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Chapter 26

The moment he finished saying that, Ethan made his move! He stomped hard on the ground, and the surface of the ground seemed to shake! Then Ethan immediately became a mere shadow, making its way swiftly towards the group.

“You’re asking for it! Die!”

“Kill him!”


There were sixty or seventy of them, and they rushed like mad men towards Ethan, wielding their bats in their hand. They had never seen someone so unafraid to die. He had rushed at them all by himself. If they didn’t kill him, they couldn’t walk with their heads high anymore.

“Ethan!” Diane was in shock. She didn’t expect Ethan to suddenly dash out like that.

They were sixty or seventy strong! How could he be a match for them all by himself? This was too dangerous!

“Miss Palmer, we’d better call the police!” Mr Roger and the other project managers were frightened out of their wits. They’d never thought something like that would happen.

Ethan might die!

He took out his phone and was ready to call the police, but a loud sound made him look up violently.

Ethan’s punch was as insanely powerful as a dragon!

All it took was one punch, and the hooligans facing him flew out like comets. They didn’t even get the chance to howl in pain on the floor because they had all been knocked out instantly. Ethan didn’t have any fancy moves, just the most basic of moves! A punch!

Every time a punch was delivered, a hooligan would go flying out and land motionless on the ground. In the blink of an eye, there were several men all lying on the ground!

The remaining hooligans were immediately stunned. Was this guy even human? This was more like a dragon in human form! It was too terrifying!

But they weren’t too worried. There were so many of them, so why should they fear one man?

But Ethan himself didn’t seem to be tired at all, and each punch was fiercer than the last.

His fists were the most terrifying weapons in the world!

Ethan was wiping them out fast – he had already sent more than thirty of them flying!

The hooligans were becoming afraid! They were finally becoming afraid!

After witnessing the person next to themselves flying and landing on the ground, foaming at the mouth, they couldn’t help but shudder in fear.

This guy was definitely not human!

“Attack! Attack!!!”

“Don’t back out! Don’t move back!”

“He’s all by himself! Kill him!”

The hooligan who was leading the pack shouted with all his might, and his voice was quivering too. But the men beside him kept moving back. Who on earth dared to go over?

With one tremendous sound, even all the men in front of him were sprawled all over the ground, their chests all sunken in. You couldn’t even tell if they were dead or had just lost consciousness.

He suddenly realized that he was the last one standing!

Silence! The entire construction site was so silent, you could hear a pin drop.

And that didn’t take too long.

Diane and the rest were as shocked as each other. It was like…they were watching a movie.

She looked at the time and realized it hadn’t even been a minute!

“Who…who on earth are you?” The leader of the pack felt his legs shake with fear, and he was extremely terrified.

Ethan wasn’t human at all, he was the devil himself! He was definitely the devil!

Ethan suddenly made his move, coming up close to him and slapped him hard, making the leader fall to the ground.

“How dare you make trouble here.” Ethan snorted coldly. “Don’t you know this is my wife’s project?”

The leader’s face immediately swelled up.

He clenched his teeth, “You dare to hit me?”

“What, you think I don’t dare to?”

Ethan narrowed his eyes. In an instant, the smell of blood filled the air.

It was as if there was a mass grave of bodies behind Ethan!

The air was so terrifying, it was hard to breathe!

The leader felt as if his throat was being strangled, and he was in great pain.

“You…don’t you dare do anything crazy! My boss is John Howard!”

“John Howard?” Ethan frowned.

The leader breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Ethan’s expression. As he had expected, once he said who his boss was, there wasn’t anybody in all of Greencliff who would dare to cross him.

“I don’t know him!”

But who knew, Ethan’s response would shock the leader silly.

Before he could react, Ethan had placed his foot against his chest and sent him flying with a kick. There was a terrible cracking sound as his ribs broke, and he didn’t even know how many were broken!

He immediately lost consciousness.

Diane was in a daze.

All the project managers, technicians and construction workers were in a daze after witnessing this.

There was nothing but disbelief written all over their faces. Everyone thought to himself, were they filming a movie now?

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