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Chapter 29

This sort of person only cared about money, and that’s why Tom Foster found him troublesome to handle.

But Ethan didn’t think so.

Anyone who offended Ethan was asking to get killed!

“You’ve come here to settle that matter, right?” Tom Foster went straight to the point.

“Hoho, we all mix in the same circles, and neither of us can avoid seeing each other.”

John Howard crossed his legs and laughed, “Come on CEO Foster, give me a little leeway. This is a misunderstanding after all. I’ll treat you to a really nice dinner later.”

Tom Foster laughed coldly as his face darkened.

Did John Howard think that this matter could be settled by a dinner?

If John Howard had offended Tom Foster, there was some room for negotiation. But the one offended now was Ethan!

“John Howard.” Tom Foster’s voice became very cold now. “You still don’t understand huh.”

“If you had offended me, then I might be willing to give way. But you’ve offended someone else!”

John Howard was stunned. There was someone else? This bloody bastard of a man Steven didn’t tell him anything!

“Someone else?”

He was caught off guard for a while, but then Tom Foster must know who this person was. “CEO Foster knows this person right? Could you put in a good word for me and ask him to give me some concession?”

It was a bit troublesome and he might have to pay, but he could cut some losses.

Contrary to his expectations, Tom Foster violently slammed the table and stood up to shout, “You want him to give you concession? You’re not qualified to ask for this!”

This slam of the table sent a shudder down John Howard’s spine.

He had never seen Tom Foster this angry before.

Who was this even? What did Tom Foster mean by he was not qualified to ask for some leeway?

“Tom, stop joking around.”

John Howard’s expression also became cold. Both of them were old hands in the illegal circles, so he wasn’t afraid of Tom at all.

“I’m not joking with you.”

Tom Foster laughed coldly. “6.8 million. Once the money is in, you can take your men back and this case is considered closed. That’s the current set of conditions. After today, this matter won’t be settled as easily anymore!”

“John, so because we’re in the same circles, let me kindly give you a piece of advice – don’t play with fire and burn yourself to death!”

John Howard suddenly stood up and laughed heartily but coldly.

“Is this a warning from you, or that other person?”

He’d never thought that there was still someone in Greencliff who dared to warn him like this.

He knew all the big bosses in the circle – who dared to talk to him like that?

Even Tom Foster didn’t dare to!

Tom Foster didn’t want to say anymore. He had already been kind enough to drop this piece of advice. If John Howard still didn’t know what was good for him, then that was his problem.

John Howard nodded. “Ok! OK! OKAY! CEO Foster, I’m going to see, who the hell dares to treat me like this in all of Greencliff! HMPH!”

He was going to just leave those 68 men there. He didn’t believe Tom Foster would really kill them off!

John Howard left angrily, and Tom Foster really didn’t say anymore.

He had already expected that given how money minded John Howard was, he would only take from others, and it was impossible to take anything from him.

And now, his men’s lives might be in danger!

“John Howard, there’s a price to pay for greed,” Tom Foster calmly murmured.

He didn’t waste anymore time and gave a call to Ethan to explain the situation.

After that, he called a few of his subordinates, “I’ve taken care of you for so many years, it’s time to get cracking!”

Back at the factory site.

Diane was talking to the workers about some details, the schedule and the quality of work. Her standards were very strict and she was not going to compromise even the slightest bit.

She looked really adorable when she was working very seriously.

Ethan put down the phone with Tom Foster.

John Howard had rejected his offer.

He walked over to the 68 men, scaring them half to death and sending them trembling.

“What…what do you want?”

“You mean you dare to kill us?”

“Don’t come over here!”

The whole bunch of them were frightened of one Ethan.

“You’re not worthy to be killed by me.”

Ethan calmly continued, “I’m here to tell you that your boss, John Howard, has abandoned you guys.”


“Brother Howard wouldn’t give us up!”

“Stop trying to drive a rift between us, Brother Howard said we’re all his brothers!”


The entire group of men continued shouting at Ethan, their voices confident in John Howard.

Ethan merely smiled and shook his head, “You guys have been here for an entire day now, has he come to save you yet?”

“I said that each one of you is worth 100k, and I’ll release you all once I get the money, but he’s rejected that offer. Tell me, is money more important to him? Or you guys?”

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