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Chapter 25

Brother Howard used a hand to wipe his face and waved it.

Two of his men walked over.

“How many men attacked us?”

“Brother Howard, just one.”


Brother Howard opened his eyes wide and looked as terrifying as a fierce tiger. “Just one man and he’s beaten all of you up this badly? You useless pieces of garbage!”

Neither of the men dared to reply him.

“CEO Palmer, a dozen of my men are now still lying in hospital, so isn’t it only correct for me to use that two million to pay their hospital bills?”

Brother Howard snorted and turned to look at Steven.

He’d never returned any money he had received.

“In the first place, you didn’t tell me that there was such a formidable character hanging around Diane.”

“What formidable character?” Steven continued with contempt in his voice, “He’s just a homeless man who married into the family. I suppose he’s used to fighting for food in the garbage on the streets, so he fights pretty wildly.”

To him, Ethan was this sort of person. The less afraid he was to die, the scarier he was.

Besides, he had some mental illness, and nobody could stop him once it acted up.

“I will only ask you once. Brother Howard, can you settle this? If you can’t, I’ll look for someone else.”

Brother Howard narrowed his eyes and stared at Steven, then he broke into a wide smile.

“Of course, as long as you pay, I can get anything done. It’s just a matter of how much you intend to pay.”

Steven quietly cursed Brother Howard for being greedy, but he didn’t have any other choice.

Diane was solely in charge of this project, and once it was successful, it would be too much of a threat to him and his son.

The old man would never give Diane any important roles, but once Diane had managed to get connections to people like Tom Foster, then it was hard to say.

So even if this project failed, Steven didn’t care. After all, all the losses they suffered now were the old man’s money.

What Steven wanted was all of Palmer Group!

Once Gerald died, everything would belong to him!

Diane and family could dream on about taking a single cent from him.

“I’ll give another 3 million,” Steven decided. “I don’t care what you do. Destroy Diane or destroy the factory – I want this project to fail!”

“It’s a promise!” Brother Howard smiled coldly back.

As long as the money was good, he would do anything.

With just a few words, he had gotten his hands on five million dollars. It was still better to work with businessmen after all.

“CEO Palmer, rest assured. Once the money reaches me, I’ll give you results within a day.”

“I’ll be waiting for your good news.”

Both men looked at each other with cold smiles on their faces.


Breakfast the next day was even more sumptuous.

There were even snacks unique to Greencliff, and April had obviously gone super early to the market to get them.

Ethan was so touched, he ate everything without saving a piece for Diane.

“Mum, why didn’t you buy any for me!”

By the time Diane had gotten changed, the plate on the table was already empty and she immediately wrinkled her nose.

It had only been a few days, but her mum seemed to have become Ethan’s mum already. She was too biased!

“You’ve been eating these since you were young, aren’t you sick of it?” April’s replied from the kitchen. “Ethan has been roaming the streets for so many years and rarely got a chance to eat these, so let him eat a few more.”

Diane looked at Ethan with indignation, but Ethan was smiling gleefully.

“Let’s go after you’re done eating.”

After eating, Ethan and Diane left the house and headed for the factory.

On the road there, Ethan was in high spirits, but Diane was a little unhappy.

She grumbled to herself that Ethan was such a sly fox for gaining her mother’s favor in merely a few days. Her mother was so nice to him, but she hadn’t even acknowledged him yet.

But at the same time, she was filled with respect for Ethan.

Ethan treated everyone in the house sincerely and genuinely, and protected April and William as if they were his real parents.

Human hearts were made of flesh after all. William and April were kindhearted people, so they could see how sincere he was immediately.

But if they both accepted Ethan, did that mean she really had to marry Ethan and they had to actually become husband and wife?

When she thought about this, Diane felt her face go red, and she turned to look at Ethan.

From the side, he didn’t look too bad. He was very rich, but wasn’t money minded. He was pretty good at fighting and so he could really protect the family. But who was this man?

“Why do you keep looking at me? Surely you haven’t fallen in love with me already?” Ethan smiled.

“What nonsense are you talking about!”

Diane hurriedly turned away, as if she had been caught red handed.

“Don’t you dare become too proud of yourself. My mum has decided to keep you because she pities you since you’ve been homeless all this time. Don’t think too much about it!”

Ethan nodded, “Got it.”

“Also, can you not call them Mum and Dad so naturally? It sounds even more natural than me.”

“I won’t agree to this one,” Ethan rejected this immediately. “I’m making it a habit, because I’m going to call them like that for the rest of my life.”


“If you eventually never fall in love with me and we can’t become husband and wife, we can still become siblings.”

Ethan smiled and continued, “You can’t stop me from getting them to be my godmother and godfather, right?”

Diane stared at Ethan.


This fellow even wanted to compete with her for her own parents?

These were her parents, and she wasn’t letting him snatch them away!

They bickered and bickered, and soon enough they reached the construction site.

The materials had taken the whole afternoon to reach the site, and so Mr Roger started the construction work first thing in the morning.

He’d never thought everything would go so smoothly. Ethan had gone to talk to those people and settled everything just like that.

That was simply amazing!

When he saw Ethan’s car drive in, Mr Roger ran over immediately.

“Miss Palmer, all the materials are here and we’ve started work already, so we should be able to complete the factory on schedule.”

Diane nodded, “We must complete it on schedule.”

“I will keep an eye on things. Let me bring you to the work site.”

Mr Roger led the way in front while Diane followed behind. When he saw Ethan, he immediately greeted him, “Morning, Brother Ethan!”

After he saw how Ethan had sent a dozen hooligans sprawling on the very first day, he was already filled with admiration.

For a man to be as impressive as Ethan, that was something to be envied.

If anyone ever said that some useless guy had married into Diane’s family, he was prepared to slap them hard across the face.

That was bullshit!

“Let’s go take a look.” Ethan patted Mr Roger on the shoulders, and he felt full of energy after that.

Diane and Ethan walked over to view the work site to see that everything was going as planned with no major issues, and she could now relax.

Building the factory building itself was the first step. After that they had to fit in the assembly lines with the technology from Tom Foster’s side, then this project would be considered successful.

Once the production started, then the Palmer Group could start advancing into the production of medical equipment.

Suddenly there was the sound of things being smashed, and Diane’s face immediately changed.

She quickly ran out to see two buses parked at the entrance, and seventy or eighty men rushing at them!

Each one of them had a bat in hand, their faces menacing!

“Whack anyone who dares to continue working!”

“Stop all work! Drop everything! You’re not allowed to work anymore!”

The whole group was shouting at the workers, and all the workers went pale from fright. Not a single one dared to continue.

One of them took a while before stopping, and a rod immediately smacked him hard on the hand, breaking his hand immediately!

“Bloody hell, I told you to stop and you didn’t? I’ll kill you!” one of the hooligans shouted arrogantly.

“What are you doing!”

Diane was furious – why were there suddenly so many people here to make trouble? They even had weapons.

Ethan pulled her behind him as he looked one round at the hooligans. It seemed like his warning the day before wasn’t effective.

“Diane, take your phone out,” said Ethan.

“Call the police?”

Diane was nervous and anxious at the same time.

“Keep time for me!”

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