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Chapter 28

Ethan had sent more than sixty men sprawling on the ground in less than a minute, and Diane still hadn’t caught her breath from watching it happen.

The other workers around her were also in a daze like her. It took them several moments before they could calm their hearts down and continue working.

But there were those 68 men all tied up together not far from them, and looking at them still made their hearts pound.

Meanwhile, back at the private hot spring clubhouse.

John Howard was in a short sleeved floral print shirt, his exposed two arms filled with tattoos, and his face was threatening.

Even though he mixed in the illegal underground circles, he still wanted to cultivate his own classiness.

Using a wine glass to drink Baijiu was one of his unique practices.

He had just earned five million, so he thought it appropriate to celebrate.

“Boss, your call.”

A subordinate walked in swiftly. “It’s Tom Foster.”

A quizzical look crossed John Howard’s eyes when he heard the name, followed by a look of disdain.

“Why is he calling me? Isn’t he now some important person in the legal circles?”

Tom Foster used to mix in the illegal circles too, but he suddenly advanced very quickly and now he was a successful businessman.

Businessmen could earn money more easily than them, and the risks were much lower.

John Howard took the phone and asked sarcastically, “Why, CEO Foster has personally called me because you have some business for me?”

“John Howard, you’re really bold huh. You even tried to wreck my project?”

Contrary to his expectations, Tom Foster’s tone was cold and direct. “68 of your men are now with me. I want 6.8 million for them. Any less and none of them is leaving this place!”

Tom Foster hung up after saying that.

John Howard’s eyelid started twitching.

He had indeed sent 68 men out. Did they all perish?

And that project was connected to Tom Foster?

Damn this Steven! Steven had never told John Howard about this.

“Call Steven Palmer now!” John Howard immediately commanded.

“Boss, we can’t contact him!”

John Howard immediately understood that Tom Foster meant business.

6.8 million meant that each person was worth 100k. Tom Foster only allowed him to ransom all or none. If he didn’t pay, none of them would come back.

He just earned 5 million but now he had to spit out 6.8 million?

John Howard couldn’t bear to, but he knew that Tom Foster was equally vicious. If he didn’t pay up, Tom Foster was definitely not letting any one of them go.

If the other men knew about this, they might become disloyal to him.

“What a vicious move.”

John Howard laughed coldly and got up. “I’m going to see Tom Foster myself!”

They could be considered from the same circle of people, and even though they weren’t on the best terms, they didn’t have to fall out over a small matter like this. It was just a matter of pride, John Howard could understand.

He got someone to drive him immediately to Tom Foster’s office.

“Young lady, tell your CEO Foster, an old friend, John Howard, is looking for him.”

John Howard decided to remain polite and got the receptionist to inform Tom Foster instead of charging upstairs directly.

The receptionist saw how threatening John Howard looked and was followed by several men, so she couldn’t help but become nervous. She quickly called the secretary and explained the situation.

“Mr John Howard, CEO Foster asks you to go upstairs,” the receptionist told John Howard after putting down the phone.

John Howard went straight into the lift and up to the highest floor.

Tom Foster sat in his office, and when he heard a knock on the door, he calmly said, “Come in.”

John Howard walked in and left his men to wait outside.

“Not bad, not bad. CEO Foster is really impressive, your business has grown tremendously.”

He looked around at the fittings in the office and thought to himself that he was going to make his own office look like this too.

After mixing in the underground illegal circles for a long time, he had always wanted to come up to the surface and wash his hands off illegal dealings.

John Howard walked over to the sofa, sat down and narrowed his eyes as he said, “CEO Foster, we haven’t seen each other in a quite a while eh?”

“It’s been more than a year.”

Tom Foster continued to sit where he was and didn’t get up. “So, you wanted to wreck my project?”

“A misunderstanding! It’s all a misunderstanding!”

John Howard laughed, “We’re all brothers in the same circles after all. Even though I love money, I wouldn’t go against CEO Foster for that little bit of money.”

“I’ll tell you honestly, I really didn’t know this project had anything to do with you. That asshole Steven Palmer didn’t tell me at all.”

John Howard continued to be upset, “If I had known it was your project, I wouldn’t have dared to do this even if he gave me 10 million dollars.”

Tom Foster looked at John Howard’s hypocritical face. He knew very well what sort of person John Howard was – as long as he was paid enough, he would do anything, no matter how crazy it was!

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