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Chapter 27

All sixty odd men had collapsed on the ground!

The few who were still conscious were yelping piteously, and they were in terrible pain.

“Ethan, are you alright?”

Diane finally managed to react, and she was terribly worried.

She knew Ethan could fight, but she never expected Ethan to be this good.

One against sixty odd men!

And Ethan took them down in less than a minute!

It was terrifying!

“I’m fine.”

Ethan calmly replied, “These types can’t even touch me.”

He eyed them as he thought to himself that he had obviously not practiced in too long, since he actually took nearly a minute to wipe out such poorly skilled garbage.

Ethan took his phone out and called Tom Foster.

“I think there’s some garbage here you need to clean up.”

After hanging up, Ethan looked at all the workers who were still staring at him with wide eyes and open mouths.

“You guys can safely continue working, and nobody will disturb you. Got it?”

All the workers nodded.

Mr Roger felt his body trembling.

He was ready to fall down and worship Ethan!

This was a real man, this was a real man of men!

“Brother Ethan!”

He ran over hurriedly and could barely catch his breath. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep a close eye on things here and make sure nothing goes wrong, I won’t disappoint you or Miss Palmer!”

Ethan nodded.

Soon enough, Tom Foster arrived with a bunch of men.

“Tie up all these men!”

Tom Foster fumed, “Who dares to make trouble for my project?”

This project was also considered his. Since someone had come to make trouble, he couldn’t just ignore it.

Besides, Diane was the one in charge of the project, and she was Ethan’s wife!

“Big Boss, it’s my fault for not taking care of things, and Boss Diane has been frightened unnecessarily.”

“I’m here, so nobody will be able to hurt her.”

Ethan pointed at the leader of the pack. “That fellow said his boss is John Howard.”

“John Howard?”

Tom Foster frowned a little when he heard the name, so this John Howard was obviously no ordinary man.

“Why, difficult to settle?”

“A little.”

Tom Foster shook his head. “This John Howard is well known for being extremely vicious in the illegal circles of Greencliff. I’ve had a few exchanges with him before, but I didn’t expect him to be behind this.”

“Big Boss, leave this matter to me!”

Even if the god of gods gave Ethan trouble, Tom Foster wouldn’t tolerate it.

Since they dared to make trouble for his project, did it mean that he hadn’t shown his face in the illegal circles for too long?

“Tom.” Ethan looked at Tom Foster and calmly said, “Winston placed you in Greencliff for so many years, but his intention wasn’t only to let you advance in the legal circles.”

Tom Foster shuddered as he looked in shock at Ethan.

“Clear the trash that needs to be cleared, then once it’s all cleared, this area will be clean. Get it?”

Tom Foster felt like his heart was going to jump out of his heart. He understood what Ethan was driving at.

He was going to clean up the illegal circles of Greencliff!

John Howard was a formidable enemy, and Tom Foster was very clear about that.

But judging from Ethan’s tone of voice, he obviously didn’t think too much of this John Howard.

It was as if this man was merely an ant!

“Contact John Howard.”

Ethan looked at the sixty odd men who had been tied together with some ropes used for construction. “Tell him to come and ransom his men. Each one will cost him 100k.”

“If he gives even one cent less, he’s not taking any of them away!”

Tom Foster immediately nodded, “Got it!”

There were 68 of them in all, so that added up to 6.8 million. Ethan wanted the full amount, and wasn’t letting them go in smaller batches. As long as he didn’t pay the full amount, John Howard could forget about taking even one person.

Diane had been listening by the side all this while, and started to feel worried.

“Ethan, aren’t you blowing things up?”

If even Tom Foster said that John Howard was a difficult character, then by doing this, Ethan was definitely going to offend John Howard terribly.

She had heard of this name before too. He was notorious for being a vicious gangster in the illegal circles of Greencliff!

“Blowing it up?”

Ethan shook his head. “If this tiny matter is considered a big matter, that will be really embarrassing you know.”

Anything that he had been through was big enough to send shockwaves through the universe!

Just one John Howard?

Even if Ethan bent down to look carefully, he might still be too small to be seen by Ethan.

“Don’t worry, go do your work, I promise everything will go well.”

Ethan smiled as he said, “Nobody will be able to affect my wife’s career.”

Diane wrinkled her nose.

This wasn’t the time for jokes, and how dare he call her his wife again.

But then when she saw how serious Ethan was, she didn’t say anymore.

What could she say?

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