely stunned.

“I’m going to kill you! I’m going to KILL YOU!”

Archie held his wrist, the pain nearly killing him.

He never expected that the piece of garbage his own family found to be a son-in-law had dared to hit him.

Diane was doomed!

Her whole family was doomed!

Archie quickly ran back into the hotel and couldn’t be bothered to treat his injury.

Steven was still in the hall, chatting with some business partners.

“Dad! Dad!”

Archie dashed over immediately, and Steven frowned as his conversation was interrupted.

“Since your son has things to discuss with you, then we’ll talk another time.”

The guests got up and left.

Steven scowled and snorted, “What a mess. What is it!”

“Dad, someone beat me!”

Archie clenched his teeth, “Look at my hand, it’s broken!”

“Who did this?”

Steven immediately stood up.

Even he couldn’t bear to hit his own precious son – who dared to be so vicious?

“Ethan Hunt!”

Archie clenched his teeth hard, “That husband of Diane that married into the family!”

They had just given Ethan a new lease of life. Never mind if he wasn’t grateful for this, he actually dared to hit Archie.

He was just a homeless man, a useless piece of garbage, and he was rebelling!

Steven was furious. “That useless man that married into the family?”

According to the information they had, Ethan was homeless and completely hopeless. He even had intermittent bouts of insanity – so perhaps it was his mental illness acting up.

“Diane told him to slap me, and he really did!”

“My hand was hit so hard it’s broken now!”

Archie’s eyes were red from anger.

When had he ever suffered like this before?

Steven frowned, “That guy has some mental illness, and maybe it suddenly acted up.”

He immediately ordered someone to get a doctor for Archie’s injury. “Don’t provoke crazy people like him. But that Diane actually got Ethan to hit you. Humph! I won’t let her off easily!”

“Dad, chase her out of the family!”

This was a good excuse to do so.

If Gerald knew about this matter, Diane and family would definitely have to go!

Where did they get the guts to hit the eldest grandson of the Palmers?

“Diane is currently in charge of a project and it’s at a very important stage now, we’re going to sign the contract soon. If we chase her out now, it might affect this project.”

Diane was really good at her work – she had taken up several projects in the short time of two years.

But that was precisely why Steven and his son were so worried. They were afraid that Diane would be able to gain footing in the company and pose as a threat to them.

“Dad, since the project is almost good to go, it doesn’t matter who goes to get the contract signed. If I’m the one who manages to get these large projects signed, Grandpa would definitely think more highly of me.”

Archie viciously continued, “Chase her out! This family of leeches can all go and die!”


Meanwhile, Ethan went home with Diane.

Diane was still stunned the whole way home. She had never thought that Ethan would hit someone for her.

When she had snapped back to reality, she started to worry. Ethan’s attack would probably have offended Archie.

Knowing that idiot’s temper, he would definitely get back at Ethan.

Ding dong!

She pressed the door bell, and after some time, William opened the door and looked at Diane with eyes filled with guilt.

“Diane, you’re back.”

William looked at Ethan behind her and his face fell. But he didn’t say anything and just nodded. “Come…come in.”


Ethan hadn’t set a foot in when April came dashing out, her face still tearstained. “Get out! GET OUT!”

“It’s because of you, Diane is going to become the laughingstock of Greencliff, you’ve destroyed her!”

“Get out! NOW!”

April was crying as she shouted. She was not willing at all to let Ethan marry into her family.

If Ethan was an outstanding man, she might be able to accept it.

But then?

Ethan was older than Diane by ten years, no achievements whatsoever and was homeless!

This man was more disgraceful than she could handle.

Ethan didn’t say anything and turned to leave, but Diane suddenly grabbed his hand.

“Mum, let him come in.”

If she let Ethan leave now, Archie would surely find someone to kill him.

He had hit someone else for her sake, so Diane couldn’t just leave him like that.

“Diane, he…”

“He is now…my husband.”

Diane bit her lips. The word ‘husband’ was so strange to her, it seemed to carry needles that stabbed painfully at her heart.

April’s lips trembled as she shook her head in despair, “I’m washing my hands of this!”

She ran back to her room and slammed the door shut.

“Come in,” Diane gently said to him.

Ethan nodded and walked into this house that wasn’t considered large.

The Palmers were a third tier wealthy family in Greencliff, but Diane’s house was even smaller than the average.

“Come with me.”

Diane was afraid that April would chase Ethan away again, so she brought him into her own room.

The room wasn’t large, but it was very neat and tidy.

Diane took out a rug and a mat from the cupboard and placed them on the floor. Her voice was a little tired as she said, “You’d better not go out for the time being. Archie won’t let you off. Stay in my house first, he wouldn’t dare to touch you here.”

Diane looked at Ethan. It was difficult to imagine that she suddenly had a husband.

“From now on, you’ll sleep on the floor, I’ll sleep on the bed. You live your life and I’ll live mine, ok?”

Ethan didn’t say anything and just nodded.

He knew that Diane definitely couldn’t remember him and definitely couldn’t fall in love with him. Perhaps she even hated him, because he had suddenly become her husband.

But deep inside, she was still a kind person. She was afraid that Archie would hurt him, so even though it made her uncomfortable, she still wanted him to stay, to protect him.

This woman was still so kind even after she had grown up.

Ethan started deliberating whether he should take out the sweet wrapper, but after thinking it through, he decided against it.

Both of them remained silent and the atmosphere became rather awkward.

Suddenly, Diane’s phone started ringing.

Her face turned white as a sheet.

“Diane, from today onwards, you don’t have to report to the Palmer Group for work anymore!”

The phone call was from Archie, and he arrogantly said, “Humph! My dad has fired you! Your family can slowly starve to death!”

With that, Archie slammed down the phone.

Diane took a long time to react.

She had been fired?

Because she had asked Ethan to hit Archie?

Since she was young, this idiot had bullied her so badly, but he never went through any sort of punishment for it.

Diane felt like crying from this unfair treatment.

Ethan immediately frowned when he saw this.

This Archie, was he seeking death now?

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