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Chapter 24

Back at the BMW car shop.

Diane bit her lips. It was difficult to describe the expression she used to look at Ethan.

“Enough is enough.”

She wanted to leave. “One car is $500,000! Stop wasting money like that.”

Ethan dragged her into the shop.

The sales assistants recognized Ethan the minute he walked in. He was that super rich guy from two days ago.

He was probably here to install the permanent license plate.

They felt much regret at losing that sale the last time. But luckily it was just one sale, so they could still accept this loss.

“Mr Hunt?”

The salesgirl from the two days ago saw that Ethan and Diane had come and she quickly walked over.

“Are you here to install the license plate? I’ve just received it.”

She hadn’t even had a chance to notify them yet.

“Oh no, we don’t need that plate anymore,” replied Ethan.

The salesgirl froze. What did he mean by that?

Seeing how apologetic Diane looked, the salesgirl thought: could they be returning the car?

All the other sales assistants guessed the same thing when they heard what Ethan said.

It made sense since he had bought a car worth nearly $500,000 without even test driving it. Sure, it made him look cool, but there were plenty of people who realized they couldn’t afford to maintain the car too.

Ethan must have embarrassed himself.

And the sales assistants all thought he was filthy rich!

Return the car? That was not an easy thing to do – he might have come to create trouble for the shop.

“This car here, I want another one.”

Ethan pointed at the car in the showroom. “The same one, I want another one.”

“What did you say?”

The salesgirl was stunned, and she thought she had heard wrongly.

Another one?

“Another one. The last one I bought is all knocked up.”

Ethan took his card out and passed it to the salesgirl. “Hurry up and get it done, I want to get home quickly to eat my mum’s cooking.”

The salesgirl finally managed to react. Ethan was really here to buy another car, and her face was flush with excitement.

Anyone who saw her now would have thought she just did some vigorous exercise!

“Got it! I’ll get it processed for you right now!”

The salesgirl was so excited she was nearly in tears.

It had only been a few days and he bought another car!

She had made another killing!

The other sales assistants gulped as they watched on in envy. They wanted to cry but there were no tears.

They couldn’t even sell two cars in a month, but this newbie had sold two in a row, and to the same person.

Two cars was a million bucks!

Were all rich people nowadays this crazy?

“Ethan, if you waste money like this, my mum won’t be happy about it,” Diane commented helplessly.

She knew Ethan was rich, but she felt bad when she saw him spend money like that.

“Don’t worry, I know how to handle her,” Ethan replied. “I guarantee you she won’t be angry.”

In just a few moments, everything had been settled. The salesgirl was even faster this time round.

“Mr Hunt, your card!”

She passed that special black card back to Ethan. The last time she had gone home to check and found out what was the minimum amount required to own this card, and nearly fainted when she saw the amount.

“I’m afraid you have to wait another two days for the license plate for this new car, I’ll get it done for you as soon as possible!”


Ethan didn’t waste anymore time talking. He took the new car keys from her and turned to leave.

“What do we do with the old car?” Diane suddenly asked.

It was only two days old, but it had become the old car.

“Don’t want it anymore.”

When she heard his response, Diane suddenly felt like strangling him.

This wastrel!

The car was only two days old, and he didn’t want it anymore just because he said so?


She puffed her cheeks out and said, “You can’t just do whatever you want all the time!”

Diane tuned to look at the salesgirl, “We’ll leave it here to be repaired, is that ok?”

“Of course, that’s our job. I’ll take care of everything, don’t worry!” replied the salesgirl with great gusto.

“Whatever my wife says.”

Of course Ethan didn’t object.

“Mrs Hunt, you’re so lucky to have such a wonderful husband who listens to you,” the salesgirl quickly added courteously.

Diane’s face reddened and she glared at Ethan.

How dare he call her his wife in public!

She hadn’t acknowledged that yet!

Ethan drove away with Diane in the new car.

Outside the shop, the sales assistants looked at the poor new car that was all banged up and felt deep pain in their hearts.

This was a car that they might never afford in their entire lives, but there were people who could afford to treat it as a toy.

“Do you think he might come back in a few days to buy another one?”

“What, like maybe the ashtray in the car is too full?”

“Enough guys, my little heart can’t take it anymore!”


William and April saw them drive a brand new car back home.

April surprisingly didn’t utter a single word, while William took a look and wanted to say something, but didn’t say anything in the end.

“Mum, what’s for lunch?” Ethan smiled. “I’ve been busy the whole morning, I’m so hungry now.”

Diane grumbled to herself, what nonsense, I’m the one who’s been busy all morning. You even ate two fried dough sticks this morning.

“Just some simple home cooked dishes, try them,” April smiled. “Wash your hands, come and eat.”

Everyone gathered round the table to eat.

April took the card she received from Thomas Reid in the morning and placed it on the table.

“The CEO of Greencliff Bank came by this morning. He gave me five million as compensation.”

April naturally didn’t dare to accept it. “I didn’t know how to reject them. Diane, how should we deal with this?”

They definitely had to return this money. It was such a large sum, she felt nervous just holding onto the card.

“Of course we’re accepting it.”

Diane hadn’t even opened her mouth when Ethan spoke up.

“Five million, that’s letting them off too lightly.”

He scoffed. “Their staff slapped my mum – if it were me, if they didn’t pay up at least 5 billion, I’ll make sure the bank goes bankrupt.”

Diane was so shocked she nearly dropped her chopsticks when she heard this.

“Mum, you’re too kind for forgiving them so easily.”

Ethan wasn’t kidding around. If April did not forgive them, never mind five million – even 50 billion wouldn’t help. All it took was one word from him to make Greencliff Bank collapse in three days!

William quietly continued eating. The amount Ethan was talking about was way too high for him to comment on.

Diane looked with disbelief at Ethan. She didn’t know if he was just joking or boasting.

Only April knew that Ethan wasn’t kidding at all.

This boy…she couldn’t believe how protective he was of her. She felt that even if she really had a son, her own biological son wouldn’t be as protective as Ethan.

“Mum, keep it, this is what you deserve,” Ethan saw that April was still hesitant and continued. “I can guarantee you that if you don’t accept this, from tomorrow onwards, the CEO is going to come begging on your doorstep every single day.”

How were they to live like that?!

April hesitated again and then looked at Diane.

“Since Ethan has said so, then you just keep it, Mum. They hit you so you should be compensated!”

It’s just that even Diane felt that this compensation amount was way too high. Five million!

But somehow Ethan was still not satisfied with this amount.

“Then…then I’ll just keep it aside first. So when a good time comes for us to return it, I’ll give it back?”

“Mum, just boldly use the money. You can just use it to buy vegetables or something. Or buy more meat! This braised meat is super good!”

Ethan had already finished one bowl of rice, and got up to get another. He was really treating this place like his own home, and did whatever he liked.

Meanwhile, at a private hot spring clubhouse.

Steven was soaking in the water with his eyes half closed.

Beside him was a burly and bald man, his upper body covered with tattoos and looked fairly menacing.

“Brother Howard, how is it that each group of men you have is more useless than the previous group? Can’t even settle something so simple?”

Steven scoffed, “I’ve paid two million and you’re telling me that this is the result?”

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